Friday, November 26, 2010

Ninet-Someone Great

This is basically an add for contributions to the "Shanti House" a home for troubled teens in immediate danger of violence, sexual abuse, juvenile delinquency and other dark stuff that keep these teens from living a normal life. The song is very emotional and it's hard not to fall for these charismatic teens.

Another gray cloud passes-sailing
He holds out his hands for me to come to him in the dark
I just want home, I just want home.

Someone great over there will save me so I won’t fall
A soft hand will come to me quieting there and relaxing
And then my head will fall tired from fear again in her lap
Someone great over there will watch over me so I won’t fall.

Another small branch inside is broken-boom
Another hit, one more hit and I won’t be able to get up
I just want home, I just want home

Someone great!/pages/Ninet-Tayeb/97297873403?v=app_19935916616

Friday, November 19, 2010

Marina Maximilian Blumin-Deep in Dew

Marina Maximilian Blumin has always been a colorful and talented voice among the popular Israeli performers of the last decade. She started on "A Star is Born" and even from the first episodes it seemed like she was already a star. She blew people away with her talent and her self-confidence and ended up taking second place. She's one of those singers who might have made it without performing on a reality show but also might have missed her chance and I really think it would be a loss to our culture if we didn't know who she is. Although it's been 3 years since the show only now is she releasing her first album. It's not like she disappeared- she was all over acting in theatre musicals, taking part in projects and just being talked about. From the sound of her first single it seems like she made a good decision in taking her time. There's a subtle calming quality about this song but without trying too hard and God knows we could use songs like this especially during these tense and uneasy days. Choosing a Leah Goldberg poem shows that this woman has class and wants us to know, but it doesn't come off as snobbish. Marina added her own music to Goldberg's poem and a part in Russian which I love even though I don't understand a word. I also love the fact that Marina is letting us know who she is. A beautiful song. Note: The original language of the song is pretty old and high Hebrew so I had a bit of trouble translating. I did my best but I suggest just listening to the song without focusing on the lyrics-which is really a shame because they are so beautiful.

Marina Maximilian Blumin-Deep in Dew

A basket full of stars
The smell of grass over-talking
Deep in dew

Here your beats are coming near
The shaking brings droplets
Deep in dew
My heart beats

Friday, November 12, 2010

Harel Moyal-Starting Over

I usually try not to post songs without videos, but I couldn't help myself! This song doesn't even need a video. The use of Celtic music goes great with Harel's voice and it's very refreshing so it also really goes well with the lyrics.

Today I’m starting over
Running on my way, not shutting my eyes anymore
I’ve already burned too much time
Waiting in the dark for the light to shine on me

Today I’ll wash the tears
I’ll smile to you and be whatever you ask
I’ll dance in a field of good news
There I’ll wait for you, my love.

Today I promise I’ll pick you a flower
Today I’ll bring back all of the lost time, today I’ll go back to you
Happier thanks to you I’ll sing and play
Today I’m starting over

Today I’m starting over again
Much more confident, shaking off star dust
From so many cheap lies in pretty packages
I almost went out of my mind

Today I promise I’ll pick you a flower
Today I’ll return all the lost time, today I’ll go back to you
Happier thanks to you I’ll sing and play

Today I’m starting over

Friday, November 5, 2010

Assaf Amdursky-Where are you today

I think that we all walk around sometimes with the feeling that we'll meet an ex. Half hoping half dreading the awkward moment. The thing is in Tel Aviv, or anywhere else in Israel for that matter, the chances for it happening are pretty big. This song and video really capture Tel Aviv today. The music is pretty unique and only something that Amdursky can really pull off.It's a bit long but worth watching till the end and it grows on to you quite quickly.

What’s over there
Eyes to the window
A short glance
It’s hard to breathe

You see
It’s been enough time
To forget
I haven’t forgotten anything

Where are you today
How much time has passed

I always thought to myself
This day will come
We’ve waited forever for it to come

What’s similar and what’s different in you
With whom are you talking
Do you remember me

Where are you today
How much time has passed

Where are you today
How much time since then

After all this time
All this time
I want to tell you
I have to tell you

Come already today
Come today
How much time
How much time has passed

Where are you today
Where are you today
How much time
How much time has passed

Candies from the sky
Are now falling on us
When you were with me here
And I was with you

Little drops of water
Are falling from the sky
Straight into the throat

Eyes to the window-I’m coming
I don’t remember
How many days it’s been since then
But above the city
A star is lit for us.