Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nathan Goshen-All I Have

What a heartthrob. At first I was a bit turned off by Nathan Goshen because he has that "I'm so good looking and I know it" vibe, but he really is quite good looking. He wrote the lyrics and music of this song and he's written songs for new artists like Liran Danino and Roni Dalumi (including "A bit different" which I wrote about). Overall it's a very sweet song and even if at first the chorus sounds a bit pathetic and unbelievable, Goshen has a great voice and can pull it off effortlessly.

I feel guilty if I cover up when I'm cold
And I'm close to not hearing anything at all
And I curve for a path I didn't choose
To fight to be the man who didn't fall

And you dream about things that he once promised
And wake up in the bed that he once left
And I'm tempted to think that someone will succeed
To see the things as they should be seen now

Because you, you're all I have, you
Because you, you're all I have, you

And it's too quiet maybe turn on the radio
And maybe we'll listen to another singer who'll soon dissapear
And you'll say that you understand exactly what happened to him
He'll do everything just so we'll remember that he exists

Don't look at me like you have something to say
And win me over with that smile of yours
I don't want to think that you know how bad I'm feeling
I was here and before he left

Because you, you're all I have, you
Because you, you're all I have, you


  1. Nice song! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. hey!!!

    u know the name of this song?
    honetically, not translation. that is, as we read in Hebrew?

  3. hey, it's Kol Ma Sheyesh Li (כל מה שיש לי)

  4. Great translation !!! great song !!!

  5. thanks, it's the most popular song of the blog :)