Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chava Alberstein - Nature Girl

I don't think I've heard a song by Chava Alberstein I didn't like, mainly due to her unique voice. She has the amazing ability to make you forget about everything that's going on and just focus on her singing and the emotion in her voice. After I heard this song I felt much calmer and at peace and it's exactly what I need during these tense days. This is basically a children's song taken of a Chava's new children album, probably the only children album I'll want to hear with my younger siblings, and it's just as much for adults as it is for kids. The lyrics are actually quite dark with lines like "A black cloud in the sun/In the west swallows/How sad the land is/This song is about it" maybe I'm looking into them too deep because I'm thinking about the dark clouds over Gaza but maybe not. I've already had a taste of grad rockets in Beer Sheva in the winter in what felt like a preview of more serious things to come. Now it's starting to feel like the real thing, although there is still tension because obviously things can quickly get much worse. I'm away from the south so I can't say that I know how it feels. Just today rockets were fired hourly, which is already more than I've experienced, but there is a very shaky atmosphere in the air everywhere. Today a rocket hit a school, two weeks before the school year starts and that's sending a very clear message that they're aimed straight at innocent civilians and not army base camps. Just from watching the video clip of the rocket strike from last night and hearing the siren I get goosebumps and freeze in place and I'm not even there. Up till now the road to Eilat was always seen as a sort of road to freedom on the way to vacation. In the wide open desert, I've always had a sense of peace, much different to how I feel on the road up North travelling by Arab villages. It's been a bit of a while since I've been in Eilat, but I remember passing by Egyptian soldiers and everything felt safe and normal. If there was a sense of danger surrounded by our neighbors it was never present here. But things have changed and apparently are still changing. At least there's still the option to get lost in Chava Alberstein's beautiful songs and take a break from the chaos.

The stork dropped a feather-
With which I write
A rabbit ran past...
Who I love

A black cloud in the sun
In the west...swallows
How sad the land is
This song is about it

The clear water appears
In which I dip
The carobs are already ripe
Which I eat

A beautiful doe passed by
I'll hunt her with a song
Between the mountains the back froze
But tomorrow it will thaw,7340,L-4111504,00.html

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