Saturday, July 9, 2011

Harel Skaat-Love Awaits Me

Harel Skaat is one of those perfect people who smile all the time to the point that it can be annoying, but he still manages to be very likable. I can't help but feel so happy for him especially with everything he's been through. A while ago (maybe a year?) Harel was outed by the journalist and filmmaker Gal Ohavski, who also happens to be one of the most famous gay Israelis around. It made quite a buzz, although there was (at least from my part) the feeling that this wasn't too surprising (just look at him). Anyways it seems that Harel's embraced his new status as a gay pop icon and he looks very happy and at peace with himself. I hope he really is. Anyways this is a perfect song for summer nights to make you forget that it's 80% humidity and all other worries. And I love singing with friends in the car before going out and the whole good feeling positive rush that the song and video captures. And it's insanely catchy.

Love awaits me
One that I haven't known
I've forgiven the pain I've made peace with time
The lost hope I insisted on
Finished me slowly
I stood on the side
Without knowing where

Love awaits me
That I'll go only after it
Whole and crazy
From a life of waiting
It'll strip me slowly when I'll get to it
From all the regret

Separate but not alone

And it'll come to me
After I've already thought of giving up
Yes one day maybe
I'll have love that will stay
Love without fear

Love awaits me
I've waited for years
Between all the souls
And God
I'll have love years I haven't seen
How I waited
Between all the people
Burning a lifetime

And it'll come to me
After I thought of giving up
Yes one day maybe
I'll have love that will stay
Love without fear


  1. Undoubtedly for today and forever Harel Skaat - is The Best Israeli Singer !
    "Love Awaits Me" - very positive song !
    Nina S., Russia, Moscow

  2. A very nice song!Catchy but meaningful at the same time what is rather rare to happen.I really appreciate that Harel cares about lyrics so much.
    And this video is just great:)I called it"positive energy charger"
    And Harel? well,a big talent+amazing vocal skills+extraordinary charisma and handsome look = a great singer!For me,the best one!
    Anna from Poland