Monday, October 10, 2011

Aya Korem - Ringing Bells

This is a cover to a touching classic by Ahuva Ozri which is completely different and Aya Korem manages to define this cover as her own, with her sweet pop style. It fits in perfectly with the holiday feel of these days. It's a happy time but also quite melancholy and spiritual because of Yom Kippur and the "awful days" spent on soul searching and reflection. Now that Yom Kippur is over you can really see in some people how they feel much more at peace with themselves and ready to begin the new year energetic and with a quiet conscience, beginning with Succot. Even though there are a few days until Succot people are walking around in white and greeting each other with a smiling "happy holiday" because we're in the midst of the holiday season. It's also a great time to spend outdoors and breathe the early autumn air-preferably in late-afternoon because it's still summerish during the day (at least today it is with an annoying heat wave). The sudden early darkness due to the time change makes me value afternoons so much more than before and I try to spend them outside, and this clip makes me want to go on a trip somewhere outside the city and just enjoy the afternoon.

Ringing bells
Echoing inside my heart
On the path that meets me
My heart is busy and excited
I'm still here for you

Your figure is walking away
Here I am in front of your house

My eyes wept tears of joy
My life was days of immaturity

We were together an innocent pair
A bit mischievous, a little different
A Smile, a dimple, a fire burning in me
Stroking a little, shy
The blood goes, time passes

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