Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Uri Salonim and Michal Shapira-It's So Sad

I just found out the other day that Ori Salonim, the male singer in this beautiful duet, died from cancer earlier this month and left behind his girlfriend, and partner in the duet, Michal Shapira. I first heard this song a few months ago and was touched by the honest lyrics and beautiful melody. Salonim composed the song and although I didn't know him you can tell from the video clip that as well as being very talented he was also a good guy and very in love with Michal. It really is very sad because you can tell that what they had was special. It fits in quite well with today, which was one of the first cloudy and chilly days of the season after a streak of sunny days which kind of reflected the difficulty of going back to daily life after the long holiday vacation. But it's not all grey because I'm slowly remembering all the things I love about winter. Anyways, it really is a sad and beautiful song.

I'm telling you for yourself, I wish you were dead
What do you need of all this, what do you need

To wake up everyday sleep every day
The days are a quantity and you have a thing for quality
And that's why you're crying

Pity on the weak
On you and on all the people
And pity on me

I'm telling you for yourself, it's this way or that
You know how it is, you have an idea

I've seen already days passing, we've seen together
And I've been told by many before you
To go up on the roof

Pity on the weak...

I'm telling you for yourself, I wish you were dead
What will be left of all this, what importance is it

I promise you a nice ceremony, with champagne and strawberries
Because you have a thing for quality
And it's so sad


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  1. my heart was broken when i heard about his death. i think they both very talented musicians and it's a bit shame that only after the t.v show they enjoy some publicity in Israel.