Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shay Gabso-Exactly at the same minute (Bendo)

I'm not in such a great mood today. Maybe it's because of Amy Winehouse's tragic death which although predictable, still hit me by surprise, and maybe it's also other stuff that's going on. For whatever reason, this song by Shay Gabso, which is actually a live version to a song he released in 2004 (and sounds quite different) fits my mood pretty perfectly. I thought about translating the conversation but I'll just sum up that although it looks like a deep soul to soul conversation it's about a guy, Bendo, who always refers to himself in 3rd person because "when you say Bendo it means that you're temporary". Feel free to interpret that however you want. I'm not exactly following Gabso's career, but I know that he's changed a lot in the past few years and it's only fitting that he'll change his old songs when performing. I really love this live version and it sounds like he's giving all of his soul when performing. And he manages to sound so romantic that I wouldn't mind having a "deep" conversation with him over beers and chasers, no matter how drunk he seems to be.

I have no more words
To describe your beauty
My strength has ceased
To describe your power over me
My tears have frozen
To restore my longing
My chords have joined
To sing of your loveliness maybe

I'll close my eyes
Exactly at the same minute
And I'll imagine your figure
Closer to me
I won't wake until
You'll smile to me

My hopes have gathered
To continue and keep going
My minutes have gathered
To think of my travels
To tired are my eyes
To continue and see
To locate the quietness
That's after the thoughts maybe

I'll close my eyes...

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