Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beni Bashan with Boom Pam-Michal

I had to break my strict "just one post per artist" rule to share this video. I excused myself saying that Boom Pam are just featuring in this song and the real star is the always charismatic Beni Bashan. Bashan won me over at InDnegev with his classic "Achla Chamuda-cool and cute" which got everyone dancing-a parody on light lyric Mizrahi shakers which, of course, became a huge club hit with the Mid-Eastern crowd. And hipsters. And actually everybody because it's so great. It's been a while since I've seen such a confident personality who just does whatever he wants. I really love this clip. It's kind of how I imagined The Velvet Underground's "Pale Blue Eyes" video would be. Except they'd be on a bed, he playing a guitar and she blushing staring at her wedding ring. And maybe there would be a hippie in the background playing the tambourine. But the concept of opening your heart to someone unattainable (and having nowhere to run) is the same. I remember seeing Michal Yanai in a play when I was a kid thinking she was just..magical. With her sweet girl next door smile and rare blonde hair, she wasn't dubbed "The queen of children" for nothing. The tension and embarrassment are so strong, and the fact that no one is taking themselves too seriously makes this one of the sweetest and authentic videos I've ever seen.

Michal, I love you
I want to stroke your hair
Michal, I love you
I want to stroke your hair

And a day will come
A scorpion will arrive (oh, how he'll arrive)
Will try to sting you on the neck
But then
I'll come
And tell him "No. Here you can't."

Because Michal I love you
I want to stroke your hair
Michal, I love you
I want to stroke your hair

And a day will come
A bee will arrive (Oh, how she will arrive)
Right away I'll call the police
Because I
I don't kill bees
I leave the dirty work for others

But Michal I love you
I want to have kids with you
Michal, I love you
I want to untie the knots
In your hair.



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shmemel-The Latke Story

Of course I completely forgot that today is the first night of Hannukah-I was only reminded when I walked back from university and saw a lit Hannukah menorah by a window and then I saw an ambush at the bakery for sufganiyot (jelly donuts). Not to mention the facebook holiday greetings. It's not surprising since it's become a tradition to remember at the last minute and rush to buy candles at the grocery store. Anyways, this is a remake to a classic Hannukah song which I must admit I wasn't really familiar with (or maybe I just don't remember). I love how Shmemel (amazing band by the way) kept the Jewish vibe of the song- they just made it so much more awesome. It kind of reminded me how on one Purim I saw a group of teens dressed up as Na Nach jews (the Hassidic jews who dance techno in the street to spread the word of God) and then some real Na Nachs came and danced with them and it was just amazing. Because I really don't like where things are going between the seculars and religious and hopefully we can learn to live side by side (even on a bus) and co-exist peacefully. On another note, I personally like Levivot (or Latkes) much more than sufganiyot because they have to be homemade (with love of course) and make you feel much less guilty! Happy holidays :)

Hoy Hannah Zelda, my lovely wife
Hanukkah is coming
And in Hanukah my soul desired
to eat a warm sweet latke.

Hoy Rabbi Kelman, my dear husband
In my kitchen, no flour is left
My dear husband and how can I
make a latke without any flour?

So Rabbi Kelman moved his waist
Put on his hat and his boots
To the market he raced, He bought quickly,
A bag of white flour and returned home.

Here Hannah Zelda, my lovely wife
Here is the flour to make latkes
Because in Hannukah my soul desired
To eat a warm and sweet latke.

Hoy Rabbi Kelman, my dear husband
In my kitchen, no oil is left
My dear husband how is it possible
To eat a latke if I have no oil?

Again Rabbi Kelman moved his hips
Put on his hat and boots
To the market he raced, he bought quickly,
A jug of pure oil and returned home.

Here Hannah Zelda, my lovely wife,
Here you have oil to make latkes
Because in Hannukah my soul desired
To eat a warm and sweet latke.

Hoy Rabbi Kelman my dear husband
In my kitchen, there is no sugar left
My dear husband, how is it possible
To make latkes without sugar?

Tired Rabbi Kelman his soul is sad
Put on his boots and thinking about latkes
To the market he returns even hungrier
He buys sugar and rushes back home.

Here Hannah Zelda my lovely partner
Here is sugar to make latkes
Because in Hannukah my soul desired
To eat a warm and sweet latke.

Hoy Rabbi Kelman my dear husband
Maybe we'll delay the latkes to tomorrow
My dear husband, how is it possible,
To make latkes when there's no energy left?

Then Rabbi Kelman took off his boots
Put on an apron and rolled up his sleeves
And kneaded the dough pouring and pouring
the last laughter is only the one who laughs.

Hoy Hannah Zelda morning is already coming
Open your eyes here is a latke
Because our souls desired
To eat a warm and sweet latke.






Yardena Arazi-A dream and yearning

I've noticed for quite a while now that I rarely post about female singers. I think it's a combination of two reasons:
1. I'm much more critical to female singing and I just enjoy male singing much more.
2. There aren't that many female singers in the Israeli music business.
I really don't want to feel that I have to search for female singers just to show more diversity, just like I don't want to specifically search for certain genres.
That being said, I really felt that Yardena Arazi's new single was very refreshing, probably because I'm more used to male singing and it's a very honest and pretty song. It's hard to believe that Yardena recently celebrated her 60th(!) birthday because she looks great and only when you see clips of her from the 80's it makes sense. I've heard a lot about the huge Yardena Arazi vs. Ofra Haza rivalry, which almost tore the country apart (maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but I remember reading that sentence somewhere). It seems that Yardena was always the prom queen-beautiful and popular but not really taken seriously and the Eurovision didn't really help. This song is part of her recent comeback and I really like the direction she's taking- it fits her perfectly. And who doesn't like seeing personal home videos of a famous pop star? This song also gets a different context with all of the recent talks of the rise of exclusion of women, especially in public singing. Yardena sings of her love and need of music (specifically performing as a singer) and I can't imagine taking that away from someone just to try and preserve a fragile status quo. I'm probably making this connection because the women segregation situation reached the government and Justice Minister Yaacov Neeman referred to Arazi thanking her for showing the significance of women singing, and how much it contributes to a positive atmosphere. These are kind words, and it's important that they were said, but they don't really comfort me as a woman and I have trouble seeing how things will get better soon.

I was born from crying
From an uncalm pain
I was born from a dream and yearning

I was an enchanted chord
And maybe I was a melody
I was an unforgettable shout

You, somewhere in the dark
It doesn't matter where you came from
I see you in my thoughts

Be whoever you'll are to me
A bit different a bit like me
With sensitive skin thirsty for love

Music is freedom
To express and be heard
I came from the need to express

You, on the edge of horizon
A bit different but familiar
For a blessed moment you're not a stranger to me.

Music is a way
To break the silence
A place to put grief
A source of comfort.

A wondered eyed childhood
A scratch of youth
A wonderful flash of happiness
All of the world: songs

You somewhere in the dark
It doesn't matter where you came from
I see you in my thoughts

Be whoever you are to me
A bit different a bit like me
With sensitive skin thirsty for love




Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hashlichim-A New Person

Hashlichim (translated as the messengers) are a relatively unknown band, but I'm pretty sure I'll soon hear a lot more about them. Their whole "you can do anything!" attitude is a bit too sugary for me, but it's cool that they're using their music to spread their positive message. And it's a pretty good song, too.

It's happening, it's growing tendons
In front of your open eyes
You find yourself
Seeing the world differently
You exist, a new person

Marking the steps
Tuning the sounds
Your new reality
Until the end of your life
You will feel
What it's like to live with hope

It starts now
A new person
Wake up, it's time
And in your eyes they'll see everything
Your deeds will change because only you can
Only you can

It's happening and continuing
And your open eyes
Only make sure
That it's real
And it's only yours
You've found your place


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mashina-Polaroid (Unplugged)

This is an acoustic cover of one of Mashina's older and less famous songs from 1988. Which is probably why I like it so much. Mashina released a couple of months ago, at the height of the protest, an acoustic cover of "Why politics now" (Az lama li politika achsav אז למה לי פוליטיקה עכשיו) which although written in 1990 with a reference to prime minister Shamir, hasn't stopped being relevant which is a bit sad. This song is also as relevant today as it was in 1988-living under threat, questioning God, facing reality but looking for optimism, etc. I think the acoustic version is great, especially the guitar duet but the original is a wonderful piece of Israeli 80's pop and it's a shame it was overlooked.

The traffic that is increasing agin borders madness
A girl that passes highlights her body

A mother crosses the road with a child that hasn't yet seen
How the light blue sky has darkened, how a storm is coming in

And to myself I ask
If God banters
To who do we have to pray
To sleep in peace

A thought that passes leaves me exposed
It's funny I believed that I could fly

And to myself I ask
If God banters
To who do we have to pray
To sleep in peace

And to myself I ask
If God banters
To who do we have to pray
I'm sailing to the imagination

I've always wanted the things
That I've never had
Waking up you're next to me
And all the fear disappears




Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mosh Ben Ari - I'd tell you everything

I'm not the hugest fan of Mosh Ben Ari. He's a talented musician, and he deserves props for making the huge shanty scene a part of Israeli culture, but he's not really my cup of tea. Except maybe his wonderful cover of Ariel Zilber's classic "And How Not" (ואיך שלא-Ve'Eych She Lo) which in itself has become a classic bringing back many memories. There's been talk that Mosh has gotten more mainstream over the years and listening to this song I can understand. It's a sweet song yet a bit forgettable. But the clip adds to the natural feel of the song and overall it's quite charming.

If I could see the top of a mountain
If I could now how it will end
I'd tell you everything, reveal to you everything

If I could tell between good and evil
If I could make you less hurt
I'd tell you everything, reveal to you everything

I'd cross over land and sea
Beat devils, wrapped in blood
Tell you everything, If I could

If I could know where I'm going
If I could see how far away from you
I'd stop everything, stop everything

If I were more attentive to my heart
If I were to understand more my soul
Tell you everything, reveal to you everything

I'd learn to trust in you more
Conquer fears, never hide
Tell you everything

I could've seen the top of a mountain
And I could know how it will end
Tell you everything, reveal to you everything
If I could




Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Geva Alon - I Wonder If She's Fine

I must admit that I take some pride in knowing that I belong to the group that's part of Geva Alon's fanbase from before he became mainstream. I first discovered him at the 2007 Jacob's Ladder Folk Festival when he performed after he released his first album "Days of Hunger". A friend of mine was really into him and she said that we had to catch his performance- no excuses. He performed on the small stage for new artists, but the place was packed and he really was great. I think it was one of the only performances I've seen when it felt like time just stopped and we were all mesmerized by his voice and amazing guitar skills. He really blew me away with his cover of "Ohio" which I have to admit I hadn't heard before. He performed many original songs, but one of the most remembered was his cover of "Modern Love", completely different from the original. So I wasn't too surprised when Modern Love became a huge hit on the radio. I caught another concert of his at the Barby after the release of his second album "The Wall of Sound", an album that I became addicted to and will always remind me of that wonderful period after high school and before the army. Between his 2nd and 3rd albums, he travelled in the U.S and you could hear the American influence in his album "Get Closer". "Get Closer" reminds me of the army, specifically the song "Fade away with you" which I'd hear a lot when trying to catch some sleep before a night shift. Now he's already a household name performing on student days and a regular on the radio. Every time he releases something new he sounds better and more mature and this single is no exception. It sounds quite positive but in a realistic way and it's perfect for today- a warm and sunny day after a few days of thunderstorms and showers.



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Michael and Shimrit Greilsammer-Who is it

I'm being a bit unfashionably late but last week was the memorial day for Yitzhak Rabin and I feel like writing about it. The official memorial ceremony was this past Saturday (delayed because of weather) marking 16 years since his murder. Members of his family said that the ceremony isn't relevant anymore, but I personally feel that it's never been more relevant than this year. Rabin was many great things, but he will always be remembered as the prime minister who pushed the most for a peace agreement and that is why he was killed. The security at the peace protest on November 4 was very tight, but their eyes were searching for suspicious Arabs, not men in kippahs. The fact that his murderer was a religious jew came as a great shock to many, despite the strong criticism and propaganda against him that had become normal in the months before his death. I can't say that it's exactly the same today, but there are more and more violent acts of "price tag" against the left and the situation seems very delicate. Not to mention a series of anti-democratic laws that are being passed that seem too weird to be true. And in general, it seems that as the religious community is getting more religious (if in the past it was common to see advertisements of women in Jerusalem now they are torn down, even if they are dressed modestly. Not to mention the criticism of women singing in public) the gap between the secular and the religious is getting harder to bridge and it's getting even harder to see ourselves as one united community. Among all this, the idea of peace seems more and more remote and if we do get there it certainly won't be a unanimous decision among us, to say the least. Yet there are here and there some rays of hope. For example Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of one of Hamas' founders. Yousef very bravely opened up and revealed his pro-Israel opinions. Of course, he is in a minority and since the publication of his book "Son of Hamas" he has to walk around accompanied by bodyguards, yet he reveals that there still might be hope.
Michael Greilsammer who has teamed up with his wife Shimrit is one of my favourite new artists around. It's quite rare to hear an artist voice his opinions so openly and the Reggae Irish influenced music is wonderful.

Who is it who is it who is it who is it who is it who is it who is it

I'm sitting here thinking in Zion
I've missed a lot
The days in which hope
Was not yet lost

I'm reminded of my childhood
How in the neighborhood field
I asked him to bring peace
In my world

Who is it who is it who is it who is it who is it who is it who is it

He can do anything
He sees everything
And his hand is in everything

Years have passed like a storm
The faith in me stayed
But my wish has already gotten old
To God lost

Yom Kippur arrives
I'm turning to him again clearly
To bring me the peace
Even if it is belated

Who is it who is it who is it who is it who is it who is it who is it

He can do anything
He sees everything
And his hand is in everything

He is the worst of all
He sees everything
And his hand is in everything



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Miri Mesika-King

This song has been around since the beginning of summer, but it won't leave the radio charts and quite understandably. It always reminds me of riding a bicycle in Tel Aviv at night during the summer- being so happy to catch a cool breeze from the sea. But I guess it could fit with being in any foreign city away from home. I don't like all of Mesika's songs-sometimes she's a bit too dramatic for me but this song really isn't too much and her voice sounds great. Actually I think it's one of her best since "Nobody" (אף אחת) which is a perfect winter song.

Two weeks in a foreign city
Living in a half rented apartment
Living from everything that comes to hand

Eating from Tupperware
Mother said: "take more, take more"
But you can't take any more

How beautiful people on buildings look to you larger than life
Forever young
Always happy...

Hands in the air, flying above the city
Come and be a king for the night
Wind in the face how good it is for you inside
You'll see
There's nothing holy left in this world

Two week in a foreign city
It's sad and it's not terrible
Everybody here lives off of loneliness

Happiness is available in two minutes
And emptiness in all kinds of languages
Waiting for a chance

How beautiful people on buildings look to you larger than life
Forever young
Always happy...

Hands in the air, flying above the city
Come be a king tonight
Wind in the face how good it is for you inside
You'll see
There's nothing holy left in this world



Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Roy Dahan - Does anyone know

I really wanted to write about inDnegev and my great experience from there but with school starting again and the rockets it seems so far away. But when I do try to recall it, one of the performances I remember most is Roy Dahan's Friday morning performance. When I first checked out the long-awaited line-up I was a bit disappointed that he was to perform at 10 a.m on Friday. I felt he could do better than that and was a bit concerned I might miss his show (I have no idea why I thought I'd still be sleeping in my tent at 10 a.m). I read a review on the festival a few days ago in which the writer mentioned that what he loved most about it was the fact that there weren't really any pumped up headliners. Every performer was given a time slot which best fit his performance. Which is why Benny Bashan, one of the most admired indie artists around, performed on Friday early afternoon to welcome the Shabbat and the mind blowing but relatively unknown Tiny Fingers were given the spotlight on Thursday evening to kick off the night parties. And with a main stage for bigger artists and a smaller one for smaller ones there was always something good to hear although the festival was much more than just the concerts. Anyways, Dahan's morning performance was exactly what I wanted to hear after a night of Dubstep and indie-electro. Everybody there was still sleepy-eyed and not entirely awake but we all fixed our attention on Dahan and his guitar and the cool desert morning air was a perfect touch. A perfect way to set off the chilled laid back feel of the festival, and an amazing day of concerts.



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Uri Salonim and Michal Shapira-It's So Sad

I just found out the other day that Ori Salonim, the male singer in this beautiful duet, died from cancer earlier this month and left behind his girlfriend, and partner in the duet, Michal Shapira. I first heard this song a few months ago and was touched by the honest lyrics and beautiful melody. Salonim composed the song and although I didn't know him you can tell from the video clip that as well as being very talented he was also a good guy and very in love with Michal. It really is very sad because you can tell that what they had was special. It fits in quite well with today, which was one of the first cloudy and chilly days of the season after a streak of sunny days which kind of reflected the difficulty of going back to daily life after the long holiday vacation. But it's not all grey because I'm slowly remembering all the things I love about winter. Anyways, it really is a sad and beautiful song.

I'm telling you for yourself, I wish you were dead
What do you need of all this, what do you need

To wake up everyday sleep every day
The days are a quantity and you have a thing for quality
And that's why you're crying

Pity on the weak
On you and on all the people
And pity on me

I'm telling you for yourself, it's this way or that
You know how it is, you have an idea

I've seen already days passing, we've seen together
And I've been told by many before you
To go up on the roof

Pity on the weak...

I'm telling you for yourself, I wish you were dead
What will be left of all this, what importance is it

I promise you a nice ceremony, with champagne and strawberries
Because you have a thing for quality
And it's so sad


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shlomo Artzi and Shalom Hanoch-It's so good that you came home

Gilad Shalit is finally home after 5 years and 4 months, and one endless and tense week since Prime Minister Netanyahu announced the deal with Hamas. It seems like much longer than a week has passed since last Tuesday. I was after a day of errands and walking home I heard someone from an apartment shout something about Gilad Shalit. This caught my attention because there wasn't much news about him in the days before-I stopped in front of the pizza place by my home and saw on TV Netanyahu announcing the deal with Hamas, and underneath was written that 1,000 prisoners will be released in return. I stood a bit in shock with some other people. Happy but also finding it a bit hard to believe. Will he really return? And the thought of 1,000 heavy prisoners with blood on their hands being set free is a bit hard to digest. I was never really at peace with the idea that Gilad should be returned at any price, and I always felt I was in the minority. However it felt that the time has come- too many holidays had passed without him and he really had become "everyone's boy"-every mother and father who had sent their children to the army, or were planning to in the future, could relate to Aviva and Noam. Every soldier past, present, and future could relate to Gilad. I think what especially paved the way to Gilad's release was Ron Arad. Arad, a navigator, fell captive in Lebanon in 1986 after his plane crashed and efforts to negotiate a swap failed, partly because of the deadly results of the "Jibril Agreement". Up till today, it is unclear if Arad is alive (although chances are high that he isn't). The Jibril agreement was made in 1985 in which 3 captives were swapped for 1,150 prisoners. Most of the prisoners returned to their homes and were said to be responsible for many of the deadly attacks of the first intifadah. Netanyahu, who lost his brother during the terror attack in Antibes, was strongly opposed to the deal. Which is why it was so surprising that he suddenly changed his policy. Netanyahu stressed that an opportunity like this might not come again, probably referring to the Arab Spring and changing relationship with Egypt. He also stressed that Israel is strong enough to deal with such a high number of prisoners. And there was the fear that Shalit will become the next Ron Arad, a thought very hard to bear. Anyways since last Tuesday there has been endless talk about the deal and the old saying of "two jews will always have three opinions" proved true with the endless debate about the dilemma but many people said that they will not celebrate and be at rest until they see that he is alive and well, physically and mentally. And we saw that today.
The first thing I did when I woke up was turn on the TV to catch up on the news. While I was preparing breakfast, I heard a neighbor from the building next to us shout to his wife "Tzila! Come quick! They're showing him! He's alive!". My mom and I rushed to the TV and sure enough there he was, skinny and pale being led into a car on his way home. "Oh my gosh he looks like a holocaust survivor!" my mother exclaimed and I had to agree. I wondered if his grandparents are holocaust survivors and what they're thinking while watching these pictures. I think that also might be part of the reason why we value human life so much after we lost so many lives 60 years ago. We all breathed a sigh of relief to see that he was alive and well, something that wasn't a given. The next fear was if he was well mentally? After all, he had spent so much time in isolation. We quickly saw during the scandalous "interview" with Egyptian press that he was not only mentally well and able to speak clearly but also very smart and successfully dodged the interviewer's controversial and not very smart questions such as "why do you think Egyptian negotiators succeeded where Germany failed" and "do you want Israel to release it's prisoners now that you've seen what it's like"-just one look at the prisoners released from the Israeli prisons made it clear that it was not the same thing at all. But Gilad, as tired as he looked, also looked excited towards his return home. The photo in which he talked to his parents on the phone was especially touching since the smile on his face was so much like Aviva's when she heard the news of his release.
What was especially emotional about the day was how it brought everyone together. There was such a sense of excitement in the air since last week. Especially among soldiers who saw that they really won't be left behind in the battlefield. Not that it now makes it any easier to go out to battle. Amidst the celebrations for Gilad I couldn't ignore the celebrations in Gaza and the reporter's serious comment that people there are thanking God and praying for the "next Gilad Shalit" to release all of its prisoners. There was a sense of sadness knowing that with each prisoner released there was at least one family of a victim of terror and this was a complex day for them. Everywhere I went there was talk about Gilad and anyone could join in and give their opinion(and everyone had an opinion)-which led to some very interesting conversations with people on the bus or at the market that I don't think I would have talked to otherwise. It seemed that we decided as a society to act with our hearts, and with all criticism aside it's what makes us who we are.
On another note, this song was originally performed by Arik Einstein but I really love this performance with two of Israel's biggest singers who show here that they are far from being rivals and just two guys who enjoy performing together putting their egos aside. I've always thought of this song as talking about a son returning from travels abroad and the lines "You had fun..you saw different colors" don't really apply to Gilad. As well as the line "everything here stayed the same" because things have changed quite a lot over here. But the rest of the song along with the line "a bit thin, but what does that matter" captures the pure happiness of his return.

It's so good that you came home
It's so good to see you again
Tell us how are you, tell us
Tell us how it was
And why didn't you send a postcard?

It's so good that you came home
A bit thin, but what does that matter
You had fun, you did things
You saw a bit different colors.

But how good it is that you're here
How good it is that you're already here
How good it is, good.

It's so good that you came home
Home already means everything
You were hot, were
You were cold
You're now happier
Already happier.

So how good it is that you came home
As if you left, left only yesterday
Everything here stayed the same
You're now older
Yes, older.

But how good...

It's so good that you came home
Really, you thought of me
How good it is that you came
That you came home
How good it is that you came to me
Yes, came to me




Monday, October 10, 2011

Aya Korem - Ringing Bells

This is a cover to a touching classic by Ahuva Ozri which is completely different and Aya Korem manages to define this cover as her own, with her sweet pop style. It fits in perfectly with the holiday feel of these days. It's a happy time but also quite melancholy and spiritual because of Yom Kippur and the "awful days" spent on soul searching and reflection. Now that Yom Kippur is over you can really see in some people how they feel much more at peace with themselves and ready to begin the new year energetic and with a quiet conscience, beginning with Succot. Even though there are a few days until Succot people are walking around in white and greeting each other with a smiling "happy holiday" because we're in the midst of the holiday season. It's also a great time to spend outdoors and breathe the early autumn air-preferably in late-afternoon because it's still summerish during the day (at least today it is with an annoying heat wave). The sudden early darkness due to the time change makes me value afternoons so much more than before and I try to spend them outside, and this clip makes me want to go on a trip somewhere outside the city and just enjoy the afternoon.

Ringing bells
Echoing inside my heart
On the path that meets me
My heart is busy and excited
I'm still here for you

Your figure is walking away
Here I am in front of your house

My eyes wept tears of joy
My life was days of immaturity

We were together an innocent pair
A bit mischievous, a little different
A Smile, a dimple, a fire burning in me
Stroking a little, shy
The blood goes, time passes



Monday, October 3, 2011

The Compromises-The best dancer in the world

A great track and amazing video to kick off the new year. Hope it'll be a calm and fun one full of great music! The video is probably the last (that I'll post anyways) featuring the famous tent city, which was dying in the past few weeks and this morning completely evacuated. After all it is October already... However there is no doubt that although the tents aren't there, there has been a huge change in people- there's so much less cynicism and so much more kindness and solidarity, which I hope will continue into the new year.

Everyone has a hole in their back now
Something died in the hall but
Everyone has a light in the garden but
Something's dead in the hall now
Everyone has a great love
At least once but
Something here is missing
Something here is missing

He's going out of his mind

Because he's the best dancer in the world
And if you want him then fight for him now

For tomorrow, tomorrow is an accident
For now, now is the same
Everyone has grace in a year
Something died in the cold hall
Everyone has a good job
At least once but
Something here is missing
Something here is missing

He's going out of his mind

Because he's the best dancer in the world
And if you want him
Then fight for him now


Monday, September 26, 2011

Kashy-A world that will look like you

This is my new dream wedding song- it's romantic, has a feel good vibe and perfect for late night dancing. The clip, in which Kashy's rowing a kayak along the Jordan River, at first seems a bit boring but with such a great song it's impossible not to watch till the end, and also because of Kashy's crazy in love eyes! The song is available for free on Kashy's bandcamp.

Whoever looks at me thinks I've gone crazy
Your gaze in my head before I woke up
Opening my eyes you're more beautiful than what I imagined
I don't believe that this thing I knew yesterday
I needed a second in you eyes and not more
To understand that I want you and nothing else
Already then I understood that for you I'm willing to give up
On all of the crazy nights that I no longer count
I don't recycle with you always feel it's the first time
Every meeting like a delusion, really like science fiction
Like I'm flying in space that it becomes physical
Like a bolt of electricity making me so alert
How a hot-tempered man like me becomes so patient
I feel like a predator who became a vegetarian
How you changed in a moment a fool like me
All of the fakes in the heart have become a harmony song

I want a world that will look like you my pretty girl
I don't believe that every night you're my wife
God loves me if he got a person like you
To live with me

A dive through your eyes into your heart
Falling into you
Your hands hold me
It's easier in my soul
To go back to you after such a tiring day
The power of compassion that I need a bit to feel
I'm carried with you into another world
You pulled me out of a storm everything's quieter
Crazy days don't take a breath
In one true thing, I find comfort
I come to you and everything seems marginal
I'm always with you, my love
I world that will look like you, my pretty girl
I can't believe that at night you're my wife

I want a world that will look like you, my pretty girl
I can't believe that you are every night my wife
God loves me if he got a person like you
To live with me



Shana Tova!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tomer Yosef-Words Like These

Tomer Yosef's voice and music style are pretty unmistakable and the first thought that comes to mind is chilling on the beach. He's the lead singer of the wonderful Balkan Beat Box (whom I've written about) and he's collaborated with many artists bringing his magic with him everywhere he goes. I love the love story in this song and it gives the vibe that it's not trying too hard to be a radio hit.

How words like these
Stab when there is a love like this
Arguments await us
And wars and disappointment

I love you so much
When you need a place
I thought I knew you
But I'm curious today

That's how it is in life
But with you it's like this, especially
Paths curve
And a path not alone is also comprehended
And you're not looking
Hiding the obvious
When you don't give up
I want what's forbidden

How will I make it that now
You'll be happy being here with me
There isn't a direction left
Which I haven't turned to, I've tried everything
Waiting for the magic to come back

So give some sign
Or at least
Some finger from the hand
Thoughts are tangled
And I want now to get involved with you

I'm ready to cry now
If you'll only smile
I want to get closer
Without you drifting farther

How will I make it that now
You'll be happy being here with me
There isn't a direction left
That I haven't turned to, I've tried everything
Waiting for the magic to return


Monday, September 12, 2011

Idan Haviv-Waiting

I love the simplicity of this song. It's quite emotional but at the same time very relaxing. The kind of music they like to play on the radio on weekends. And I'm pretty happy that it's no.1 on the radio charts. Idan Haviv is a former army officer from an elite unit and I think that it shows in this song. It's hard to describe, but I can really hear in this song the voice of a soldier away from home. Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and like the rest of the world we too had our eyes on America and watched the emotional ceremony on the news. Everybody talks about where they were on 9/11 and how vividly they remember it so I'll also share my thoughts. I was in the seventh grade at home with my sister- we were watching some sitcom on the children's channel and it was early evening. My mom came home from work, her face pale and told us to switch to the news because something happened. This was during the second intifada and my first thought was that there had been a terrorist attack in Israel-the thought of terror outside our country, in New York of all places, seemed so strange and foreign to me. Just a few months earlier I had a conversation with a friend from summer camp who said that when he'll grow up he'll leave the country and move to America because it's so much more normal there and from what he heard also easier to make money. I personally thought he was acting a bit cowardly but didn't say anything to him. I think that was the biggest shock of 9/11-realizing that no place was really safe from terror, completely contrary to what we thought before of America.

Who comes up first it's an old love
Until I'll wake up
Here lying beside you try to relax
Who like me is this way with you?

The same dream, a familiar sentence doesn't leave me alone
I'm here with you always waiting
A field of thorns or a field of cotton
I'm again me, I'm just me
Standing barefoot on warm ground and ready

Who comes for sure it's an old love
Until I'll wake up
How the light in me went out and still guarding yours
Who like me is this way with you?

The same dream, a familiar sentence doesn't leave me alone
I'm here with you always waiting
A field of thorns or a field of cotton
I'm again me, I'm just me
Standing barefoot on warm ground and ready


Monday, September 5, 2011

Plaster-A Bit Too Much

I wasn't at Saturday's million protest and I wasn't at any of the earlier protests. Instead I was at a good friend's birthday party at a bar where the protest was shown on tv, and we saw on mute Eyal Golan exciting the crowd of 300,000 in Tel Aviv-with an additional 106,000 throughout the country. Although it was on mute it was obvious that the energy level there was very high and I was happy about that, but at the same time I didn't regret not being a part of it. There's been a lot of talk about the performers at the protests. Ever since the protest became so mainstream and such a consensus, it seems that every big artist wanted to join and give their support. There was some criticism at first regarding the fact that Mizrahi singers hadn't joined the party because at first the protest was regarding as belonging to the middle-class Tel Avivans, mostly of European origin. But that's no longer the case and Eyal Golan's performance in Tel Aviv seemed to serve to prove that the protest really does belong to (almost) all of Israel. And of course, he was also chosen to perform because he is such a great performer and crowd pleaser. Hayehudim were also there for pretty much the same reason, and probably also to bring in the young rocker audience. I have nothing against these performers but it would have been great if there were more musicians performing who actually had something to say about the protest and not just attract a huge crowd. Hadag Nachash are great, but they're not enough. So I was quite thrilled to stumble upon this collection, which for now is available to download for free, of indie singers singing songs that directly have to do with social change and the general feelings among the public regarding the protest. The collection is called "Ohalim Adirim" wich translates to "Huge/Amazing Tents" but also sounds very much like "Oh my God". The song I chose is from the second compilation, which is getting bigger and bigger since any musician is free to send a piece. Plaster may not be a very successful band here (yet) but I'm pretty sure that if they had performed with this song in the protest they would have been able to excite each and every protester and get them to sing along to the chorus. The songs on the collection capture the different collective feelings of the protest from frustration at the government to hope of a better future and this one is no exception capturing the main feeling that has come from this protest- that small citizens can stand up together against the powerful and make a change. Nobody knows what will come next and if there really will be a change but without a doubt there has been a change of consciousness
and many people have realized that they aren't alone with their feelings of frustration. I translated the creator's description of the collection because it is so acute and true and it really is important to support our culture and the artists who make it such a great one.

"The voice of a revolution. Musicians for a change of priorities.
The wind of revolutions are blowing over Israel and like always also this time the musicians are there from day one: playing, supporting, cheering, performing for free to strengthen the protesters and the righteous. But they too need support, they too are among the protesters, and they too are lifting their heads and saying
We need to change the priorities.

A country that neglects its culture also neglects its people. Despite its enormous contribution to society and social change, despite it being a pillar of the Israeli experience, the arts and especially the artists are always at the bottom of the priority ladder-they're the last to get paid (if at all), the last to receive support (if at all), and are still expected to always be there, always to shout the cry of the people, always to strengthen and encourage and sing the songs that will excite,calm,motivate action, become the soundtrack of an era.

This is no longer a compilation of protest songs, there is in this collection political protest songs, social, personal and instrumental pieces that musicians gave without anything for exchange, out of sympathy and support for promoting the culture in Israel in all its forms and in the social struggle that's changing the social order in the country. We are all calling upon Israel: Acknowledge your culture as a national treasure!

This collection belongs to all of us!
We call to more musicians to upload their songs.
You are invited to mail liroon@gmail.com to receive a username and password"

To take two cups of cheese
Maybe it's a bit too much
It's the old list
The one that slipped from my hands

To take two cups of cheese
I'll pass on the whipped cream
The top layer
I'll leave for someone richer

Two rooms for rent
Maybe it's a bit too much
To dream about a car and apartment
About the kids and not me

Two rooms for rent
I'm sick of being ashamed
And paying for what there isn't
And sharing what there is

Who wants to can blame
The small, the weak
That stood up against the big
If there aren't apartments there are tents

Who wants to can blame
The small, the desperate
That stood up against the big
If there aren't apartments there are tents

Two shifts without sleep
Maybe it's a bit too much
Even for sharp observers
To find what's wrong and till when

Two shifts without sleep
In the end, I feel asleep on guard
Maybe it's the whole country
That wakes up only when things are bad

Who wants to can blame
The small, the weak
That stood up against the big
If there aren't apartments there are tents

Who wants to can blame
The small, the desperate
That stood up against the big
If there aren't apartments there are tents



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Smadar Akray-I Didn't Mean To

It's so refreshing to hear a good pop song like this one- dreamy with a good beat yet down to earth, melodic and sweet but not too sugary. Light enough for August but not at all empty. Perfect for the end of summer.

My heart remains intact
When yours breaks once again
The last one and enough, so I'll stay
To sleep with you tonight, only until tomorrow
I'll wake up new
And you'll wake up and find out
That I'm not really yours

I didn't mean to
Take from you and run away
I took everything
I shut my eyes
Because that way it was more comfortable

My heart closed as a whole
For a long time, I've wanted to go
When I'm with you, I'm alone
This time I'm not coming back, don't wait
I won't lie for you
I'm not going back there anymore
With no one else

I didn't mean to
Take from you and run away
I took everything
I shut my eyes
Because that way it was more comfortable
To cover up...

I didn't mean to
Take from you and run away
I took everything
I shut my eyes
Because that way it was more comfortable...
To eat it all


Oh, and for something completely different- this video has been spreading through facebook and rightfully so. Unfortunately, this is a fake trailer but I'd love to see a full movie version of...The Hangover Part 3: Bnei Brak! Seriously, we could use a new light comedy with cult potential as a refreshing change from all of the deep and "quality" movies from the last few years.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chava Alberstein - Nature Girl

I don't think I've heard a song by Chava Alberstein I didn't like, mainly due to her unique voice. She has the amazing ability to make you forget about everything that's going on and just focus on her singing and the emotion in her voice. After I heard this song I felt much calmer and at peace and it's exactly what I need during these tense days. This is basically a children's song taken of a Chava's new children album, probably the only children album I'll want to hear with my younger siblings, and it's just as much for adults as it is for kids. The lyrics are actually quite dark with lines like "A black cloud in the sun/In the west swallows/How sad the land is/This song is about it" maybe I'm looking into them too deep because I'm thinking about the dark clouds over Gaza but maybe not. I've already had a taste of grad rockets in Beer Sheva in the winter in what felt like a preview of more serious things to come. Now it's starting to feel like the real thing, although there is still tension because obviously things can quickly get much worse. I'm away from the south so I can't say that I know how it feels. Just today rockets were fired hourly, which is already more than I've experienced, but there is a very shaky atmosphere in the air everywhere. Today a rocket hit a school, two weeks before the school year starts and that's sending a very clear message that they're aimed straight at innocent civilians and not army base camps. Just from watching the video clip of the rocket strike from last night and hearing the siren I get goosebumps and freeze in place and I'm not even there. Up till now the road to Eilat was always seen as a sort of road to freedom on the way to vacation. In the wide open desert, I've always had a sense of peace, much different to how I feel on the road up North travelling by Arab villages. It's been a bit of a while since I've been in Eilat, but I remember passing by Egyptian soldiers and everything felt safe and normal. If there was a sense of danger surrounded by our neighbors it was never present here. But things have changed and apparently are still changing. At least there's still the option to get lost in Chava Alberstein's beautiful songs and take a break from the chaos.

The stork dropped a feather-
With which I write
A rabbit ran past...
Who I love

A black cloud in the sun
In the west...swallows
How sad the land is
This song is about it

The clear water appears
In which I dip
The carobs are already ripe
Which I eat

A beautiful doe passed by
I'll hunt her with a song
Between the mountains the back froze
But tomorrow it will thaw



Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beit Habubot-What A Beautiful Day It Is Outside

There's something very surreal about this video. Maybe because you just know that it was shot more than a month ago because it features a clean and tent/protest free Habima Square and Rothschild Avenue. There are so many materialistic features to this video like the jeep, bank and cafe that I don't even know if it would be made today. Maybe the creators would stop and say that there has to be more solidarity with "the people" and maybe not. Either way it feels slightly irrelevant with so many citizens raging and the last thing they are thinking about is the beautiful summer, and past few days which have been very pleasant for mid-August. And maybe they are still enjoying the little pleasures in life like hanging out at the beach with friends. The only really relative line is "I don't say to myself anymore that things will work out" although personally I still do. Actually this video is how I'd like my life to be in 10 years. Having fun at the beach with a group of close friends and showing off my baby. Minus the jeep. I don't know if I'll have a stable job with pension and financial security but I can control the fact that I'll be surrounded by people I love and take a break once in a while to enjoy the day with them.

I do not remember where to go
But I don't stop
Everything's starting to roll quickly
And another day passes
Again you came to me and again I ask
To wait or to give up
Every day I go through something else and don't advance

What a beautiful day it is outside
The sun is shining and you're so beautiful
And maybe there's been a mistake
And each moment can start from the beginning

I don't say to myself anymore that things will work out
Maybe I should look for a different place
There the quiet talks
Now it's already the time to wake up
Or to find a new dream
The same familiar look that just says
That the heart doesn't give up

What a beautiful day it is outside...


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tamar Eisenman-Creation

Tamar Eisenman burst in the Israeli music scene with her super catchy hits "Sun" and "Hit Me" and her kickass rock attitude. Now she's back with "Creation". I love that she still sounds like herself only more developed. For example, the refreshing funky jazzy addition. This song doesn't directly deal with the protest, but it does capture the strong yearning to start something fresh and new.

Home is a bottle of wine
Slow, down life is to start over all the time
Swing; Take a ride its jazz over again
Free, that word should be expelled.

Why did they put these fences up?
All they do is hook my cut.
Don’t anyone blame us for that.
We want peace to be a fact.

Oh I don’t wanna be
Someone already existing, oh let's start creation from the top.

Boom, Shaboom boom kaboom means so much to me
Rules, what the fuck are they? And who should we sew?
Me, Is another word for you
Fate, A text message we erase

Why did they put these fences up?
All they do hook my cut.
Don’t anyone blame us for that.
We want peace to be a fact.

Oh I don’t wanna be
Someone already existing, oh let's start creation from the top

Stop, pulling up
Fences to our hearts
Stop pulling up
Stop, blaming us

Home is a bottle of wine
Wine is a bottle of grapes
It's time for creation


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boom Pam-The Moon and I

So much can be said about the sweeping social protests taking place in Tel Aviv and all over Israel that I don't know where to begin and I have the feeling that I'll be writing about this again. It all started when Daphne Lif was evicted by her landlord in Tel Aviv who wanted to raise the rent. She decided to camp in Rothschild Avenue, the most expensive street to live in in Tel Aviv in protest against the dramatic rising rent. The main idea was that many people feel angry at the rising price of their living situation (not just the rent, also basic staples like food and gas) and if they'll meet with each other they'll share their collective emotions, talk with each other and possibly find solutions. This is based on what Daphne said to TimeOut a few days before the protest. One thing led to another and it became a huge protest by the middle class asking for social justice and the option to live decently. More or less. Apparently there are lots of frustrated people who are tired of sitting in the living room complaining that despite the fact that they're educated and have good jobs, they can barely end the month and live well. Lots is a bit of an understatement. There's been talk that the Rothschild tent city has the vibe of Woodstock and there's a sense of revolution in the air. Except instead of hippies there are hipsters and instead of protests against war, (although they are there) there are protests for more money. Or as I saw on a bumper sticker on a tent "Let Me Be". There's always been talk of the right and left state wise, on the security side and it's a bit new to me to hear talk of left and right socially. I know that Israel started out as a socialist country European style and eventually became more Capitalist a la America, reaching a height with the current government. I'm not very acute (and I have some serious catching up to do), but I always assumed that the change was gradual and almost natural. I had no idea there was such tension. The protest has also raised the middle class's frustration at the government money generously given to minorities like religious settlers and Orthodox Haredim. One tension that isn't really talked about, but is unavoidable is the dilemma of what's more important: Social issues or national security? I still don't know the answer myself and it's impossible to know what society thinks. It all depends on the situation. And for a change the current situation doesn't involve outside enemies but major citizen protests colored in red. I chose this song by the amazing Boom Pam because it seems to capture the youthful, and naive, optimism in the air, as well as the restlessness.

Head to head,
Only the moon and I
The pockets are empty
But the moment is mine.
Another day is over
And the head is heavy on me.
I must move
Just not fall asleep

We'll paint the night in white.
We'll conquer the city and take our time.
Without money, without looking back.
If we'll stay sane till the light will come.

I can't stand still.
Another round outside
Here it is impossible to breathe.
The streets are quiet
And you're beside me.
The skies are in silence.
I want to take off.

We'll paint the night...

Head to head,
Until dawn will rise
The moon is singing
It's not too late
The eyes are tired
And the body is mad at me.
I must move
Just not fall asleep.
We'll paint the night...


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shay Gabso-Exactly at the same minute (Bendo)

I'm not in such a great mood today. Maybe it's because of Amy Winehouse's tragic death which although predictable, still hit me by surprise, and maybe it's also other stuff that's going on. For whatever reason, this song by Shay Gabso, which is actually a live version to a song he released in 2004 (and sounds quite different) fits my mood pretty perfectly. I thought about translating the conversation but I'll just sum up that although it looks like a deep soul to soul conversation it's about a guy, Bendo, who always refers to himself in 3rd person because "when you say Bendo it means that you're temporary". Feel free to interpret that however you want. I'm not exactly following Gabso's career, but I know that he's changed a lot in the past few years and it's only fitting that he'll change his old songs when performing. I really love this live version and it sounds like he's giving all of his soul when performing. And he manages to sound so romantic that I wouldn't mind having a "deep" conversation with him over beers and chasers, no matter how drunk he seems to be.

I have no more words
To describe your beauty
My strength has ceased
To describe your power over me
My tears have frozen
To restore my longing
My chords have joined
To sing of your loveliness maybe

I'll close my eyes
Exactly at the same minute
And I'll imagine your figure
Closer to me
I won't wake until
You'll smile to me

My hopes have gathered
To continue and keep going
My minutes have gathered
To think of my travels
To tired are my eyes
To continue and see
To locate the quietness
That's after the thoughts maybe

I'll close my eyes...



Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cohen@Mushon-From Up to Down

You can always count on Cohen@Mushon to put out a funky hip hop song that's perfect for the summer (and I'm usually not a huge fan of hip hop) as well as a creative video. I love how these guys take their work seriously, but they look like a couple of good friends just having fun and passing the time. Which is probably what's so great about them. All of their previous videos are just as great and should be checked out. And it's a great beat that will get you dancing in the heat! (sorry, I know that was lame, but I had to)

Check the microphone, one, two, hey
Preparing myself to go to the e-n-d
Okay, deejay, press play already
We'll fill the place with love like on Valentine's Day
Sending flowers, raising smiles
There are needs that we all need
So make room in the cart, prepare the community
Hopaleh, who is it coming and answering every prayer

I'm a caveman, I have a familiar face
And my words walk just like Teva Naot
I live in a country, but there aren't any wonders here
I'm not daunting? Now, but there are warnings
It's a bit like katketim, addictive like nicotine
Hip hop here is frozen, so I'm a heat wave
Because you ate badly now I'm waiting
Mushon became a condeson, bouncing the smurfs

Hey yo Mike are you ready?
I have no doubt!
My bro always trendy
I have no doubts!
Don't give credit
To whoever hitches rides
Moving the feet like bebop and rocksteady
From up to down
Put the hand on the prominence
If you break you pay
If you heard you understand

Vorbeshte Romaneshte, rap inteligentzia
Like the Apples I tell you attention
You wanted to define but understood there's no name
Cohen@Mushon don't miss the connection
Flying connection, dripping on you morals
Baking cake with too much sugar
The Mike Mushon acts like a senator
Helps the guitarist whose chord breaks

Without aura of instant fame, a product with no use
There's no rerun so you should record
Without a strategy without a plan
I have no main point I just sit on a beat
Changing the angle and the axis (he's so young!)
Known all over town, some say unbreakable
Great potential, will fill a senior role
Cohen on the mike every story sounds plausible

Hey yo Mike are you ready…


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Harel Skaat-Love Awaits Me

Harel Skaat is one of those perfect people who smile all the time to the point that it can be annoying, but he still manages to be very likable. I can't help but feel so happy for him especially with everything he's been through. A while ago (maybe a year?) Harel was outed by the journalist and filmmaker Gal Ohavski, who also happens to be one of the most famous gay Israelis around. It made quite a buzz, although there was (at least from my part) the feeling that this wasn't too surprising (just look at him). Anyways it seems that Harel's embraced his new status as a gay pop icon and he looks very happy and at peace with himself. I hope he really is. Anyways this is a perfect song for summer nights to make you forget that it's 80% humidity and all other worries. And I love singing with friends in the car before going out and the whole good feeling positive rush that the song and video captures. And it's insanely catchy.

Love awaits me
One that I haven't known
I've forgiven the pain I've made peace with time
The lost hope I insisted on
Finished me slowly
I stood on the side
Without knowing where

Love awaits me
That I'll go only after it
Whole and crazy
From a life of waiting
It'll strip me slowly when I'll get to it
From all the regret

Separate but not alone

And it'll come to me
After I've already thought of giving up
Yes one day maybe
I'll have love that will stay
Love without fear

Love awaits me
I've waited for years
Between all the souls
And God
I'll have love years I haven't seen
How I waited
Between all the people
Burning a lifetime

And it'll come to me
After I thought of giving up
Yes one day maybe
I'll have love that will stay
Love without fear


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Arik Sinai-Noblesse

Sometimes you don't need a creative and well-thought video that pulls all the stops to make you say "wow" and watch it until the song ends. Sometimes watching a singer smoke and sing while listening to his song is enough and you hardly feel the time pass by. I don't know that much about Arik Sinai-only that he was pretty successful in the 80's and now he's in a reality tv show which is a VIP big brother/singing competition. Actually I'm not really following the show so I don't know if he's still there, but I hope he is. He seems like a good guy and an interesting person to watch, and not just smoking a noblesse. All I know of noblesse is that it's considered an "old people's" Israeli cigarette, created in 1952 and that it has a very strong smell and high nicotine. I'm not sure if it's because of the cigarettes but Sinai has a really great voice and kind of reminds me of Amir Lev. I checked out one of his early songs, not sure if it's originally his or a cover (maybe of Arik Einstein's) but it's pretty breathtaking and it's a shame he isn't too well known today (or maybe that's just me) but maybe that's part of his charm.

Long before the dust around me sank
Long before the worn out prayer for the road
I promised not to let this happen
I promised not to let this happen

Look the night is peeling my shells
And is exposing everything that's happened to me
I promised not to let this happen
I promised not to let this happen

But the truth is after it was over
I woke up lying on the couch in yesterday's clothes
I stank of noblesse, and I didn't learn a real lesson
Maybe we never will be able to be anything
Except a heart pinched couple, drinking bitter wine
And Bruce Springsteen is in the background
And a pair of used words

A moment before another curtain falls on me
Come back to me only so we can say goodbye again
I promised not to let this happen
I swore not to let this happen



Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ben Artzi-Dreams 34

It's hard to believe that today marks 5 years since the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, the soldier who we've all come to know just like we've all come to know his family. As if we're family friends. 5 years in which Gilad's friends have finished the army, perhaps made "the big trip" to South America or Asia, enrolled in University and started their lives. And Gilad is still there, so close yet so far from his family. And in awful humanitarian conditions without being able to meet the Red Cross, all while terrorists in prisons here are living a very comfortable life in prison with everything they could possibly need: family visits, the ability to earn academic degrees, healthy food and in general a much better life than in their homes. And when Netanyahu wants to revoke privileges from Palestinian terrorists Hamas says it's against the law. I just don't understand it. It seems that wishing that he'll return is becoming more of a naive idea with every day that passes. I know that I'm naive but sometimes I try to hold on to it. I really like the lyrics in Ben Artzi's new song. You can tell that they were written by him from the heart. I'm not a huge fan of the music itself, and I've never really been interested in Ben's music-I only know it from the radio, but I do like the lyrics here. Something about how he says that most of the time life isn't perfect but you enjoy the little things, and the things you want aren't huge stuff like money, fame or peace but enjoying time with your family, enjoying good music in clubs and having a more human prime minister. That doesn't seem like too much to ask for. When Ben says how happy he is when his father suddenly strokes him, I can't help but think of Shalit who probably wishes for something as simple as that, and what he has right now is not even close to "nearby the thing itself".

Most of the time it's nearby
It's not the thing itself
You want it stronger, more exciting
And that's how the time passes
And you pretty much come to terms with what there is
Catch in the dark small moments

You want more joy with the family
More passionate sex with the one you love
Different music in the clubs
A prime minister that's more human
You want more truth on TV
And more depth in living room conversations
Less violence among this youth
And that it would be possible to swim in the Yarkon

Most of the time is alone
With alternating roles in a play
And you have one friend
And sometimes that's also a lot
And that's how time passes
You pretty much come to terms with what you have
Catch in the dark
And love and love

You thank God that all your relatives are here
That you do a living from what you love
On Friday dinners how you're happy
When your father suddenly strokes you
You get emotional when someone understands you
And when the girls still say that you're pretty
You still believe in the goodness of each person
Even though a million times you've been burnt by it

Most of the time it's nearby
It's not the thing itself
You want it stronger
More exciting





Saturday, June 18, 2011

Modern Tapes-Caroline

I just finished reading an article on this band in Time Out Tel Aviv and of course, the first thing I did was search for this video on youtube. And then I listened to it again and again. It's that good. I love the guitar and in general, their endless energy. Modern Tapes first started playing in a bomb shelter and that's where they recorded their e.p. As one of the members said: "that's where we feel the safest". Playing in a bomb shelter may sound very undergroundish to someone from abroad but here it's pretty common-they're more like community garages without cars, a home for junkies, an indoor option for parties in the winter. Hopefully, my associations of bomb shelters will stay relatively positive. Anyways it is kind of cool that Modern Tapes see playing in it as cool. I hope to catch a gig of theirs in Tel Aviv before they make it big and start touring the world and something tells me I shouldn't linger.


Oh and for something completely different: They may have pulled off Rebecca Black's Friday video, but the song will still live on- even in Hebrew! It sounds like this kid took his Bar Mitzvah lessons too far and I've never seen such a sour expression to "fun fun fun"-genius!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dana Berger-If I had

At first I wasn't really into this song-it sounded a bit too popish to be a rock song but after a few listens I was won over by Dana's voice and her lyrics. Dana Berger belongs to the 90's rock generation and she's definitely matured in a good way. She still has an edginess about her and she's not afraid to say what's on her mind yet she sounds very composed and at peace with herself-maybe because she's now married with children and no longer the rebellious young woman, but she's still one of the coolest singers around.

Again I'm alone with the guitar
The same chords accompanying my life
I know how to love when I sing
I'm transparent now maybe a tad too much
The same story of longing of a little girl of family
The same scratch in the heart
The same pain
The same tune

If I had the courage to start over
If I had the strength to love you again
If I could what would I change

Tel Aviv is so beautiful in the morning
Every coffee of hers suddenly reminds me
I'm with you and it costs me dearly
I'm with you and I don't care today
The same story of illusion of great passion of dissapointment
The same scratch in the heart
The same pain
Annoy her last time

If I had the courage to start over
If I had the strength to love you again
If I could what would I change

So hold me now you, again
Hold me tight and don't leave
I ask if there's a point in this
If we haven't forgotten how to love


Saturday, June 4, 2011

David Broza-I'm Dreaming

There's something very familiar and comforting about David Broza. I remember learning his songs in elementary school and as a kid at family bonfires someone would always pull out a guitar and sing his songs, especially "under the sky"-and would almost whisper the romantic lines "you and me on a wide bed making love" which of course, made me blush with embarrassment but he would sing the rest of the song loud and clear. On the bonfires I go to with friends that doesn't really happen- we always end up singing Tenacious D and Metallica. I sometimes catch the 1993 video of his sunrise performance at the Masada singing "under the sky" on TV during the night and I'm always mesmerized not just by his amazing performance but also the audience's reaction. And it's interesting to see how young people dressed and acted then. It mainly seems that they didn't really care how they were dressed, but I could be wrong. After all when going to a sunrise concert at the Massada your main concern is to wear something warm and comfortable. David Broza kind of disappeared a while, probably to develop and nurture his successful career abroad. I do remember how in the Second Lebanon War in 2006 he was one of the first artists to perform in bomb shelters in the north. He performed so much over there that they made a skit of it on the satire "Eretz Nehederet" (A Wonderful Country) about him not leaving the poor citizens alone and singing with them all night. We had to laugh at something in those days... Anyways, I really like this song- it has a "getting back to the roots" feel where all you need is a guitar and a good voice. I can really identify with the lyrics-I always catch myself dreaming and sometimes feel a bit guilty about detaching myself from reality. And you can't really go wrong with the line "And when I look into your eyes my dream comes true". It sounds cheesy, but I can't think of anybody who wouldn't gush a bit over a line like that.

Watching the news
And I'm dreaming
Travelling on the roads
And I'm dreaming
Going down to the sea in the sunset
And I'm dreaming
A full moon rises
And I'm dreaming

Dreaming that I dreamt
A dream that I'm dreaming
And when I look deep in your eyes
My dream comes true

Outside there's a war
And I'm dreaming
Standing on a stage
And I'm dreaming
Buying flowers for Friday
And I'm dreaming
Opening a bottle of champagne
And I'm dreaming

Life passes by
And I'm as if detached from reality
But when I'm inside a dream
Everything passes by much easier

The fall of leaves in Autumn
And I'm dreaming
The blossom of citruses
And I'm dreaming
I hear the cry of a baby
And I'm dreaming
Going up to you and I'm dreaming

A dream that I dreamt
A dream that I'm dreaming
And when I finally look in your eyes
My dream then comes true



Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dr. Kasper's Rabbit Show-Eveything will be alright

It's a bit surreal that Dr. Kasper's Rabbit Show have been around for 20 years (with a break up in the middle)-and they're still going strong today. Their songs appeal to many people but teenagers especially-anthems like "I'll dream forever", "Look at me" and "You don't understand" were a huge part of my teenage years and they were already something like 10 years old. And I can still enjoy them today. They're also appealing to young teens today and there really isn't a reason why they shouldn't. You can't really resist the catchy guitar riffs and touching lyrics. This song is a bit different than their usual stuff. Their last album was called "A bad ending" and this song suggests the exact opposite. I'm used to their friday night rock songs and this song is much more suitable for "the morning after" which suits my mood today. "Everything will be alright" seems like this country's motto. No matter if you've had a bad test, are going through a rough time, have money problems or the country's "situation" looks bleak, you'll probably say to yourself, and will constantly hear from friends that everything will be fine. I'm sure this is something that is said everywhere around the world but I have the feeling that it's said so much more here and really, what else is there to say? With the dreaded September (I'm not talking about students dreading the end of vacation) around the corner it doesn't hurt to hear a song like this especially considering that it's also a really good one.

Yes everything will be fine
We'll shine on
And the light of beyond
Will open for us
Yes everything will be fine
We'll shine on
And the light of beyond
Will open for us

The king doesn't have anymore stars in his eyes
The queen is naked who remembers her name
Standing shouting to the angels in the sky
If I'll say another prayer
Who will light her way

So if I'll forget everything I am
The light won't light on all of my world
I'll carry with me forever the voice of my oath
And wherever I'll turn she'll lead my way

Yes everything will be alright
We'll shine
And the light of beyond
Will open for us
Yes everything will be alright
We'll shine on
And the light of beyond
Will open for us

A year has passed two years will pass
The land is orphaned without rebels without a cause
And don't forget that there beyond the sea
It's a crazy world
There's no more blood for you

So if I'll forget everything I am
The light won't light on all of my world
I'll carry with me forever the voice of my oath
And wherever I'll turn she'll lead my way

Yes everything will be alright
We'll shine on
And the light of beyond
Will open for us
Yes everything will be fine
We'll shine on
And the light of beyond
Will open for us



Saturday, May 21, 2011

HaCartel-With Everything That's Happened

Like the picture suggests, at first this sounds like a really sweet song but it's actually quite nasty (and not just because of the foul language). Actually on the radio a cleaner version is played but I couldn't find it online and it kind of takes out the sourness of the song so I'll keep it this way. Anyways this is quite a bitter song and very guyish. I love how there's really a sense of nostalgia in the sound of the song that fits with the lyrics. And it's something we can all identify with- that close childhood friend that got away and maybe it wasn't supposed to be that way... HaCartel are a great band with a unique sound and a true sense of coolness. They became pretty famous with their hit "I wanted to play a CD for you", which has a pretty amazing and very very Israeli video clip. This is a perfect song to open the summer with-hoping it'll be a bit more positive than the song.

Even when we were little kids
And we played hide and seek together
I picked flowers for you
And you showed me your underwear
Ooh ay what times
A box of sand and big castles
Ooh ay what times
We swore to each other forever

With everything that happened
Daughter of a bitch
Also in another twenty years
Daughter of a bitch

Hand in hand we went to buy
Popsicles and candy
We drew with a paintbrush
Children that didn't want to grow up
Ooh ay a hot day
Over there in an orchard on the orange tree
Ooh ay what times
We swore to each other forever

With everything that happened
Daughter of a bitch
Also in another twenty years
Daughter of a bitch

And when we went up in the same class
We didn't exchange a word with each other
We didn't talk also in recess
That way many years passed
Sometimes I stop to see
How good it could have been
That way I'll remember her deep within
We swore to each other forever
We swore to each other forever
We swore to each other forever

With everything that happened
Also in twenty years



Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ehud Banai-I'm Walking

I love to walk. And I love Bob Dylan. So maybe that's why I like this song so much. When I first heard it I had a bit of trouble following it to the end. It seemed too slow and too long. But when I watched it with the video clip (not on youtube anymore) it flowed naturally and I almost didn't want it to end. The video was shot in New York, one of my favorite cities to walk in, and Jerusalem, a city that always fascinates me. I really identify with Ehud Banai's description of walking-I don't walk as much as I used to, but it always does me good and helps me clear my head. As well as Banai's thoughts on "the situation" which unfortunately, are quite timeless. On a tense and uncertain day like today, they fit even better. I'm pretty sure that Banai is heavily influenced by Dylan. At first it bothered me a bit but now I see that he managed not to imitate him completely and his song is solely his. The lyrics are the heart of this song and are worth paying attention to. Also, I love how Banai always seems to be growing as an artist, despite the fact that he's already established himself as a very much respected singer and songwriter.

I walk quite regularly,
The doctor said: It'll make you calm
It's good for the heart and also for the liver it's very good,
Refreshing, lets the system work.
People pass by also when they're walking,
Here and there I hear fragments of words
Don't speak what already is hear to be said,
Walk straight try to keep in pace, to persist.
I walk light turns on in the windows,
The night is falling, I smell omelets
Here and there I see shadows in rooms,
Fragments of lives of other people.
Now it's quiet the terror of the Scad missile has passed,
Here not far, fell one
And always I feel here the tension in the air,
Comes with the wind fills all of the city.
Now everything flows, the blood pumps, I'm sweating
The doctor said: It's good to walk every day a bit: Until you'll reach there.

I walk through smoky cities,
Blood on the cement screams of crying and mourning
A small trip at dusk,
I'm walking this way at least 2,000 years.
And these are the streets on which I walked to school
When I'd imagine the street to be a flowing river
Walking in the desert until I'll pass the Jordan,
Mom and dad are waiting for the old kid.
I'm walking in a familiar and strange city,
Don't belong to the sector and won't walk into the drawer,
My heart is open here and there also flashes,
Walking and getting farther walking and getting closer.
Another turn around the same square,
Close to home as far as possible,
When I'll come back my wife won't recognize who is coming,
She'll say to me: sorry, this isn't the right address
Now everything is flowing, the blood is pumping, I'm sweating
The doctor said: It's good to walk every day a little...until you'll reach there.

I'm walking in the few wild fields,
That are left between towers and malls
Scanning stations not recognizing the place,
Standing on Halacha bridge looking for HaShalom highway.
Now everything is flowing, the blood is pumping, I'm sweating
The doctor said: it's good to walk every day a bit...until you'll reach there.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Eatliz - Lose This Child

At first I felt a bit guilty for not posting a hebrew Israeli song-with Independence day coming up and everything. But then I remembered that my favorite Independence day parties are the indiependance ones celebrating independent Israeli artists so it worked out... Also tomorrow is Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and victims of terror and this is a quite fitting song. I suddenly realized that most of the soldiers were my age or a bit younger when they died. Quite chilling. I don't think that I'll ever get used to the fact that Independence day starts on the evening of Memorial day. The sharp move to "festive mode" always catches me by surprise and it never feels right to make plans to celebrate during memorial day. But I guess that's part of it- as cliche as it sounds they died so we can live and celebrate. Anyways, Eatliz is an amazing band and this is a wonderful song-it's emotional without being sappy and the video is breathtaking. They're always outdoing themselves with very talented and creative videos and this is certainly no exception. Also see "attractive".


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eviatar Banai-White Wedding

It's already yesterday's news but still- what a lovely wedding! At first I didn't quite get all the buzz around Will and Kate's wedding-okay, so he'll be king one day and a royal wedding like this doesn't happen often but still, why are people around the world so fascinated with it? I don't really have an answer but I was surprised by my emotional reaction to the wedding and I'm guessing I'm not the only one. I remember first seeing William on TV when I was a little girl. He was so cute and of course I wondered what it would be like to be him, and to be his girlfriend, although Harry was closer to me in age. When Princess Diana died I felt so sad for them and I was still just a kid. So maybe that's why I felt so happy for the new royal couple. They really look happy and madly in love and it's always fun to celebrate weddings. Of course, the whole show was pretty mesmerizing. When they walked outside and saw all the people cheering it really felt like a happily ever after fairy tale. I caught the kiss at the grocery shop and although we had nothing to do with the Royal family, we all smiled liked idiots and were happy to be a tiny part of history. I love this song, which is a cover to Shlom Hanoch's classic and in my opinion even more successful. Although it's a bit melancholic and I'm not sure I'd use it in my wedding, it still captures the strong emotions of weddings. And what a beautiful dress!

And danger signs
White wedding
And you're captivated
In strange hands
I run towards you
Along walls

There's no going
"Here sign in the corner"
Roasted goat
On the barbecue
And fruits of the season
And you're smiling
White teeth
The dance of death
By Candlelight

A new morning
Is walking towards me
My new morning
Bride, bride
In the middle of the night
A new morning has risen

We are
Look at the picture
White wedding
And putting them in a pot
I dreamt
A dream
Can't wake up

A new morning...