Friday, July 24, 2015

REO - Courage

"After two and a half years over which we went through enough experiences for a decade-drama, disappointment, excitement, euphoria, dire heartbreaks, and sliding relentlessly on the spectrum of human emotions, we decided to write a song about the courage to live, to try, to experience.

Even from the bad memories and experiences which we accumulated during this time, we tried to create something new, beautiful, real and optimistic.

We suffered from many blows to the heart, and we decided not to give in, but on the contrary, to fear less and dare more.

The water band REO wants to believe that even the worst and harshest feeling can be put in a dream box, and it will become a part of magic"

This is how Zoe Polanski and Or Edry, the girls of REO, introduced this mesmerizing single, the first from their upcoming album. So fresh!

I have the courage
To swim from the beach to the deep waters
I have the power
Not to remember what is best to forget

How you pulled me far far away
And then everything looked different

But now
I don't care what he thought
Or who I am to him
I gave into the dream

I have rhythm
Soft beats of sadness
I have spirit
It isn't safe to hold on

How you pulled me far far away
Everything looked like in a movie

But now
I don't care what he thought
Or who I am to him
I gave into the dream

Friday, July 17, 2015

J’ali Ensemble - Jali

Hearing this song again is like meeting an old friend. I first came across J'ali Ensemble when they performed at the 2011 InDnegev-their music blended so beautifully with the warm desert air and sense of freedom. J'ali means "people of music" in local Senegalese dialect, which is how Eran Katz, the leader of J'ali Ensemble, was called when he walked around in Senegal with his kora, immersing himself in African music and culture. But J'ali Ensemble isn't just African music-what makes it so special is the fusion with other instruments like the drums and of course the saxaphone, together with the lyrics in Hebrew, English, and Mandinka (West African). This is the first single from the ensemble's soon to be realeased album titled "Feeling of Life". In the meantime you can catch a glimpse of their amazing stage presence over here. Shabbat Shalom!

Ilale jali musolo le
Aleu wille donkililake
Ilale natali kontone
Dunia mulwo
Baraco bije

All the people they need your warm hand
They need your love
All your children they wait for your hand
They need your love
Baraco bije
Broken people come loosen your hand
Where did it go?
Baraco bije

Mother pick up your son and hold him
Give all you know
Then let him go
All your children they wait for that hand
Now they can grow
Baraco bije (let the blessings come)
Cambion bije (let the brotherhood come)
Kairo bije (let the peace come)

She said she wouldn't arrive yet she will arrive anyways
She said she wouldn't arrive yet she will appear anyways

Friday, July 10, 2015

Bones Garage - Birthmarks

Something about this song and video stayed with me all week-and it's not just the very catchy riff. Check out Bones Garage's impressive debut album "Massacre/Dance" over here.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Lukach feat. Isaac DaBom - And Again the Night Falls

I'm so used to Lukach's hysterically funny songs and acompanying videos (his last single was about his struggle at the gym) but it's so nice to hear a different side of him, together with the great Isaac DaBom. For some context on Lukach and the Israeli hip hop scene check out this informative long read from 2012. Since then Israeli hip hop has gone through quite a revival, becoming more mature and critical with immensely talented artists which I hope to introduce sometime in the coming weeks/months.

When the shit gets heavy, I just light up the shit
Atropine in a juicebox, so pass me the straw
Life is tough so deal with it, I'm not able to commit suicide
Not eating the iron, that's why I don't have heavy shit
Oh fuck again I rolled and smoked and left the shanti-give me a bit more
Rolling melanthin and pouring thyme into mon soup
So don't say it's tough not to give a shit
I'm from the religion of Moses, striking water from stone

And again the night falls, I'm left here alone
Glancing up, and there's only one star there
And I sail and I sail

At a young age, in elementary school, I dreamed of being an MC
Watching Snoop and Dr. Dre drinking the Henessy
Not the tired songs just about smoking and hot girls
Jamaicans are mad at Bomboclat and Pussyhall
All day in style and swag it just makes me
Not be so heavy now it's already growing in me
Taking shape it's quite simple
Feeling overwhelmed? Start sailing

And again the night falls I'm left here alone
Glancing up, and there's only one star there
And I sail and I sail

Not stuck and not moving becuse you always need to move
Fixed time I fly and don't always schedule it
A break because a break from a break is work
And unemployment is idleness if you came to is so no thanks

Shhhh, a long road and no cars
Shhhh, a quiet sailing from boats
Head above the water dragging uphill
Shortcuts, elevators

And again the night falls I'm left here alone
Glancing up, and there's only one star there
And I sail and I sail