Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eviatar Banai-White Wedding

It's already yesterday's news but still- what a lovely wedding! At first I didn't quite get all the buzz around Will and Kate's wedding-okay, so he'll be king one day and a royal wedding like this doesn't happen often but still, why are people around the world so fascinated with it? I don't really have an answer but I was surprised by my emotional reaction to the wedding and I'm guessing I'm not the only one. I remember first seeing William on TV when I was a little girl. He was so cute and of course I wondered what it would be like to be him, and to be his girlfriend, although Harry was closer to me in age. When Princess Diana died I felt so sad for them and I was still just a kid. So maybe that's why I felt so happy for the new royal couple. They really look happy and madly in love and it's always fun to celebrate weddings. Of course, the whole show was pretty mesmerizing. When they walked outside and saw all the people cheering it really felt like a happily ever after fairy tale. I caught the kiss at the grocery shop and although we had nothing to do with the Royal family, we all smiled liked idiots and were happy to be a tiny part of history. I love this song, which is a cover to Shlom Hanoch's classic and in my opinion even more successful. Although it's a bit melancholic and I'm not sure I'd use it in my wedding, it still captures the strong emotions of weddings. And what a beautiful dress!

And danger signs
White wedding
And you're captivated
In strange hands
I run towards you
Along walls

There's no going
"Here sign in the corner"
Roasted goat
On the barbecue
And fruits of the season
And you're smiling
White teeth
The dance of death
By Candlelight

A new morning
Is walking towards me
My new morning
Bride, bride
In the middle of the night
A new morning has risen

We are
Look at the picture
White wedding
And putting them in a pot
I dreamt
A dream
Can't wake up

A new morning...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nathan Goshen-All I Have

What a heartthrob. At first I was a bit turned off by Nathan Goshen because he has that "I'm so good looking and I know it" vibe, but he really is quite good looking. He wrote the lyrics and music of this song and he's written songs for new artists like Liran Danino and Roni Dalumi (including "A bit different" which I wrote about). Overall it's a very sweet song and even if at first the chorus sounds a bit pathetic and unbelievable, Goshen has a great voice and can pull it off effortlessly.

I feel guilty if I cover up when I'm cold
And I'm close to not hearing anything at all
And I curve for a path I didn't choose
To fight to be the man who didn't fall

And you dream about things that he once promised
And wake up in the bed that he once left
And I'm tempted to think that someone will succeed
To see the things as they should be seen now

Because you, you're all I have, you
Because you, you're all I have, you

And it's too quiet maybe turn on the radio
And maybe we'll listen to another singer who'll soon dissapear
And you'll say that you understand exactly what happened to him
He'll do everything just so we'll remember that he exists

Don't look at me like you have something to say
And win me over with that smile of yours
I don't want to think that you know how bad I'm feeling
I was here and before he left

Because you, you're all I have, you
Because you, you're all I have, you

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Electra-Dawn of Summer

I remember catching this video on TV a while ago and being pretty blown away by it but I passed on posting because I wasn't really in a summery mood. But today couldn't be any more summerish with a heat wave just in time for Passover. I must say it makes spring cleaning quite a drag. I'm in a pretty lazy mood and have decided to start my cleaning by going through my music and organizing it. I'll eventually get to my clothes... Passover brings with it a very much needed vacation. I still have plenty of work to do, but at least I can do everything in a normal pace at least that's what it seems like for now. it might change in the last few days of vacation. It really does feel the dawn of summer right now especially with the lazy vacation air. Apparently Electra are getting pretty successful- they just returned from a tour in the States and performed in SXSW. They really deserve their success because they're great and it seems that they always give 150%. Even in the heat. Happy Passover and here's a cute video that's been quickly spreading through facebook:
and for more Electra:

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Acollective - A Better Man

You know that things are getting a bit crazy when this is the weather report: "Next week the weather will be typical for an Israeli spring. A wintery system from the north and a weak torrid disruption from the south will battle between them for control on the Mediterranean region. On Sunday and Monday the heat system will get stronger, a warmness will be felt and the clouds will be pushed northwards. On Tuesday and Wednesday however it seems that the northern powers will send reinforcement and determine the act with a significant coolness and local rain. There may be significant changes to here or here, but what is sure is that the weather will be unstable like the situation in Gaza". Roughly translated from Since Hamas fired an anti-tank missile directly to a school bus critically injuring a 16 yr old (thankfully the rest of the kids got off a few minutes earlier)on Thursday as a result of the IDF bombing a car with senior Hamas operatives planning attacks against Israelis visiting Sinai a few days before, things have quickly escalated. The only really good thing about my day was discovering Acollective. I've heard about them here and there but haven't gotten around to listening to them until I came across this wonderful clip. Acollective is a sort of supergroup led by Idan Rabinovici and Roy Rieck (amazing performers by the way) and 5 other childhood friends of them. I really hope I'll be able to catch their performance next month because they really seem to be a great live band. I'll finish here because as they say in their facebook page: "Acollective is Acollective. Words are nice. Music is better."

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Arik Einstein-An Intended Tune

It's a bit weird that Arik Einstein is releasing a new single. Very welcoming but still a bit weird. Einstein, one of the kings of Israeli rock, is notoriously known for his fondness of solitude and contempt towards journalism, and after so many years in the spotlight it seems that he kind of deserves the privilege to do what he wants and stay home and we've all gotten used to it. However, he has an excellent reason for coming back. Einstein is releasing an album in which he covers Yitzhak Klapter, another king of Israeli rock. Yitzhak Klapter, mainly known for his talented guitar and songwriting skills, was hospitalized a few months ago due to complications from a lung disease. From what I've heard he's regained consciousness and is doing a bit better-I'm not so sure if he's still hospitalized. Anyways, Klapter is considered to be a true, if not the first, Israeli guitar hero and you can here it on this song. Of course the music and lyrics, written by him, are as touching today as they were when the original was released, about 30 years ago. And it's always great to hear Arik Einstein who certainly hasn't lost his charm.

Come here, come to here
I'm sending you an intended tune
After years of uncertainty
Come here to the words
To the rhythm, to the sounds
Enough dreaming, become reality

When a tree in the garden blooms
It doesn't hurt to fall in love
So, stand and play

Come here, come with me
It's so simple to be practical
We'll go out together, we'll have a good time for sure
Little heartbreaker
I'm helplessly broken
And that's a good enough reason
So come...

When a tree in the garden blooms...

Come here, come to here
I'm sending you an intended tune
After years of uncertainty
Little heartbreaker
I'm helplessly broken
And that's a good enough reason
So come, yes