Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boom Pam-The Moon and I

So much can be said about the sweeping social protests taking place in Tel Aviv and all over Israel that I don't know where to begin and I have the feeling that I'll be writing about this again. It all started when Daphne Lif was evicted by her landlord in Tel Aviv who wanted to raise the rent. She decided to camp in Rothschild Avenue, the most expensive street to live in in Tel Aviv in protest against the dramatic rising rent. The main idea was that many people feel angry at the rising price of their living situation (not just the rent, also basic staples like food and gas) and if they'll meet with each other they'll share their collective emotions, talk with each other and possibly find solutions. This is based on what Daphne said to TimeOut a few days before the protest. One thing led to another and it became a huge protest by the middle class asking for social justice and the option to live decently. More or less. Apparently there are lots of frustrated people who are tired of sitting in the living room complaining that despite the fact that they're educated and have good jobs, they can barely end the month and live well. Lots is a bit of an understatement. There's been talk that the Rothschild tent city has the vibe of Woodstock and there's a sense of revolution in the air. Except instead of hippies there are hipsters and instead of protests against war, (although they are there) there are protests for more money. Or as I saw on a bumper sticker on a tent "Let Me Be". There's always been talk of the right and left state wise, on the security side and it's a bit new to me to hear talk of left and right socially. I know that Israel started out as a socialist country European style and eventually became more Capitalist a la America, reaching a height with the current government. I'm not very acute (and I have some serious catching up to do), but I always assumed that the change was gradual and almost natural. I had no idea there was such tension. The protest has also raised the middle class's frustration at the government money generously given to minorities like religious settlers and Orthodox Haredim. One tension that isn't really talked about, but is unavoidable is the dilemma of what's more important: Social issues or national security? I still don't know the answer myself and it's impossible to know what society thinks. It all depends on the situation. And for a change the current situation doesn't involve outside enemies but major citizen protests colored in red. I chose this song by the amazing Boom Pam because it seems to capture the youthful, and naive, optimism in the air, as well as the restlessness.

Head to head,
Only the moon and I
The pockets are empty
But the moment is mine.
Another day is over
And the head is heavy on me.
I must move
Just not fall asleep

We'll paint the night in white.
We'll conquer the city and take our time.
Without money, without looking back.
If we'll stay sane till the light will come.

I can't stand still.
Another round outside
Here it is impossible to breathe.
The streets are quiet
And you're beside me.
The skies are in silence.
I want to take off.

We'll paint the night...

Head to head,
Until dawn will rise
The moon is singing
It's not too late
The eyes are tired
And the body is mad at me.
I must move
Just not fall asleep.
We'll paint the night...

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