Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Roy Dahan - Does anyone know

I really wanted to write about inDnegev and my great experience from there but with school starting again and the rockets it seems so far away. But when I do try to recall it, one of the performances I remember most is Roy Dahan's Friday morning performance. When I first checked out the long-awaited line-up I was a bit disappointed that he was to perform at 10 a.m on Friday. I felt he could do better than that and was a bit concerned I might miss his show (I have no idea why I thought I'd still be sleeping in my tent at 10 a.m). I read a review on the festival a few days ago in which the writer mentioned that what he loved most about it was the fact that there weren't really any pumped up headliners. Every performer was given a time slot which best fit his performance. Which is why Benny Bashan, one of the most admired indie artists around, performed on Friday early afternoon to welcome the Shabbat and the mind blowing but relatively unknown Tiny Fingers were given the spotlight on Thursday evening to kick off the night parties. And with a main stage for bigger artists and a smaller one for smaller ones there was always something good to hear although the festival was much more than just the concerts. Anyways, Dahan's morning performance was exactly what I wanted to hear after a night of Dubstep and indie-electro. Everybody there was still sleepy-eyed and not entirely awake but we all fixed our attention on Dahan and his guitar and the cool desert morning air was a perfect touch. A perfect way to set off the chilled laid back feel of the festival, and an amazing day of concerts.




  1. love your blog...i started one today! love it if you will chack it out sometimes.

  2. thanks and good luck with your blog! I checked it out and I really like your taste in music