Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hila Ruach - Grizzly Bear

Hila Ruach's fierce and sensitive "A doctor in the west" is one of my favorite albums from 2015 and what better way to end the year than with a clip for the first song off of it, based on a poem by Yona Wallach. 

"The clip was made out of love for horror movies and film noir classics, which also inspired me while making the album", Ruach notes. "It provides a revealing glimpse into the fears and innermost thoughts of daily life, including disconnected internet, well-known figures from the indie scene and sedatives".

A grizzly she-bear raised me
Milk from the stars was my main nourishment
The first thing I saw
In the days of my life meaning what I remember
Was how I would be able to forget

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Iki Levi & Rasta Hebrew Man - Flying High

Feel-good roots reggae with a powerful message, Iki Levi & Rastra Hebrew Man is music for the body, mind & soul.

They're talking only about money,
Corrupting the government,
They don't know what it's like to live one day like us.
Distancing peace
It's a security fraud,
Life is short and what will we leave to our children?

I fly high in my dreams
I want to live like a king's son
Yes I fly high with thoughts
How do I change this situation?
Israel year two thousand and more...

Will not fly away,
Well mi na ever gonna fly away!

Israel year two thousand and more
She takes and gives, I don't have a hand in this
I can't do it! I can't promise...
For years I've been writing and speaking about it,
If we work hard we'll discover it,
I promise that then we'll make it...

I fly high in my dreams
I want to live like a king's son
Yes I fly high with thoughts
How do I change this situation?
Israel year two thousand and more...

Won't fly away,
Well mi na ever gonna fly away!

Life is short and what will we leave to our children?
Time is passing and there are more that will come after us.
Yes life is short and what will we leave our children?
Time is passing by and there are more moments,
In which I fly high...

Won't fly away,
Well mi na ever gonna fly away!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ramle - Alternative Energy

I remember first hearing Ramle's "The Factory" as part of the excellent "Ohalim Adirim" mixtape which served as a musical soundtrack to the 2011 tent protest. Ramle certainly stood out with their sharp lyrics together with pure rock and roll. I love how in their second album their sound matured a bit, and so did they, but the honest and thought provoking lyrics still take center stage.

A critical person
What does he have in his life?
Even to himself
He tends not to believe
Honking to cars
Doesn't talk to people
Even with himself
He forgot how to be innocent

But there was a plan
Not to see every night the same menu
To continue sliding as if there is no bottom
To start using alternative energy

Over the years
He learned how to get smashed
And not be interested
In what there is behind curtain number three
Hugging the bridges
So he can go and come back
Even with himself
He doesn't remember how to stop

And he hasn't found another island
To take his last belongings
To stop reacting to what they're saying
To start using alternative energy

When I was young, I loved the winter, because I thought it was easy to find warmth.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Eyal Even Tzur - Three Floors

Eyal Even Tzur says of this autobiographical love song that it is about the happy moment in which you realize that you have found your life partner. Gili Shaanan created the stunning clip and Shahar Even Tzur composed the music. Pure and beautiful.

Another turn of the key
You come home
A long day the shoes are tight
Empty talks about war
And noise
Everyone knows everything
Only you were waiting to come home

I love how your heart beats after three floors
Take my bag from me and give me your arms
I'm giving you, come and fall on me
At the end of every day

On the sand on Sunday
We talked without thinking
Funny feet
On the yellow set against the blue
It's important to take ourselves to a far away place
To get closer
I'll build sand castles for you

I love how your heart beats after three floors
Take my bag from me and give me your arms
I'm giving you, come and fall on me
At the end of every day

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Assaf Ayalon - Abigail


I wish I had the world to give you
Baby I don't even have the time
To tell you a bedtime story
Or to chase away the monsters
From your mind
You know I can only give what I have

I'm sorry I was late today I didn't
Get to see you dance the waltz
Spinning around the living room
All dressed up in your mother's clothes
You know I love her even when we fight

When I get home to you I just want
To hold you and love hearing you
Calling my name
Here I am...Abigail

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Niso - Soul Singer

"Meir Ariel paved the way on a straw path, with the waltz of the land of Israel and that inner-outward gaze of his. Israeli artists follow his path bringing with them their inner worlds and creating a new Israeliness.

Sometimes the Israeliness is a kibbutz, sometimes it's the Soviet Union, sometimes it's Tunis and sometimes it's France. Sometimes, like in "Soul Singer", it's a balanced and well-stirred mix which connects between Abu Gosh and Paris with an invisible road, on which you can drive fast and slow.

Niso (Nir Nisim Cohen) grew up and was educated on soccer fields, and in the background there were also many records. Today he lives in Abu Gosh, walks around with an old cellphone and reaches every part of the country with intimate living room performances wrapped in personal stories and closeness.

He came to Eli Luzon quite by chance when he was looking for a certain guitar and the connection between them led to the production of the album which will be released in the coming months.

The single "Soul Singer" landed in the loyal hands of the photographer Yeshai Nikomarov illustrating this march forward, in a route outlined by our culture's greatest storytellers, mixing together Jaques Brel, Meir Ariel, Bruce Springsteen and Meir Goldberg.

The Super 8 films, memories from a picnic in Ben Shemen forest in the 80s, kids dying to confess their love and those sunflowers, which remain as witnesses and accompany the same graveled road, on which you walk and sing a song which you thought that you already heard, until you realize that this is a new song, in which somebody again was able to articulate this Israeliness.

"Soul Singer" by Niso is this Israeliness".

This press release (original here) does a wonderful job at putting into words what makes this song by Niso such a special one, a true modern classic. The full album can be listened to here.

I'm not entirely sure
What the words are intended to say
I'm just another torn kid
Going through life
Between singers
From record to record

And there are singers who are the wind
Maybe they need a bit more land
With me for almost two years
I have been stuck on the same record
On the same soul singer

On a spinning wheel
And spin
Even when you go far you do not disappear from my eyes
You only get closer

And there are singers who are the wind
Maybe they need a bit more land
With me for almost two years
I have been stuck on the same record
On the same soul singer

Ne me quitte pas
Il faut oublier
Tout peut s'oublier
Qui s'enfuit déjà

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Armon - Waterfall

At first I was hesitant to post a song on this dark and tragic day but this magical album by Armon helped me drift to sleep after a horrific night so maybe it will provide a peaceful distraction to those who need one. My heart is with Paris and always will be.

What a situation
Strange and scattered
The whole body is cold and sore
The appetite is gone almost nothing is left
It's a lucky thing there are sounds
That are playing beyond
The future and boredom
Overall recognized

Outside everything is nice lit and magical
The river had an end

Waterfall waterfall
All is washed away
Waterfall waterfall
All is spilled, washed away, overflowing, forgiven, forgotten, frozen and lost

The tortoise walked away, the hare was run over
Blurry moon
Smells from the past, salty taste
Stopping and blinking
Everything was charged caught and tied
Suddenly the river again comes to an end

Waterfall waterfall
All is washed away
Waterfall waterfall
All is spilled, washed away, overflowing
Forgiven, forgotten, frozen and lost

All is spilled, washed away, overflowing
Forgiven, forgotten, frozen and lost

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Surf Platoon - You

Winter is the best time to surf over here and what better way to open the season than with this very cool band?

You know the truth
You know the truth is what you got
At all

You came and took
You took everything and let me down
You left me down

Saturday, October 31, 2015

TREE - Travel Light

Whoa. TREE just released the first clip from their second album and it's not at all how I expected it to be- which is a great compliment. I love how animators Glendon & Isabella have a signature style but make sure to adapt themselves to whoever they're working with (see Haya Miller and Radiotrip's colorful clip for comparison). TREE have certainly climbed up musically and also lyrically, but I think I'll always have a special place in my heart for their debut album which remains fresh and energetic after four years.

Travel light no weight to my baggage
Just arrived then I'll be moving on
On my way

Driving slow no reasons to hurry
Time moves on you catch just what you can
And think of what you didn't

Fading in the sunlight
Washed out to the sea
Always in the middle
Pouring down like raindrops
I can hardly see
Always seems to be that way with me

Changing fast we're not getting younger
That's the youngest we will ever be
You said to me

And that our lives are tied with a burden
That we're hoping
Someday we'll be free
But know, it makes no difference

Fading in the sunlight...

Saturday, October 24, 2015

David Beinart - I Returned to the Beginning

What a sweet and uplifting song, like a warm bowl of homemade chicken soup. David Beinart is the chef and owner of the South Tel Aviv restaurant and cultural home Ala Rampa (where this video was shot) who always wanted to be a singer. He notes the irony that a song about giving up on his dreams is the one he chose for his first single as "it is another expression of the combination of contradictions in the melody and text: complexity and simplicity, despair and optimism" (press release). I could watch a whole movie about Beinart and wish him the best of luck in his culinary and musical careers!

I don't have anything to fear anymore
Of what will be tomorrow
I'm already old and ready to retire
There are many insights, on how time is precious
When the rope is on the neck
Hanging all hopes

I went far, far away
I got closer and closer
I looked deep, deep inside
And I returned to the beginning

I was on a rainy day
I swam naked in the sea
And in the hot summer sun I searched for shade for comfort
I made myself a family
So joy will not be missed
And so not to miss anything
I stopped being a singer

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Malox, Echo & Tito, Uri Brauner Kinrot - Gaza Trip

I didn't have the chance to post a song this past week partly due to a busy after-the-holidays schedule and partly because with everything that's been going on it's been difficult to sort out and express my feelings. I mainly had to get used to a new but familiar companion who constantly followed me on my daily transit and errands (because life has to go on and all that) that goes by the name of Fear. On some days, I was able to ignore it but on others, especially after a gruesome attack, it was more difficult to continue as if everything was normal. If I wasn't scrolling through news alerts on the phone, I was glancing at people in the street and passengers on the bus with me wondering if we'll all be in some shared tragedy on the news. I also found myself being overly nice to the Arab workers at H&M and McDonalds because they're probably just as worried as I am. The guys over at Promised Podcast did a great job of explaining how this week felt in Israel and also analyzed how the political parties are reacting to the terror.
The new season of Indie City Jerusalem is in full swing with new videos being uploaded each week, serving as a wonderful break from the news and violence. Some videos are better than others, but all of them show the beauty and complexity of life in Jerusalem. This video featuring Malox, Echo & Tito, and Uri Brauner Kinrot, was filmed just a few weeks before the violence heightened in Jerusalem. Besides being an amazing song, it brings to mind two of my favorite Indie City videos from last season: Echo & Tito in the Machne Yehuda market and Yemen Blues in the Old City. The latter is especially touching and also heartbreaking as in the video it's the younger generation who are the first to make a step forward and dance to the music yet these days they are at the center of the violence with most of the attacks being made by young Arabs under the age of 18. As I'm writing this, I'm being notified of another knife attack in Hebron, in addition to two attempted attacks earlier in the day in Kiryat Arba and Jerusalem. And it's just noon.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ze Lo Hashuv - A Star Called Sun

A heavy morning after a bloody weekend, which started with the brutal murder of Eitam and Na'ama Henkin while driving with their children in the West Bank and ended with two shootings in Jerusalem's Old City, leaving 2 dead and 3 wounded. While we've become used to terror attacks, there's been a shift in the air with a dreaded uncertainty of how things will continue from here.

When I first read the lyrics for this song, I felt that it could have been written here and now. The only hint to a translation are the words "white snow and grey ice". I was struck by how piercing the lyrics are and with the video I couldn't help but think of the Henkins' last ride, which left a very chilling feeling. But the car in the video can also be referring to the one Victor Tsoi was driving when he tragically died at 28 in 1990. Tsoi wrote the lyrics to this song, as part of his hugely popular Soviet rock band Kino, famous for its Western post-rock sound and messages of freedom . As this clip by Ze Lo Hashuv ("It's not important" in Hebrew) shows, Tsoi's words are still very relevant today and with their pure honesty continue to touch the hearts of many listeners.

White snow and grey ice, on cracked rocky terrain
Covered with a patchwork quilt, a city with a loop in the road.

And above the city clouds are floating, hiding the divine light.
And above the city yellow smoke, a city two thousand years old
Which lived under the light of a star called the Sun.

And there's a war over two thousand years, a war without an excuse and reason
The war is, for the young, a medicine against wrinkles

Red, red is the blood, after an hour, it's again earth.
After two hours there are grass and flowers, after three, it's alive again
Receiving heat from the light of a star called the Sun.

Yes it is known that this is how it always was, that fate wants the one,
Who obeys other laws and those who die young.

I don't remember the words yes and no, don't remember the ranks and names
Just reach to the stars, and don't think that it's a dream,
And then fall, burned from the light of a star called the Sun

*The translation here aims to be a direct translation from the Hebrew version. An English translation from the Russian original can be found here, with the original song.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Nikuy Rosh - Rabat Summit (The Neighborhood Song)

Like so many other Israelis, I was also quite shaken by Moti Kirschenbaum's sudden death on Friday. He seemed to be in the midst of so many plans and there were no evident signs of slowing down- his highly acclaimed current affairs new show London & Kirschenbaum with Yaron London, the occasional guest spot on the satire "The State of the Nation", maybe a new travel documentary. He's gone much too soon. We were born almost exactly 50 years apart, but he's one of the few figures in Israeli culture who I really identify with and admire. Much has already been said about his remarkable personality but he really did stand out with his mix of keen intelligence, never-ending sense of curiosity and above all his rich sense of humor, which reflected in everything he did. I'm not sure if he would have liked all these praises-he probably would shake his head and sum it all up in a word or two, as he often did on his show.

I think that because we're such a young country it's always very sad when someone who was there from the very beginning and in many ways shaped our cultural DNA passes away.
Kirschenbaum was among the founders of Israeli television, serving as the editor-in-chief of the news program "Mabat" and the producer of the satirical show "Nikuy Rosh", which can be translated as "head cleaning" airing from 1974-1976.
"Nikuy Rosh" deserves a special place in Israeli culture as it not only paved the way for future Israeli satires but also in many ways reflected the state the country was in right after the Yom Kippur War.
Kirschenbaum captured the absurdities of Israeli reality in a critical yet affectionate way. As for this skit, which is based on the very popular "Neighborhood Song", performed by The Tarnegolim, and accounts the Rabat summit in 1974,  I don't know what's more depressing- the fact that most of it is still very relevant or the fact that most Israeli producers would be hesitant to air something like this today. I especially like how coordinated the group of actors is and I'm pretty sure that Kirschenbaum played a big part in that.

Probably how I'll remember him the most-here's Kirschenbaum dancing along to Terry Poison-make sure to watch till the end!

Guys, guys, wait a minute
Asad, Faisal, Arafat
Are playing in the conference over in Rabat, Morroco
They kicked Hussey out, the shouting didn't help
Let's catch them and beat them up
Go, call the guys over here
There's only the Dominican Republic
Go, call the guys over here
We'll exert American influence
Go and call our friends
Go and call our Jews
Go, call the guys over here
They should come already
How they got beaten up in October
Walla, it was an Akbar war
The Egyptians got their teeth knocked out
And also the Syrians suffered a serious blow
Look and see how they're ruining a chance
They didn't even mention Peace
Look and see how they're ruining a chance
They didn't recognize the Palestinians
What a painful insistence
They don't want to sit next to me
Look and see how they're ruining a chance
They should come already
There's no Palestino
So there's no aggreemo
The end to the end of Peace
Elik elik boom boom boom boom
One two three Henry's coming
Four five six Henry's coming
Seven eight nine Henry's coming
Yalla, Henry, what are we doing?
Say Peace
Say Palestinians
Dancing eyes
Say chance
Look, how they chose the PLO and they're sending him to the UN
They're forcing me to sit and discuss with murderers
That's because you didn't make sure to encourage anyone else
You withheld any organization so stop complaining
We don't want peace we want to go crazy
Listen to what my dad said last night
We don't want peace we want to go crazy
That all the Arabs are the same
Come on guys, learn from the mistakes
That we already made, don't do the same nonsense
We don't want to hear about reason and logic
Leave persuasion and let's play with armor
We don't want peace we want to go crazy
Go to the UN to file a complaint
We don't want peace we want to go crazy
We'll blow up the neighborhood!

Friday, September 18, 2015

MONGAR - Doklyn

It's not the greatest feeling to be welcomed back in the country by a harsh heatwave, pushing and shoving on the bus during a traffic jam and an overall feeling of post-holiday blues. But hey, it's the weekend again! This excellent track by MONGAR is just what I needed to start the new year with a fresh peace of mind.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

ZOHARA - New Village

Falafel usually takes minutes to order and just a few more minutes to eat but in those precious minutes it's just you and your falafel-no extra hand for checking your phone and no point in polite small talk. This colorful video captures the Israeli falafel experience with Zohara's "New Village" in the background, giving everything a cool and bright touch.

She didn't call the Meds again
She's stuck with the disease
The world it stops and then begins
We're down here on our knees
We add the minutes passing by
To know what we are worth
We chase our dreams we're running fast
Against the turning of the earth
The songs are playing in our heads
But they can't reach our hearts
The government's a piece of shit
You've given up on art
I asked the clouds sailing up above
To stop smothering the light
I called you for the last time again
I wonder if you might...

*I'll be kicking off the new Hebrew year abroad so see you sometime after the 15th and Shana Tova!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bill & Murray - The Silence Grows

Bill and Murray have finally released their debut album! They describe themselves as "bittersweet synth pop" and that's really the best way to describe this chill-inducing song which closes the album perfectly.

Across my heart I once built a fence
You broke it down so now it's wide open
The sky fell down but no one cares
Where you left me is where I stand

Smile even if it hurts
It's funny how the waves come back
Even when the shore gets mad
And so it goes, the silence grows

Saturday, August 22, 2015

RaBo & SnoB - Darling

Lush and glamorous, this RaBo & SnoB track feels like air-con on a hot summer's day.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Alon Eder - Power Power Power

There's quite a lot to unpack in this excellent song and clip but I don't think I'll fully understand it until I hear the rest of  "Casio Rage", Alon Eder's upcoming album featuring only Casio guitars and keyboards from the 80s mixed with revealing rage.

I don't take showers, I don't cut my hair
I don't shave, I don't get by
And from outside they're telling me to start behave
But I long ago left the lane you're driving on

I'm not looking to escape
I prefer to see
I'm not engaging in power struggles
Cut that nonsense
Power power power
Cut that nonsense
Everyone here is fucked up
I prefer to see

Let's make some money, we'll invest it wisely
BBQ on the balcony with a quarter view of the sea
On Monday yoga on Friday swimming at the pool
We'll pass the law for..., we'll get a blessing from the rabbi

Feeding each other with bullshit
Your basic situation isn't comfortable
Come up with another plan with goals, make another survey
Let's stop for a moment and see-it's just a lie

I'm not looking to escape
I prefer to see
I'm not engaging in power struggles
Cut that nonsense
Power power power
Cut that nonsense
Everyone here is fucked up
I prefer to see

Smiling and playing the game till the end
No matter how much you smile you're just an evolution of an ape
Invent some hipster start-up that will break the market
Your situation isn't cool and that's for sure.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Luna Abu Nassar - I'll Tell You

I'm posting this song about two years too late but sadly it will always be relevant, especially in light of the weekend's tragic events. I got to see Luna Abu Nassar in concert about a month ago, performing together with Rona Kenan. I was in awe of her humble personality, her strong stage presence and her gentle voice. Read a review on her stunning debut album here and click here to listen to it. Heartbraking and beautiful.

I'll tell you about enemies
And ghosts
From the 80s
I'll tell you about enemies
And spirits

Just remember
They all are bad
They all are bad
Listen to me
They all are bad
They all are bad
Listen to me
Everyone wants to hurt me

From afar
Because they all are bad
Because they all are bad

I see them
Bastards, those liars
What do they want
What do they want

I was the queen of the world
But the drink deceived
I was given a drug
I was given a drug
Be careful that it will not happen also to you
What did you put in the finjan this morning

I'll tell you about enemies
And ghosts
From the 80s
I'll tell you about enemies
And spirits

I'll pray for you
Believe me
Because of you I don't have
I'll hope that you'll fail
And will beg

They want to take you away from me
When you grow up
Just understand
They all are bad
They all are bad
Listen to me

I'll tell you about enemies
And ghosts
From the 80s
I'll tell you about enemies
And spirits

My moon
Close your eyes
Do not worry
I'll give you everything
But I don't have
I don't have

كان يا مكان
في قديم الزمان
الزمان كان
ولليوم علقان

Friday, July 24, 2015

REO - Courage

"After two and a half years over which we went through enough experiences for a decade-drama, disappointment, excitement, euphoria, dire heartbreaks, and sliding relentlessly on the spectrum of human emotions, we decided to write a song about the courage to live, to try, to experience.

Even from the bad memories and experiences which we accumulated during this time, we tried to create something new, beautiful, real and optimistic.

We suffered from many blows to the heart, and we decided not to give in, but on the contrary, to fear less and dare more.

The water band REO wants to believe that even the worst and harshest feeling can be put in a dream box, and it will become a part of magic"

This is how Zoe Polanski and Or Edry, the girls of REO, introduced this mesmerizing single, the first from their upcoming album. So fresh!

I have the courage
To swim from the beach to the deep waters
I have the power
Not to remember what is best to forget

How you pulled me far far away
And then everything looked different

But now
I don't care what he thought
Or who I am to him
I gave into the dream

I have rhythm
Soft beats of sadness
I have spirit
It isn't safe to hold on

How you pulled me far far away
Everything looked like in a movie

But now
I don't care what he thought
Or who I am to him
I gave into the dream

Friday, July 17, 2015

J’ali Ensemble - Jali

Hearing this song again is like meeting an old friend. I first came across J'ali Ensemble when they performed at the 2011 InDnegev-their music blended so beautifully with the warm desert air and sense of freedom. J'ali means "people of music" in local Senegalese dialect, which is how Eran Katz, the leader of J'ali Ensemble, was called when he walked around in Senegal with his kora, immersing himself in African music and culture. But J'ali Ensemble isn't just African music-what makes it so special is the fusion with other instruments like the drums and of course the saxaphone, together with the lyrics in Hebrew, English, and Mandinka (West African). This is the first single from the ensemble's soon to be realeased album titled "Feeling of Life". In the meantime you can catch a glimpse of their amazing stage presence over here. Shabbat Shalom!

Ilale jali musolo le
Aleu wille donkililake
Ilale natali kontone
Dunia mulwo
Baraco bije

All the people they need your warm hand
They need your love
All your children they wait for your hand
They need your love
Baraco bije
Broken people come loosen your hand
Where did it go?
Baraco bije

Mother pick up your son and hold him
Give all you know
Then let him go
All your children they wait for that hand
Now they can grow
Baraco bije (let the blessings come)
Cambion bije (let the brotherhood come)
Kairo bije (let the peace come)

She said she wouldn't arrive yet she will arrive anyways
She said she wouldn't arrive yet she will appear anyways

Friday, July 10, 2015

Bones Garage - Birthmarks

Something about this song and video stayed with me all week-and it's not just the very catchy riff. Check out Bones Garage's impressive debut album "Massacre/Dance" over here.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Lukach feat. Isaac DaBom - And Again the Night Falls

I'm so used to Lukach's hysterically funny songs and acompanying videos (his last single was about his struggle at the gym) but it's so nice to hear a different side of him, together with the great Isaac DaBom. For some context on Lukach and the Israeli hip hop scene check out this informative long read from 2012. Since then Israeli hip hop has gone through quite a revival, becoming more mature and critical with immensely talented artists which I hope to introduce sometime in the coming weeks/months.

When the shit gets heavy, I just light up the shit
Atropine in a juicebox, so pass me the straw
Life is tough so deal with it, I'm not able to commit suicide
Not eating the iron, that's why I don't have heavy shit
Oh fuck again I rolled and smoked and left the shanti-give me a bit more
Rolling melanthin and pouring thyme into mon soup
So don't say it's tough not to give a shit
I'm from the religion of Moses, striking water from stone

And again the night falls, I'm left here alone
Glancing up, and there's only one star there
And I sail and I sail

At a young age, in elementary school, I dreamed of being an MC
Watching Snoop and Dr. Dre drinking the Henessy
Not the tired songs just about smoking and hot girls
Jamaicans are mad at Bomboclat and Pussyhall
All day in style and swag it just makes me
Not be so heavy now it's already growing in me
Taking shape it's quite simple
Feeling overwhelmed? Start sailing

And again the night falls I'm left here alone
Glancing up, and there's only one star there
And I sail and I sail

Not stuck and not moving becuse you always need to move
Fixed time I fly and don't always schedule it
A break because a break from a break is work
And unemployment is idleness if you came to is so no thanks

Shhhh, a long road and no cars
Shhhh, a quiet sailing from boats
Head above the water dragging uphill
Shortcuts, elevators

And again the night falls I'm left here alone
Glancing up, and there's only one star there
And I sail and I sail

Friday, June 26, 2015

Kerach Tesha-With Him Forever

Mazal Tov America! I was very happy to wake up from my Friday nap to discover that the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage throughout the U.S-and of course this gay anthem by Kerach Tesha is the first song that came to my head. What a burst of optimism!

I wanted him to show
I wanted him to show
His love to me with a kiss
Maybe I had a feeling
Of course I had a feeling
That when he smiled at me I felt that
It happened

I want to live with him forever
So certainly I'll take him to be my husband
We'll live like husband and wife

I asked if you're interested
You said yes but not here
A friend brings a friend every night to the garden
I wanted him to say
I was hoping that he would say
Come with me to my place forever

I want to live with him forever...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Amitai Vilk-Take Yourself

One of the things I love about writing this blog is that it forces you to search for new music. This week was a bit tough, not necessarily because there wasn't anything new, but because nothing really fitted my mood. And then I came across this pearl. Amitai Vilk hails from the kibbutz Givaat Haim Meuhad in the pastoral Hefer Valley (Emek Hefer) and it's quite noticable in this song, bringing to mind a simpler time. It's a gentle but important reminder that there's really no need to rush and things will eventually work out, especially when you have the sun and stars on your side.

Take yourself
All the time in the world
The moon will smile to you
There too

Take only
What is important to you right now
The sun will shine
For you, there too
They take care of you
They love you

And the wind blows
And will watch over you
And the stars
Will sing you a song

Take yourself
All the time in the world
The moon smiles
To you now

Take only
What's important
The sun shines on you again
They take care of you
They love you

And the wind blows
And watches over you
And the stars are singing you a song

Friday, June 12, 2015

Soda Fabric - Atlantis

I've always had a soft spot for epic album closers and this is one of the best I've heard in quite a while. Soda Fabric are from Tel Aviv but are currently based in Berlin, and you can really feel the whiff of freedom in their stellar album, which you can listen to in its entirety over here.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Nurit Galron - Awakening

Such a beautiful song, fitting for a beautiful voice and a beautiful soul.

I want to plan the next dream
Up to the very last detail

From the excitement to the disappointment
From delusion to sobriety
From the beginning to the peak of success
From the glory to the abyss of failure

That way I can fall asleep quietly
The awakening will be expected
The awakening will be easy

I want to plan the next dream
Up to the very last detail

From the opportunity taken to the one missed
From belief to blindness
From the promise to the charmed illusion
From the understanding to the depth of the insult

That way I can fall asleep quietly
The awakening will be expected
The awakening will be easy

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Nadav Guedj - Golden Boy

Everyone loves to make fun of the Eurovision but at the end of the day it's very exciting to see Israel in the finals for the first time in 5 years. There's been some critique that the catchy song is entirely in English but I find it to be very Israeli-especially the lines "Mama, someone broke my heart again/ Now I'm gonna ease my pain/ Dancing on the floor". Another very Israeli element is that either on stage or on the red carpet Nadav is never really alone, he's always surrounded by his team, capturing that very Israeli feeling of "hevreh", hanging out with the gang. They're hard workers taking their roles as representatives of the country quite seriously but they also come off as a fun group of friends making sure to have the time of their life in Vienna. Good luck!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Yaron Ben-Ami - Getting Worse

Sometimes a style of music only works in a certain type of weather and sometimes it only works at a certain period of time. The Blues have always been here in the background but it feels like now is really the genre's time to shine. Something in the political atmosphere, the yearning for something authentic and intimate, yet also refreshing and thought provoking just make it work. There are so many blues concerts popping up, mainly thanks to Nobody's Fault Productions, who are also behind this album by the talented singer/songwriter and History of Israel teacher Yaron Ben-Ami. Listen up!

Hey, people, listen to me!
(getting worse, getting worse, getting worse)
I don't have anything left here
Getting worse, getting worse
Where the green becomes gray,
Getting worse until darkness overcomes the light,
Getting worse until the night lasts a whole day-
Somebody in the end will pay!
Getting worse and there's no escape.
(getting worse, getting worse, getting worse)
Getting worse, just fill up the cup.
Getting worse, getting worse
Where they don't give any more instructions,
Getting worse until there's no more to see,
Getting worse, avoiding the word "must"-
If God doesn't want me,
So the demon will take!

It's clear to me what needs to be done:
(getting worse, getting worse, getting worse)
I have to finish this path.
Getting worse, getting worse,
Where there is freedom and liberty for all,
Getting worse until there is nowhere to fall.
Getting worse, avoiding the siege-
I don't even want to stop!

Seven maidens are singing for me:
(getting worse, getting worse, getting worse)
Six more hourse, and then I'm free.
(getting worse, getting worse)
It's already five, where are the kids?
Four directions, so where do we go?
Three steps and I'm already inside'
We're both finally face to face.
Let's go.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Wasserman - Not Over

Just the right dash of optimism. Discover more Wasserman here.

Time to let go
The sun will rise tomorrow I'm sure
Follow your heart work with your mind yes it's time to let go

Before I fall asleep I've got
Myself a promise to keep
When I open my eyes it will be no surprise
Chase the thing that keeps me alive

But it ain't over
No it ain't over
It's not over, not over
Not over 'till I say so

Better days to come
As I see them coming throgh the gate
No need to hide
No need to be blind
Time to make things right

But it ain't over
No it ain't over
It's not over, not over
Not over 'till I say so

This time I swear I won't fall
And you will see I'll show them all
With no one else but myself
With blood and tears without any fear

But it ain't over
No it ain't over
It's not over, not over
Not over 'till I say so

Friday, May 1, 2015

Noa Shemer - Noa

There is no relation between Noa Shemer and the late singer and songwriter Naomi Shemer but I can understand how you can feel a special connection with someone who shares your last name, especially if that person wrote a sing with your first name. I wasn't familiar with Noami Shemer's "Noa" and I'm very glad that I discovered it. The semi-autobiographical song was first performed in 1957 by Nehama Hendel and the band Batzal Yarok, though the version most people are familiar with is the one by Arik Lavie. I personally really like Hagevatron's version of it though none are as gentle and personal as this one, taken from Noa Shemer's stunning album "Osey HaSicumim", (The Makers of Summaries).

Noa was born in a field between grass and stones
Noa was like a drop of dew
A daisy she picked in the field and from the flower
She plucked petal by petal

Yes or no, yes or no,
A thousand songs and the song of Noa
Yes or no my petals
Yes or no or maybe

Noa led him between the grass and stones
Noa kissed him with the descent of dew
And he in her eyes peered softly
And without a word asked:

Yes or no...

Noa wandered far from the grass and stones
From her curls the dew vanished
And a hundred daisies of the field are watching her
And every petal will ask:

Yes or no...

Noa is there in the field between grass and stone
A last song the dew sings for her
And all the daisies of the field with pretty crowns
Are weeping petals over her

Yes or no, yes or no
A thousand songs and the song of Noa
Yes or no alas
Noa has returned to me

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sagol 59 & Ami Yares - Friend of the Devil

There's always been something quite magical about The Grateful Dead and this tribute album shows just how universal their magic is. The album features songs by Dead carefully translated by Chen Rotem, a.k.a Sagol 59, one of Israel's leading hip-hop artists. Sagol collaborated on the album with folk singer Ami Yares for a truly heartwarming result. I love how Rotem decided to localize the lyrics, thus turning Reno into Eilat, Chino into Ramle, Anne Marie into Hannaleh and much more. More info about the translation process can be found here. The two year project was authorized by the band's publishing company and completed just in time to celebrate The Grateful Dead's 50th anniversary. A perfect soundtrack to car trips, preferably on dreamy weekends across the country.

Original lyrics:

I lit up from Reno
I was trailed by twenty hounds
Didn't get to sleep that night
Till the morning came around

I set out running but I'll take my time
A friend of the Devil is a friend of mine
If I get home before daylight
I just might get some sleep tonight

I ran into the Devil, babe
He loaned me twenty bills
I spent that night in Utah
In a cave up in the hills

I set out running but I take my time
A friend of the devil is a friend of mine
If I get home before daylight
I just might get some sleep tonight

I ran down to the levee
But the Devil caught me there
He took my twenty dollar bill
And he vanished in the air

I set out running but I take my time
A friend of the Devil is a friend of mine
If I get home before daylight
I just might get some sleep tonight

Got two reasons why I cry
Away each lonely night
The first one's named sweet Anne Marie
And she's my heart's delight
Second one is prison, baby
The sheriff's on my trail
And if he catches up with me
I'll spend my life in jail

Got a wife in Chino, babe
And one in Cherokee
First one says she's got my child
But it don't look like me

I set out running but I take my time
A friend of the Devil is a friend of mine
If I get home before daylight
I just might get some sleep tonight

Got two reasons why I cry
Away each lonely night
The first one's named sweet Anne Marie
And she's my heart's delight
Second one is prison, baby
The sheriff's on my trail
And if he catches up with me
I'll spend my life in jail

Got a wife in Chino, babe
The one in Cherokee
The first one says she's got my child
But it don't look like me

I set out running but I take my time
A friend of the Devil is a friend of mine
If I get home before daylight
I just might get some sleep tonight

Friday, April 17, 2015

Noa Babayof - Blue Bound

What a beautiful song. Perfect for these precious days of Spring when the weather isn't too hot and anything is possible. I remember coming across a review of Babayof's debut album quite a few years ago and being so enchanted by the cover art and later by the music itself. I can safely say that the album is still very enjoyable today though I'm more in the mood for her newer material, which has a richer sound to it. So happy that she reached her goal on Headstart and soon we'll be hearing a lot more from her. Take a peek into her lovely inner world with this mixtape which she made for Columbus.

Friday, April 10, 2015

A-WA - Habib Galbi

It's the second holiday of Passover and I feel a bit disoriented. Today was a Friday though because of the holiday it felt like a Saturday-and tomorrow it's another Saturday though I'm guessing that with all of the Mimouna festivities it'll feel like a Friday. What better way to celebrate the Mimouna (other than looking at amusing pics of awkward politicians the next day) than with A WA? I know that the first is Moroccan and the second is Yemen but they both celebrate ethnic traditions which aren't always given a stage, and they're both perfect for the festive spring atmosphere.
I love how A WA isn't just a new take on traditional Yemenite music-they're a new take on traditional Yemenite music sung by women and they do so in an empowering yet subtle way. I really don't remember the last time I saw a group of women so harmonized on stage-what really adds charm is that there seems to be no ego struggle between the sisters and you can really tell that they're taking their mission of reviving women's Yemenite music quite seriously. The music may be light but the songs they are singing were sung by Yemenite women who didn't know how to read or write and singing was their only way to express their everyday distress. The songs were passed from generation to generation with each woman adding her own individual mark. This song is one of those and it was first recorded by Shlomo Moga'a in the early 60s, when the Yemenite Jews came to Israel. Zion Golan later made it famous with his version in the mid 80s and it's quite fascinating to compare both earlier versions with A WA's refreshing take on it, produced by Tomer Yosef of Balkan Beat Box. If you can't get enough of the sisters check out excellent footage from their single launch last week-it's not an exaggeration to say that they're one of the best acts in town and they're just getting better. Chag Sameach!

Love of my heart, my eyes
It is a wonder who has set you against me
He dared to eat but not be satisfied

And as the dawn rose
My love got upset and left running
My love got upset, o' people!, and I am left unknowing

Love my of heart, my eyes...

My love has made my eyes cry
He rose and left me
And there is no other love like him

Love of my heart, my eyes...

Love of my heart, my eyes
A year and a half has passed and he has not returned to me
O' people, he has left and driven me mad

Love of my heart, my eyes...

To whom can I bemoan that will understand me?
To whom can I cry that wil pity me?
Which of you will help me?

Love of my heart, my eyes...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Yonatan Galila-The Lowest Place in the World

I'm not sure what I like so much about this song by Yonatan Galila but it's very calming and perfectly captures the post-elections atmosphere. I actually have a lot to say about the elections, and Israeli society, and international relations, but after a week (well, more like months) of non-stop debates which just got uglier and uglier it's good to take a deep breath and focus on the little things.

In Israel there is the lowest place in the world
Tonight I'm not there

Today was a good day
I love you
The little ones played outside
They made us run

In Israel there is the lowest place in the world
Tonight I'm not there

Out of all the presents
They played with the wrapping
The cake came out good
Even without all of the candles

In Israel there is the lowest place in the world
Tonight I'm not there

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Meretz-Awakening Song

The truth is, I really didn't think I'd end up voting for Meretz. It's always been an option, of course, but more out of strategic thinking-if Hertzog indeed gets more votes than Netanyahu, he will need a strong coalition in order to be able to build a government, and that won't be possible without Meretz who are at risk of not passing the 3.25% threshold. At first I said it hesitantly-that I'm debating between Meretz and the Zionist Union, that who knows, I might even vote for Kahlon, the joker of this race, but in the end I realized how disappointed I'll be if I wake up on Wednesday to see that Meretz haven't passed the threshold. Even if they do get a favorable number of seats they won't be able to do everything they want, but at least I can trust them to stop some of the extreme right wing madness, at least they can balance things out, even if just a bit.
For me, this song is nothing less than a stroke of genius. For a while, I found it impossible to identify with the left, which is getting more extreme (972, Amira Hess, Gideon Levy, Israeli academics identifying with BDS and the list goes on) just as the right is becoming more extreme. But this song, written by Yammi Wisler from HaBiluyim, is a desired return to what I think the Left used to be and what it could be in the future.

And one day you realize it
As if waking up it suddenly pecks you
That if there is someone who isn't keeping up
That we should go towards the one who is strong

That everyone here is also dependent on the rest
And when will it already be better if not now
And many different opinions is also okay
After all we are all just guests on the planet

And there are those who have difficulty with the way
And there are those who think only of themselves
That the Conflict is a very complex problem
But in the end after all we will live here nation by naton

That the land is just a kind of symbol
And that we all are Abraham's daughters
That it's a mitzvah to compromise in any way possible
If it can save us lives

That there comes a time to say everything without softening the edges:
The solutions will be difficult and strange
But it's better to pursue peace than to refine a cage-
And discover that it's us who are inside

And when we'll stop dealing with paranoia
Suddenly there seems to be enough for all the rest
Such as education and welfare, or medicine for the family
And again it will be possible to breathe like people

Because it can be a place of laughter and samba
Of tourism and green tea and carnival
But instead of this we're still stuck in arguments about God
And that's not what he would have wanted at all

And when the darkness around you only grows
You feel a bloc rising there in the throat
And it's already clear without asking-this bloc is the Left bloc
And it's calling you to one last battle-

Because what is Left-if not to be honest?
Not to beautify the face in the mirror
It's understanding that each person was created in his own image
And there are also others here besides you

Because Left-is doing things differently
Stopping the exploitation and the blood
And if you haven't become wild yet
There's already no other choice
It means that you're Meretz, man.

Vocals: Daphna Keenan, Alon Eder, Yaheli Sobol, Rivka Michaeli, Roei Freilich, Ruth Dolores Weiss, Itamar Ziegler, Nissim Tzadok, Liora Rivlin, Yammi Wisler

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dana Ivgy - On The Bus

It's International Women's Day-and I'm thrilled that I came across this freshly released video because every year I'm reminded of the shamefully low number of female musicians in Israeli mainstream culture but also on its edges. Dana Ivgy is a talented singer but she's also a magnetizing performer, and a very talented actress as she showed the world in the already cult movie "Zero Motivation" (if there's one movie to see on International Women's Day it's this one) and basically anywhere else where she appeared. This clip was filmed by Vania Heymann when Ivgy was in New York performing with the fringe theater Tziporaleh. Here's a taste of their charming kookiness-which is a bit similar to this clip in that it takes a seemingly mundane situation, flips it around and creates something quite magical out of it. I used to refrain from posting videos that were shot overseas but there's so much amazing Israeli talent here (take note of some of the other passengers, like the brilliant Daniel Koren). It reminded me of a recent article I read about the thriving Israeli literary scene taking place outside of Israel's borders. What's more Israeli than acquiring new experiences abroad, or even just dreaming about it?

*Yeah, I know that I've mentioned Dana Ivgy before but that was just a taste, and she can totally get away with it :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cain & Abel 90210- It Took Time

It took time but I've completely fallen for this song. I think that part of what makes it so special isn't just the immense talent but also the lack of cynicism, something that's quite rare to find these days. Cain & Abel 90210 mix social criticism with distortions and look at their listeners straight in the eye. Dive into their surreal world with their new EP VIDEODROME.

It took time for little Ahuva to realize that she isn't so loved.
It took time for little Ahuva to realize that she isn't loved.
It took time for little D'Artagnan to be accepted by the rest of the Musketeers.
It took time for little Ahuva to realize that she isn't loved.

Because it takes time to understand things,
You need time yo understand things.

It took time to kill Saddam, it took time to bring down the Wall.
It takes time to make peace when in seconds a war breaks out.
It took time to bring back Gilad, it took time to negotiate.
It took time to invent the wheel-it will take time to find a cure for cancer.

It takes time to understand things.
You need time to understand things.

A waste of time I wasted so much time, it's no wonder you hated me so.
It took time until I grew the balls to begin to say the truth.
There's no time, but we both know that time isn't important and only life is important.
It took me time and my time I wasted; maybe you have a bit of time left to give?

It takes time to understand things,
You need time to understand things.

People don't change, it's true. Only time changes.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hadara Levin Areddy- J-Town Girl

This song caught my attention with its sharp lyrics, beautiful flow and of course Hadara Levin Areddy's warm vocals but also because of the special story which she very openly shared with about the experience of working with Tamar Eisenman, who started out as her first guitarist 15 years ago and after a disconnect of 10 years has now produced this song and three others from Levin Areddy's 13th (!) album "Rage Against the Eclipse"
 "For ten years Tamar and I have been peeking at each other from afar. We were like high school sweethearts after a crises and difficult divorce, and we needed some time to grow up. Fortunately, we grew beautifully. When the time came, and with excited but cautious steps, we approached each other. It really was like meeting again the love of your youth, and falling in love again, from a wise and mature place. With mutual respect, with modesty, with the right dosages. We had a lot of emotional catching up to do, and we met and had many talks before we began to work again, in order to clear aftermaths of the past, and to resolve open wounds. We changed dramatically. Even musically we went separate ways. This reunion allowed both of us to express ourselves, and for both of us to give up and let go. I think that Tamar was very surprised by the free hand I allowed her during production. But the truth is that I didn't even want to be too involved, but she wasn't familiar with that side of me. Though that's the whole point of this album".

Baby you made me happy tonight,
When you sent me away with those sadliest eyes.
I wish I could show you the fire inside,
The desire to conquer, the ruins of love.

There was no angel by my side.
Someone asked for a quarter, so I poured out my heart.
As I opened the door and you asked for some wine,
All your secrets were oozing through your innocent rhymes.

Down, to dust, our love, our lust, will fall
J-town girl with sad eyes on my wall.
You never stayed here long enough to see the end.
You had some balls to call yourself my friend.

When I opened my eyes, this whole town disappeared,
There was nothing to take, there was nothing to give.
This ghost town is hanging and spinning around.
It used to be home, now it's base holy ground.

Too early to quit, but too late to be found,
Your band's getting tired & old & home bound.
Messing with messages, safe & soothing the crowds,
Sleeping like babies, and waking like clowns.

Down, to dust, our love, our lust, will fall
J-town girl with sad eyes on my wall.
You never stayed here long enough to see the end
You had some balls to call yourself my friend.

[Here are some heartwarming photos of snowy J-Town]

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I was a bastard- Steady War

This is probably one of the best Balcony TV performances I've seen in quite a while. So much hardcore rock 'n' roll with a healthy dose of pure fun. Check out a more introspective side of I was a bastard over on their bandcamp.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Victoria Hanna- Aleph-bet (Hosha'ana)

Wow. This stunning performance by vocal artist Victoria Hanna is like a splash of ice cold water in your face. Victoria Hanna grew up in a religious environment (her father was a Sephardi Rabbi) and uses her unique voice to create modern art out of sacred texts. Thanks to Tamir Muskat's golden touch and Asaf Korman's artistic vision the result is simply breathtaking.

Aleph Bet Gimel Dalet Hey Vav Zayin Het Tet Yud Caf Lamed Mem Nun Samech Ayin Peh Tzadik Kuf Reysh Shin Taf

Man and beast
Flesh and spirit and soul
Sinew and bone and skin
Likeness and image and embroidery
Greatness resembling futility
And compared to images of beasts
Splendor and figure and stature
Renewing the face of the earth
Planting trees of soul
Wineries and standing grain
Vineyards and sycamores
For the completed land
Powerful rains for healing
Oblivion for giving life
Shrubbery for growth
Sweet fruits for strength
Flowers for empowerment
Plants for fulfillment
Cool waters for flow
Droplets for completeness
Drink for elevation
Hanging by a thread

Save us now: Hanging by a thread. Save us now.

Lord who saves
Other than you there is no Savior
You are powerful and abundantly able to save
I am impoverished and need to be saved
God is the Savior
And delivers and saves
Those who cry to You-save
Those who yearn for You-save
Satisfy Your lambs
Cause an abundance of crops-save
Let the wind bring the soaring clouds
Let the stormy rains roll in
Let the clouds not be withheld
God who opens a hand and satisfies
Your thirsty ones-satisfy
Your callers-save
Your beloved-save
Your seekers-save
Your wholesome ones-save

Save us now: Hanging by a thread. Save us now.

*Please take the translation lightly, the rich Hebrew here is very much out of my league. I loosely translated the first part of the Hossana, a prayer for the rain sung on Sukkot, and used a translation found on the song's YouTube page for the second part. In both parts the sentences in Hebrew begin with each letter of the aleph-bet, in consecutive order. Be sure to check out a "rough draft" of this song in a vocal duet with the very charming Bobby McFerrin,

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tiras Sexual-Put Corn in the Ballot Box

Elections are in a month and a half and with the finalized lists campaigns are well underway. I personally wouldn't mind if the elections were held tomorrow-it already feels that my feed is overflowing with endless political debate. I'm not ready to discuss politics just yet but in the meantime here's Tiras Sexual's impressive campaign video. Is it sad that I kind of want them to be a real party?

It's election time and choosing is complicated
All the options stink and you're feeling a bit low
You don't know what to choose and who to believe
Bibi Buji Tzipi Flipper it all sounds like just sounds
Not real names of serious people
Not like Tal and Yaron those are names of kings
They'll bring to this country calm and security
They'll bring the peace they have the recipe
Take a few Arabs and put them in a pot
And add some Jews and increase the heat
Close the lid and wait in the corner
After 5 minutes return again
Ask the friends: has the hatred ended already?
And if someone doesn't agree go back to the corner
After 20 minutes open the lid
Look into the pot and there peace will be

Put corn in the ballot box
Put corn in the ballot box
Not a note! Put a real corn in the ballot boxes
If you choose in corn you won't be disappointed
We'll fix and change the laws
First thing marijuana boom it's already legal
Secondly apartments now cost as whistles
The gays can get married we'll also instill in them a uterus
Every homeless in the street will get a slice of bread
Everyone will be equal, irrespective of gender and color
We'll destroy the homes and live together in nature.

Put corn in the ballot box
Put corn in the ballot box
Not a note! Put a real corn in the ballot box

I don't think that if you put a real corn in the ballot box
We'll really get no
I don't think we should put people inside a pot
It's not such a good idea to me
I have to say I don't really feel like
Living in nature with's another not so great idea
Maybe it's better for you to choose someone else
Someone who understands something about politics

Friday, January 23, 2015

Amnon Fisher-Happy-ness

Finally, a warm and sunny Friday after two weekends of rain. Sometimes it's really all you need.

Belongs to everyone
Honestly sings
Of love for mankind
What a person on earth
Works like an ant
What for?

Happiness exists for everyone
Honestly sings of love for the world
A man of peace is worth a smile
To aspire high
To stay low

Happiness-just moments
I'm happy most of the time-
And then sudddenly it's here
Only moments

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Just listening to this song makes me think of Southern Tel Aviv. My first thought was gritty Florentin so after reading on ISAIAH's facebook page that their last album was recorded above Levinsky Market it all makes perfect sense. ISAIAH is Tomer Yeshayahu (of Habsora, which I've written about here), his partner Mika Avni who besides back up also wrote all of the songs, and Yogev Glusman and Amir Zeevi on drums and bass guitar. It feels like a small family project and it's a delight to hear the relaxed intimacy in their songs.

Solitude may one day turn romantic
So you rather be alone now
Open dusty window, it's enough
You don't go out cause you don't know how

Burn the hours down
Burn every minute
Every fraction of a second
Lose the sense of time
Ignore the seasons
There's no need to know what happens

The days are slowly piling up
The view is different but
You're stuck and
You don't ever leave your nest

Solitude may one day be inspiring
So you rather not to miss it
Planning how you'll leave it all behind
Because you don't know how to fix it

Simple life among the greening tress
You think that maybe it can heal you
Haunted by the thought, what if you find out
That the solitude comes with you?

The days are slowly piling up
The scenes keep changing but
You're stuck in
You don't ever leave your nest

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Avishai Cohen-I Fall In Love Too Easily (Feat. Keren Ann, Gerald Clayton)

A very dark night indeed. I can only listen to this kind of music when it's raining, so with this week's stormy weather Avishai Cohen's latest album  "Dark Nights" finally caught my attention. This track is my favorite and closes the album beautifully with Gerald Clayton on the piano and Keren Ann on vocals. My heart aches for Paris. When I first heard the devastating news about the Charlie Hebdo shooting I thought of Keren Ann and the Jewish community in France, though basically anyone who wants to speak (or write, or draw) their mind is under threat. An impossible situation.

~Je suis Charlie~