Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cohen@Mushon-From Up to Down

You can always count on Cohen@Mushon to put out a funky hip hop song that's perfect for the summer (and I'm usually not a huge fan of hip hop) as well as a creative video. I love how these guys take their work seriously, but they look like a couple of good friends just having fun and passing the time. Which is probably what's so great about them. All of their previous videos are just as great and should be checked out. And it's a great beat that will get you dancing in the heat! (sorry, I know that was lame, but I had to)

Check the microphone, one, two, hey
Preparing myself to go to the e-n-d
Okay, deejay, press play already
We'll fill the place with love like on Valentine's Day
Sending flowers, raising smiles
There are needs that we all need
So make room in the cart, prepare the community
Hopaleh, who is it coming and answering every prayer

I'm a caveman, I have a familiar face
And my words walk just like Teva Naot
I live in a country, but there aren't any wonders here
I'm not daunting? Now, but there are warnings
It's a bit like katketim, addictive like nicotine
Hip hop here is frozen, so I'm a heat wave
Because you ate badly now I'm waiting
Mushon became a condeson, bouncing the smurfs

Hey yo Mike are you ready?
I have no doubt!
My bro always trendy
I have no doubts!
Don't give credit
To whoever hitches rides
Moving the feet like bebop and rocksteady
From up to down
Put the hand on the prominence
If you break you pay
If you heard you understand

Vorbeshte Romaneshte, rap inteligentzia
Like the Apples I tell you attention
You wanted to define but understood there's no name
Cohen@Mushon don't miss the connection
Flying connection, dripping on you morals
Baking cake with too much sugar
The Mike Mushon acts like a senator
Helps the guitarist whose chord breaks

Without aura of instant fame, a product with no use
There's no rerun so you should record
Without a strategy without a plan
I have no main point I just sit on a beat
Changing the angle and the axis (he's so young!)
Known all over town, some say unbreakable
Great potential, will fill a senior role
Cohen on the mike every story sounds plausible

Hey yo Mike are you ready…

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