Friday, December 31, 2010

Moshe Peretz-There's No One Like You

I have to admit that Moshe Peretz is my secret guilty pleasure and celebrity crush. He just seems to be so...sweet. His songs are great, but I'm not always in the mood. But when it comes to New Years Eve they're perfect-especially this song. People always do embarrassing stuff on New Years and "lose control" and part of that is dancing to Moshe Peretz-even if you're as white as a wall. And after a VERY apollonian week I really need to pay my respects to Dionysus. Sorry, but I'm starting to talk like the lit student that I am. Anyways, party on and see you in 2011!

You're like the sun warming my heart
And it's the good flavor
How in life I learned how much it hurts
To not be with you anymore
Because only with you I allow myself to be
However I want to be

Because there's no one that likes me like you
For me you'll become all of the world/change all the world
Who will give me what you give
No one

I was and will always be there for you
And to you I'll give everything
How is it that I always want to be by your side
Maybe stop asking
Because only with you I allow myself to be
However I want to be

Because there's no one...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Quami and the Halvoth with Fortis-Squeeze Me

This song has been playing on the radio for quite a while and it's getting pretty hard to escape it and not like it. At first I thought it was a catchy tune but pretty silly and typical Fortis madness but it's really grown on me. It's not a love song, but it has some very romantic lines (you'll swim with me and squeeze me forever). It may be bitter and angry, but at least it's honest. It's such a...guy anthem-which may be what makes it so great. It's been quite a while since I heard such an honest and funny song. And it's super catchy.

I don't wanna be the meat for her canons
I don't wanna be a nail for her hammers
Not an electric chair for her nerves
I don't wanna be an accessory for her collection
Not ready to drown in her waves again
Her indifferent ones

And you'll teach me how to swim
In your huge spaces
Teach me teach me how to swim
In your parallel worlds
And you'll squeeze me
You'll squeeze me
You'll squeeze me slowly
You'll squeeze me
You'll squeeze me
You'll swim with me and squeeze me forever

I'm not a tag in a picture on her wall
I'm not a stuffed head on her wall
I'm not another name for her name dropping
I don't wanna be a refuge for her divorce
And not an area for her to try to conquer
for what

And you'll teach me how to swim
In your huge spaces
Teach me teach me how to swim
In your dark dreams
And you'll squeeze me
You'll squeeze me
You'll squeeze me slowly
You'll squeeze me
You'll squeeze me
You'll swim and squeeze me forever

And while you're reading Dostoyevski
I'm lying under your window
The radio is playing songs by Fortis
And I'm flipping over in my world

I don't wanna be meat for her canons, a road for her car, a bag for the shells of her seeds
The one that can't say a word, the bottom of her beer, I don't wanna be the refuge of her divorce
Oh-I became n iPod in it
There's not one MP that hasn't been deleted from her
I went to switch the light bulb in my brain, don't understand why it went out-klak klak oh oh
Fuck it's my heart slowing to-stillness
And my city is flooded with so much of nothing
And until you came I lost trust in every glance that just peeked at the scars of a flawed thing like me, there's a lifesaver
Something's saying that I won't drown. The question: Do you also want to swim with me?

And you'll teach me to swim
In your huge spaces
Teach me teach me how to swim
In your parallel dreams
And you'll squeeze me
You'll squeeze me
You'll squeeze me
You'll swim with me and squeeze me for ever

And while tou're reading Dostoyevski
I'm lying under your window
On the radio they're playing songs by Fortis
And I'm flipping over in my world

p.s. happy x-mas to those celebrating :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Karolina-Smile 2 Me

Today was such a beautiful day. And for a change it was nice to enjoy a warm spring day in the middle of December without feeling too bad. Or guilty. Because earlier in the week it rained so much that I'm actually able to appreciate clear sunny days again. I wish it was like that all the time-A few rainy days and then a few sunny days-preferably during the weekend. Another thing that I unfortunately don't really appreciate is the fact that the country is so small and that access to shining talents is so easy. Especially when the university invites them to stop by for a concert and interview for free (for us students at least). Which is exactly what they did with the amazing Karolina. There have been other free concerts, but I didn't really go partly because I had other plans or too much homework and partly because I just wasn't interested enough. But there was no chance I'd miss Karolina-I even passed on Beauty and the Geek. Karolina is just like you see her in this video and even better. She is so talented, down to earth and just plain funny. Among other things, she also talked about this video and how it took over a year to make. She would take out her "uniform" and She and Kutiman would walk in Tel Aviv looking for locations. But you can't ignore the fact that people change a bit over time and I think this only adds charm to the video. Kutiman is also a very talented guy and if you hadn't heard about him or his Thru you project yet you really should. The most impressive thing about him is that it's pretty obvious that he spends so much of his time doing what he likes and the results are pretty amazing.
It's also pretty cool to recognize some of the spots in this video :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Idan Raichel and Aviv Geffen-Thorns

I always love it when two musicians meet and spontaneously decide to work together. Everything feels so much more...natural and this is no exception. Aviv Geffen wrote and produced while Idan Raichel did the singing and reminded me exactly why he's so successful. A very pretty and melancholic song. Thankfully the fire is behind us but the damage remains. This may be a song about a person realizing his failure to achieve his dream but it also seems to me to be a sort of in between song between devastation and recovery. I hope the 44 families who lost their loved ones in the fire, and the ones who lost their homes, are on their way to recovery.

Thorns, that's all what's left in me
The flowers you gave me withered meanwhile
Ways, in which I went
Now I'm retracing my footsteps
After I couldn't find what I was looking for
Everyone has the right to dream
Paper boats in the water
I only wanted to sail as far away as I could
I'm a man from nowhere
Looking for just a reason to breathe
Look, I built us a house
When he was born I gave what I didn't have
Thorns, forcefully reminding
Don't allow to forget
Stabbing us and not letting go

Friday, December 3, 2010

Haivrit-She was 20

What an awful way to start the weekend. When I first heard that there was a fire in the Carmel I felt sad because the Carmel is (or more exactly was) one of my favorite places to hike. Especially in the area near the university which was called "Little Switzerland". Not to mention my fond horseback memories from Beit Oren. But I also thought that this was just an unfortunate fire, like the one that was in Ramat HaGolan a few months ago. I sadly learned that wasn't just a small fire that got a bit out of hand- it was much much worse. We are such a small country that no doubt that even people in Eilat feel complete sympathy for the citizens in the North. It seems that we are all praying for some kind of Hannukah miracle and for the rain, which has decided to appear more than fashionably late this year, to suddenly come pouring down. One of my friends posted on facebook that he remembers how two years ago his unit made a tee shirt (they have a habit of making tee shirts for almost any occasion) after Oferet which read "the menorah wasn't the only thing on fire last Hannukah". Sadly, this is very true, in a very different way, this year. Last night I went to a friend's birthday party and we had a great time. Because no matter how sad things seem to be, life has to go on. We learned that when we were teens during the second Intifadah. Actually we probably learned it much earlier from our parents. Of course, we talked about the fire. You can't ignore what happens. But we made jokes, in our own cynical way. For example, we joked that like neighboring countries are helping out by bringing water (even Turkey, much to our shock), Iran will probably come with helicopters pouring oil. Silly stuff like that. Which brings me to this week's song. HaIvrit (the Hebrew) is an alternative rock band that mainly achieved success from their single "Mesibat Cita" (Class Party). Although they have other really good songs they didn't quite make the galgaltz playlist like Mesibat Cita. I personally felt that the band had a great sound which was so refreshing considering what else was out there. Now they have a new album and released the first single off it "She was 20". This a great song-fluffy in its contents with the main emphasize on the music. It also seems to me to be a very Tel Avivish song although I can't exactly explain how. Perfect for a bit of escapism from nonstop news about deaths and fires and possible intention and all that stuff. We 20ish year olds need this escapism to just hear a song with good music -nothing too sad or thoughtful -and be able to enjoy it. Of course I'm still devasted about the fire and no doubt will check on updates from the news, and more importantly from friends and family in the north, but it doesn't hurt to "chill" for 3 minutes listening to this song.

The girl you knew/I already tried to hide
I delayed in the office/ carpets from wall to wall
I didn’t intend to meet you/the door is locked
The sounds you heard there/are not because of her

How could I tell you
How could I tell you

When we drove to Zichron/I wanted to come back
And I thought on the way/of the trick with the tongue
She was only 20
I felt like a soldier/staying at the base with the weapon in his hand

How could I tell you
How could I tell you

Friday, November 26, 2010

Ninet-Someone Great

This is basically an add for contributions to the "Shanti House" a home for troubled teens in immediate danger of violence, sexual abuse, juvenile delinquency and other dark stuff that keep these teens from living a normal life. The song is very emotional and it's hard not to fall for these charismatic teens.

Another gray cloud passes-sailing
He holds out his hands for me to come to him in the dark
I just want home, I just want home.

Someone great over there will save me so I won’t fall
A soft hand will come to me quieting there and relaxing
And then my head will fall tired from fear again in her lap
Someone great over there will watch over me so I won’t fall.

Another small branch inside is broken-boom
Another hit, one more hit and I won’t be able to get up
I just want home, I just want home

Someone great!/pages/Ninet-Tayeb/97297873403?v=app_19935916616

Friday, November 19, 2010

Marina Maximilian Blumin-Deep in Dew

Marina Maximilian Blumin has always been a colorful and talented voice among the popular Israeli performers of the last decade. She started on "A Star is Born" and even from the first episodes it seemed like she was already a star. She blew people away with her talent and her self-confidence and ended up taking second place. She's one of those singers who might have made it without performing on a reality show but also might have missed her chance and I really think it would be a loss to our culture if we didn't know who she is. Although it's been 3 years since the show only now is she releasing her first album. It's not like she disappeared- she was all over acting in theatre musicals, taking part in projects and just being talked about. From the sound of her first single it seems like she made a good decision in taking her time. There's a subtle calming quality about this song but without trying too hard and God knows we could use songs like this especially during these tense and uneasy days. Choosing a Leah Goldberg poem shows that this woman has class and wants us to know, but it doesn't come off as snobbish. Marina added her own music to Goldberg's poem and a part in Russian which I love even though I don't understand a word. I also love the fact that Marina is letting us know who she is. A beautiful song. Note: The original language of the song is pretty old and high Hebrew so I had a bit of trouble translating. I did my best but I suggest just listening to the song without focusing on the lyrics-which is really a shame because they are so beautiful.

Marina Maximilian Blumin-Deep in Dew

A basket full of stars
The smell of grass over-talking
Deep in dew

Here your beats are coming near
The shaking brings droplets
Deep in dew
My heart beats

Friday, November 12, 2010

Harel Moyal-Starting Over

I usually try not to post songs without videos, but I couldn't help myself! This song doesn't even need a video. The use of Celtic music goes great with Harel's voice and it's very refreshing so it also really goes well with the lyrics.

Today I’m starting over
Running on my way, not shutting my eyes anymore
I’ve already burned too much time
Waiting in the dark for the light to shine on me

Today I’ll wash the tears
I’ll smile to you and be whatever you ask
I’ll dance in a field of good news
There I’ll wait for you, my love.

Today I promise I’ll pick you a flower
Today I’ll bring back all of the lost time, today I’ll go back to you
Happier thanks to you I’ll sing and play
Today I’m starting over

Today I’m starting over again
Much more confident, shaking off star dust
From so many cheap lies in pretty packages
I almost went out of my mind

Today I promise I’ll pick you a flower
Today I’ll return all the lost time, today I’ll go back to you
Happier thanks to you I’ll sing and play

Today I’m starting over

Friday, November 5, 2010

Assaf Amdursky-Where are you today

I think that we all walk around sometimes with the feeling that we'll meet an ex. Half hoping half dreading the awkward moment. The thing is in Tel Aviv, or anywhere else in Israel for that matter, the chances for it happening are pretty big. This song and video really capture Tel Aviv today. The music is pretty unique and only something that Amdursky can really pull off.It's a bit long but worth watching till the end and it grows on to you quite quickly.

What’s over there
Eyes to the window
A short glance
It’s hard to breathe

You see
It’s been enough time
To forget
I haven’t forgotten anything

Where are you today
How much time has passed

I always thought to myself
This day will come
We’ve waited forever for it to come

What’s similar and what’s different in you
With whom are you talking
Do you remember me

Where are you today
How much time has passed

Where are you today
How much time since then

After all this time
All this time
I want to tell you
I have to tell you

Come already today
Come today
How much time
How much time has passed

Where are you today
Where are you today
How much time
How much time has passed

Candies from the sky
Are now falling on us
When you were with me here
And I was with you

Little drops of water
Are falling from the sky
Straight into the throat

Eyes to the window-I’m coming
I don’t remember
How many days it’s been since then
But above the city
A star is lit for us.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Monica Sex-The Dress from Madrid

I gave a warning that I'll start posting melancholic songs... I really like this song and it goes really well with today's autumn feel. Monica Sex, probably one of the best Israeli bands ever and a band that defines 90's Israeli rock are making a comeback. Their sound is more mature, but then again so are they and so are their fans (well most of them anyways). I really like Yaheli Sobol's songwriting and the music (also his) really flows with it. The chorus is catchy but not too annoying and this song just makes me want to start wearing sweaters and eat soup and it does poke my heart a bit, although it takes a few listens. Welcome back Monica!

The head is from Jaffa the dress is from Madrid
She talks, he doesn’t listen
Pain trapped inside beautiful eyes.
Take a chance, what can possibly happen?

Youth is a crazy commander
Running it till the end of breathe
Life flies by at a crazy speed
What do you think about the dress from Madrid?

A long long time that the ice doesn’t melt here
Doesn’t melt here
A long long time

The head is from Jaffa the dress is from Madrid
She talks, he doesn’t listen
Holding hands in the big avenue
Each one in his own bubble.

Youth is a crazy commander
Running it till the end of breathe
Life flies by at a crazy speed
What do you think about the dress from Madrid?

A long long time that the ice doesn’t melt here
Doesn’t melt here
A long long time

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ilay Botner & Cfir Ben Lish-Days of Summer

Summer may be officially over but after last weak's heat wave it's clear that it's not ready to say goodbye. So even though it's steaming people are trying not to complain (or at least the people around me) because we all know that soon summer will really be gone and make way for chilly days and cold nights and even (oh no!) closed shoes, layered clothes and umbrellas. So this is one last light summer song before I start to get melancholic and moody. Somehow I don't think the weather will let me but we'll see about that. Anyways, I really like this song and the video- and I guess we all should remember to enjoy summery days before we're old which will always seem to me like a very grey time.

And when everything ended I knew you’d come back
At the end of every war there’s a little illusion
And when the heart broke I knew you’d come
Even tonight to gather up my pain.

And when everything ended
I knew we’d go back to being
Like we were once good friends
And sometimes I’m strong and sometimes I’m not
Are you afraid my love?

I’ll leave long days of summer on the window
And the years that will pass and won’t leave memory
And it’s only me and you
Only me and you today.

And when everything ended
I dreamed a thousand dreams
About everything I accomplished and everything I didn’t
And if I deserve
And if I can be
The one who’ll put you to sleep today.

And years will pass and seasons will change
And we too will grow old you’ll see
By the face and by the white hairs
Inside all of these hide the years.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Idan Amdi-Fighters Pain

I haven't seen that much of A Star is Born (our American Idol) this year. I only vaguely know who the final contestants were and saw a bit of the finale and I know who won. That's about it. But I do remember seeing a bit of the audition episodes (mainly just because they were so entertaining) and seeing this guy-Idan, the soulful former warrior who apparently really knows how to sing. He eventually reached second place, losing to the talented Diana but definitely remaining a winner. It's no surprise that sometimes the runner ups sometimes achieve success just like the winners and sometimes even more- just look at Harel Skaat and Shiri Maimon (I'm not saying they're more successful than Harel Moyal and Ninet but they did get to represent us in the Eurovision-and quite respectfully too). Anyways when I heard this song on the radio I instantly knew it was him and that he wrote it. And for the whole song I stopped what I was doing (not that much-I was cleaning my room) and just listened. And even got a bit teary-eyed. This is one of those songs that will be played at high school memorial day ceremonies and will receive heavy airplay on "those days"-when the only music that seems right is sad music which I hope won't happen too much but it's also a really good song with a chorus that's meant for a crowd to sing along with at a concert and I'm sure it'll get heavy airplay even on normal days (tfu tfu tfu).

My first evening alone,
Sitting and writing you a letter
About all the things that were
What happened exactly.

Signs appear on the wall
I’m the fear it’s nice to meet
The characters like to play
Moving here in the empty house, the emptiness

And you, you don’t know how much
From you I’ve tried to hide
All of the nightmares in the night
Screams and blood on the uniforms
You don’t understand why
For a long time I haven’t been myself
Pictures flashing from that night
Tears, fighter’s pain

It’s the first night that you’re there
Lying and thinking, not falling asleep
The quietness is slowly playing
Dedicating you now a song without a name
A song without a name

And you, you don’t know how much…

It’s my first evening alone,
Sitting and writing you a letter.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hatikva 6-Every new day

Wow, what a happy song! It took me a few listens but now I'm completely in love with this song. It just makes me want to dance barefoot or something like that! I love that it's romantic without being too cheesy- not a simple task!

I’ll open every door and I’ll play play play play you a song
I’ll bring you a bouquet of flowers and I’ll let let let let you lead
I’ll walk you home and amen amen amen amen I’ll stay
I’ll stay with you for the night

I’ll paint you a good life and will be stuck on your image
In all the pretty glowing colors, I’ll paint your hair
In the painting, it will be pleasant and easy to listen to your voice
And I’ll be there too wooing after your heart
And every morning I’ll serve you tea and fruit in bed
I’ll buy you a beautiful songbird to sing to you in your room
And even if I’ll make you laugh and win to see your smile
I’ll keep keep trying to impress your heart.

I’ll open every door for you…

I’ll always thank you politely and I’ll bring in your chair
To the table nicely set with your favorite dishes
And even if you’ll reveal to me how much you love me
I’ll keep keep trying to please your heart
And while we’ll sit hugging in your garden
I’ll point to the clouds and sign your name
And even if you’ll tell me that you’re safe with me
I’ll keep keep trying to sell you my heart

I’ll open every door for you…

Your world will be my world and my world will be your world
I’ve never fallen like this-never-you should know
And even if we’ll live together for years and if in some more years we’ll go
I’ll keep keep trying to conquer your heart
Every new day

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Roni Dalumi-A Bit Different

It's tradition to end the fast of Yom Cippur with something sweet to symbolize a sweet year and to raise the sugar in the blood. So I've decided to post something sweet. Actually Israeli pop music doesn't get much sweeter than this but after 25 hours of silence (well, most of the time, when not walking in the street and being surrounded by kids on bikes/rollerblades/mini tractors/etc.), meditation and reflecting upon sins (or watching DVDs) this sweet song is actually quite welcoming. Roni Delumi is definitely Israel's current sweetheart. She's only the second girl to win the Star is Born singing contest after Israel's national Mami (or sweetheart) Ninet-and about 8 seasons. Anyways, there's no denying that she has talent and I really think that she'll stick around for a while. I don't even care too much that her songs are so sugary because that's the style that suits her (for now) so why not?

Collecting the things that are mine
And don’t stop because of me
It may be the wind
That will take me wherever it will go
Maybe it wants me to smile
And who knows how much I walked around

In a world that didn’t give me strength
Between walls that didn’t let me breathe

So much to walk
And the world that I’m drawn to
Reminds me that I’ll always be a bit different
So much to walk
And the place I’m drawn to
Will be a place where the sun will rise up just for me

To search for only the right taste
To roll on the tongue
And that sweetness
Is everything that seems
Weird and unclear
Like fixing the broken
And knowing I almost made it

My truth will also come
With time, I’ll understand everything

So much to walk…

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hayehudim - A Place in Your World

A few days ago it was Rosh HaShana and along with shopping for gifts, getting ready for the big family dinner, and running all sorts of errands because shops will be closed till Saturday night the afternoon of Erev Rosh haShana is also when the radio stations release the end of the year charts. Personally I could write some sort of summary of the year in Israeli music but I'm too lazy to do that especially after two family dinners in a row and it's only Friday. So I chose to write about Galgalatz's #2 song of the year (#1 is Avraham Tal's Orot which is a pretty good song, but I wrote about him before). Actually if I had started writing my blog earlier I would have written about this song. It's a cover of Meir Banai and personally I think that it's one of the best covers I've heard. HaYehudim-or the Jews have been around forever (okay, about 15 years) and are showing no signs of going anywhere they still have a very loyal fan base that follows their gigs all over Israel along with new teen fans looking for good Israeli rock music. Happy sweet new year-I hope it'll be just as good as the last one and even better!

All the night we were under a spell
All the night we revealed secrets of the body

Give me a hand give me a place
Give me a hand give me a place
A place in your world
Give me a hand give me a place
Give me a hand give me a place
A place in your world

The demons of the night are going out to dance
They’re touching me and touching you touching more and more

Give me a hand give me a place…

This is me playing for you playing you a tune
This is me taking you on a walk

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Balkan Beat Box-Dancing With the Moon

Balkan Beat Box is probably one of the most internationally successful Israeli groups right now along with Asaf Avidan & the Mojos and the Apples. It seems like Balkan are first and foremost interested in making good music and making people happy. I really love this song and so far it's my favourite from their new album and I wouldn't mind having it played at my future wedding (so far my imaginary dream playlist has songs ranging from jazzy Nina Simone to mainstream oriental music along with a good dose of gypsyish Oy Division for late night dancing-I wonder what my future hubby will say about that) or any outdoors event for that matter especially one during this great time of year, late summer early fall when you can actually enjoy being outside (after 6 p.m). The video was shot at the newly renovated Jaffa Port-definitely worth a visit and an entirely different world from the quite touristy and commercial (but also worth a visit) Tel Aviv Port. It's also very romantic-most preferably in the middle of the week.

Don’t know where we’re going
But I know I saw in your eyes
My life growing
To unite with u
And the time is towing us to age
And tossing years
But we’re still glowing
Like we never knew
We took a decision
To have no definition
And our ammunition
Is to keep our love true

We chose to share a vision
More than we envisioned
While this song is playing
I want to dance with u

So put on that record that we used to listen to
When we found the truth
A golden soft memory in blue
To repaint it, in me and in u

I’m dancing in your garden
To ease up all that’s harden
Plant a seed this morning
To see a flower bloom

Words need not be spoken
Sleeping souls have woken
And this song is not more than
A blooming afternoon

For there is no other
For me u are the mother
A perfect sound of ever
In a perfect tune

As night slowly approaching
The sun is set for love
And when I see you smiling
I’m dancing with the moon

Friday, August 27, 2010

Amir Dadon - Waves

A perfect song to close the summer even though it'll still go on through September and maybe even some of October-but with holidays as a distraction people will probably have more to talk (and think) about than the sweltering heat.

Waves, waves of sand
A moon looking at the desert
The trail leads from today
The path will lead to tomorrow

You’re washed in the sand
Beautiful like the desert’s oasis
Maybe I’ll get a chance to see you again
Between paths of earth

So I am going, so I am going

So the sand will drift
So everything shall burn
I am going

Waves, waves of sand
Your eyes will meet mine
Like the sea touching the shore
Your lips will touch mine

So I am going, so I am going

So the sand will drift
So everything shall burn
I am going

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Girafot-She's having a bad summer

We all have our body issues-especially women and especially during the summer. Over here the only way to escape the awful august heat is to take cover where there's an A/C or head to the beach. Personally I prefer the A/C and opt for the beach at night but it sucks that there are plenty of women who feel bad going to the beach-I guess I should be pretty thankful for my genes. Anyways only the Girafot can write a hip song about it followed by a very hip video.

She’s having a bad summer
Short shorts
She’s having a bad summer
Four kilograms

“I don’t want to go into the water
I don’t want to take off my pants
Because I’m too fat to be pretty
I’m too fat to be at the sea”

She’s having a bad summer
Short shorts
She’s having a bad summer
Four kilograms

And she’s thinking only about me
I wish she’d stop
It’s not funny to me
Sometimes it’s very scary

She’s having a bad summer
Short shorts
She’s having a bad summer
Four kilograms

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eyal Golan- I Just Miss You

When most Israelis think of Mizrahi music the first name that pops to their head is Eyal Golan. Or Zohar Argov-It depends on the generation. I'm pretty sure that Eyal Golan is one of the first Mizrahi singers to really cross the line into mainstream, and in the end his music became mainstream. I'm not a huge fan of Mizrahi music-well, it depends on my mood and the occasion, but I really like this song and I think that it really suits Golan's voice. And then there's the whole gossip talk around it. Eyal Golan recently broke up with his wife of quite a few years and an Israeli beauty queen, Ilanit Levi-to whom he dedicated the cheesy yet sweet song "My beauty queen". Even though he didn't write the lyrics it makes a lot of sense to sing a song like this considering his personal situation. It'll probably not end up on my Mizrahi music wedding playlist, but it's quite an emotional song that I still haven't gotten tired of-but I'm pretty sure it'll happen soon.

For the past few months I’ve been going through hard days
In search of excitement that will only ease the pain
And apparently there are people who are weak like me
Fools, emptied from all happiness in the heart.

How did I get to this

I am no longer afraid or hesitant
I want to make up
Come back I’m no longer angry, I just miss you

And I don’t want to be caught
As small, and tiring
Over you
Convergent for a moment
And just, just miss you.

Yes I’ve had expectations living how I’d like to live
Not to leave any more questions if you’ll come back again
And apparently there are illusions, which give refuge and rises
When depths come in the end, I realize how they fooled me.

I don’t have strength in me to change

I am no longer afraid or hesitant…

Until you’ll suddenly come back to me
I want you in front of me today
I’ll look at you and hug you with warmth
Now I know

I only miss your eyes
What am I, poor without you
I’ve tied my life with yours
Now I’m starving

And I just, just miss you

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Erez Lev Ari-At the End of the Day

I'm in a bit of a dilemma these past few days. On one side, I constantly hear of awful things happening that are sort of huge warning signs of worse things to come. I'm talking about the grads falling in Eilat and yesterday's ambush with the Lebanese Army in the north. Not to mention waking up in the morning to read that Iran has officially acquired s-300 missiles against planes and rockets. On the other side what does it help to worry? I know it doesn't help at all but going about my careless summer as usual while everything here is still normal (for now) just feels weird. Erez Lev Ari is an artist whom I've heard a lot on the radio, but I don't know exactly who he is. Just that he's very close to god and that he manages to write songs that many Israelis can relate to sort of playing the act of the spiritual narrator. Anyways the chorus to this song pretty much sums it all up and it's good to remember that there's a new day at the end of the night.

If I were to forgive I’d be happy
If I were to run away I’d be “settled”
If I were breakable I’d be able to
If I were captivated I’d be dangerous
If I were shouting I’d stay
If I were quiet I’d fall asleep
If I were…

At the end of the day, it’s only me
And it’s only you and the kids and god,
And all the rest is nonsense
What was is what was so turn off the lights
And let’s go to sleep there's a new day at the end of the night

If I were to forgive I’d be happy
If I were to run away I’d be “settled”
If I were breakable I’d be able to
If I were captivated I’d be dangerous
If I were to know I’d talk
If I were me I’d be someone else
(Mother what will be with me…)

At the end of the day…

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daniel Solomon and Daniela Spector-My Sweetheart

Daniel Solomon is probably one of Israel's most appreciated (and melancholic) singer/songwriters today. And it's quite justified. When reading the lyrics of this song I can really believe that they belong to Daniel. It never ceases to amaze me that certain feelings I have, or thoughts in my head, can be found in so many other people and that I'm not as special as I thought. It's also quite comforting. I guess that's the idea behind the video. Sort of. Daniel's kind of speaking the words and not really singing so Daniela Spector's chorus really completes the song and makes everything flow.

I’ve wasted many years being sad
Closed and unsure, like a lion in a cage
Always yearning to go out into the freedom
And the lock is open, but not in my head
Many women passed here, and those that stopped
Were closed up like me, or they simply saw
That my heart is gone, it’s probably with you
And in their faces I searched but only your gaze
That touch and smell, that piece of peace
That wasn’t really inside you, but you wanted it
And God knows, in your name I yell
And nobody hears when the entire house is empty

My crazy sweetheart
Calling my name maybe he’s coming
My far one, I’ll be yours
My sweetheart when will you find me

I’ve wasted many years being alone
I was taken and thrown, falling from side to side
I’ll always miss what is not mine
Were you really mine, or was it just in my head
Many women passed here, and those that stopped
Were broken like me, or they simply saw
That something is missing in me, it’s probably with you
And in their bodies I searched but only the warmth of your body
That touch and smell, that piece of innocence
That wasn’t really in you, but you liked to dream
And god knows, with me it hasn’t passed
What’s gone is gone what’s left is left

I’ve wasted many years, being sad
Closed and unsure, like a lion in a cage
I’ll always miss what is not mine
Were you really mine, or was it just in my head
Many women passed here, and those that stopped
Were broken like me, or they simply saw
That something is missing in me, it’s probably with you
And in their bodies I searched but only the warmth of your body
That touch and smell, that piece of innocence
That wasn’t really in you, but you liked to dream
And god knows, with me it hasn’t passed
What’s gone is gone what’s left is left

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Knesiat HaSechel-What are you dreaming about

This is the latest single by the well-known Israeli rock band Knesiat HaSechel (The Church of Reason). I think it takes a few listens to get used to it and to the singer's voice, but the effort pays off. I found myself floating in the waves of this song, especially towards the end. I don't really like it's video-It's a bit too trying to be dark and I'd prefer something with the sea, not a shower. It kind of reminds me of Aviv Geffen's depressing video's from the 90's and who wants to see something so heavy these days?

What are you dreaming about Michal
When the night is dark and wide
And the winds of the sea ruffle thoughts
And the sprays of the waves are bright dots

And there isn’t the guy that was and left
And you don’t have the parents who want you to be
And there are no more insignificant days
And you don’t have legs feet or a body

And the taste in your mouth changes from fear to salt
And the fish caress your body stroke by stroke
And the lights in the deep call for you
What are you dreaming about Michal?

And the taste in your mouth changes from fear to salt
The fish kiss your body kiss by kiss
The lights in the deep call for you
What are you dreaming about Michal

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sivan Shavit-Friday Dinner

I usually prefer to post songs with videos, but here it seems like there's no need. I usually try to post songs fitting to the season, or my general mood but this one's different. This is such a beautiful and sad song that I don't care that it's not "summerish" and that it doesn't really fit the sweltering heat. I really like Sivan Shavit's songs- they're all quiet but filled with emotion. Songs that left a big impression on me are "Kiss Me" and "Flying Ticket". They both manage to perfectly capture the situation in the song. In Kiss Me I can really feel like I'm with her on that so familiar car drive from Haifa to Tel Aviv by the sea and in Flying Ticket I'm stuck with her in airport world. This song is no different and I easily get the feeling of an empty house at Friday night-A night reserved for family dinners. I don't know if her home is completely empty, but it's without her mother for whom Sivan wrote this song and who passed away four years ago. It seems like Sivan is a fresh breath of air among the mainstream singers here, maybe because she's not trying to publicize her songs, or herself too much. She's just being who she is and knows that there are enough people who appreciate her and will come to concerts and even buy her CD. Or maybe she doesn't even care about that. There's something very Tel Avivian about her and I can't even define what makes a person Tel Avivian. But she does remind me of Tel Aviv in Friday late afternoon after all of the out-of-towners have returned to their homes in the neighbouring cities and the suburbs to get ready for dinner.

I took down the paintings from the wall
I gave away the white couch
The little wooden elephants are still standing in a line
Your garden gently grows wild
I am pruning the roses
Soon the last picking of strawberries and figs

I can only see you with closed eyes
You rise and the tears fall
Maybe you just travelled abroad and soon will be back
The suitcase filled with presents for everyone and Friday dinner

In the meantime, I write in the room that was once yours
And the heaviness that comes every summer
After it comes autumn
And another year will start without you
There won’t be a ring of a telephone
Not a letter or a postcard
Not a quick visit
Not a kiss
A dry one

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yoni Bloch - Not Easy, Not Simple

Yoni Bloch. It seems like there's so much to write about him. I feel like I've really grown up with his music and then eventually outgrew him. His first CD came out when I was just starting high school. I liked his songs and he seemed to me like a sensitive, honest singer/songwriter. And quite talented too. I liked his music but not enough to want to see him in concert. But enough to want to meet him in person and have him as a friend. Okay, I might have had a bit of a crush on him and wondered what it would be like to have him as a boyfriend. Considering I was 15 that's not too surprising. His second CD came out right before I started the army. I think it's the last album that reminds me of my high school life and not my army life. Yoni matured, along with his songs, and I still managed to enjoy his songs but not enough to want to see him in concert. Maybe it's because he's an artist best heard in the car, or at home, not in a live concert. His third CD came out when I was deep in the army. I didn't bother to hear the whole CD-It seemed to me that the heavy rotation of his singles on the radio was enough. I must say that his songs are annoyingly catchy and I even remember having his song "you're more beautiful when you're unfaithful to me" with the chorus "the jealousy hurts between my legs, you've been done before me" stuck in my head a whole week. From what I've heard from his songs, he sounded a bit depressed-like after a bad break-up. Now he has a new CD out soon and this song is the first single. I have no doubt that it'll receive heavy airplay. The video is one of the cutest and most original I've seen in a while. It's nice to hear that he sounds happier, sort of. There's still an air of melancholy to him-but it goes well with this pop song. Anyways, I don't think I'll get the CD-it depends on his other songs, and I still don't want to see him in concert. But I wouldn't mind meeting him in person.

I do not want to sound soft
But whenever your hand wanders up my thigh
I feel the passion trying desperately
To flow life into the rest of my exhausted body

All the night pam pam pam
I may seem like an animal, but I’m only a person

I don’t know how about you. Ach.
For me it hurts. Hurts so much. You
Know, loving you.

It’s not easy, it’s not simple
It’s not simple, It’s not easy

There’s no need to pressure it’s very clear to me
I fought, I didn’t give up, I developed a heart and lung
Endurance. Without a word, like a bleeding lion.
Only when you left did I let myself fall asleep

Suddenly at the door tuk-tuk-tuk
Tell me: How screwed up do you think I am?

Here exactly the line is drawn.
I already have contributed in the kitchen. You
Know, loving you

It’s not easy, it’s not simple.
It’s not simple, It’s not easy

And how much I want
I don’t know what to do to stop this

In my dream I see
A little boat in the rising sea
And in the boat sits a man
And his fishing rod is sent to the sea
And in the rod a sudden movement
I just want to sleep.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Avraham Tal-Strengthened forever

At first I really didn't like Avraham Tal's music. I really liked his former band Shotey Hanevua (the fools of prophecy) and I still regret not seeing them live before they split up. Avraham's sound as a solo artist is quite different. I remember hearing his first CD a couple years ago and although there were a few radio hits I couldn't find one song which I really liked and wanted to hear. Then his second CD came out-I'm not quite sure if his style changed or if I did, but suddenly everything was much, well, better. This song has been played on heavy rotation on the radio these last few weeks and I still like it, maybe because I listen to less radio these days. It's so optimistic you don't even need to see the video to hear that he's smiling.

The words are calming
And the emotion is still clogged
Every word is in its place
And the heart stays sealed
And the days are so beautiful
The nights of this winter
Remind me of magical days
Two minutes are enough
Give me your hand and we’ll walk from here
Also in the body, also in the heart
You will let me touch the pain
And the days are so beautiful
And the nights of this winter
Remind me of magical days
Don’t worry I’m here…
I see that in life
The wheels spin everyone
The wars, the inversions
In the end, we come out strengthened forever
The times are not easy
Disappearing between the shadows
Waking up in panic
And escaping oblivion
And the days are so beautiful
And the nights of this winter
Remind me of magical days

Don’t worry I’m here…
I see that in life
The wheels spin everyone
The wars, the inversions
In the end we come out strengthened forever

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hadag Nahash - I Believe

It's a bit sad that these are the things that are on the minds of so many people living here: the uncertain future of our country, and the even more uncertain possibilty of peace, the much too high gap between the higher and lower classes, the awful state of the educaton and the list goes on and on. A bit heavy, no? It isn't a surprise that so many people turn to light drugs and alcohol "to get high so they won't crash". The Dag Nachash have become the biggest mainstream act in Israel. Maybe because so many people identify with their ideas and those who don't just like to dance to the great music. Because when it comes down to it that's what we want to do most-dance to great funky music and sing out loud to the chorus of this song which everybody seems to believe in.

I believe that currently
Our part in not reaching peace
Is significant and just as big as that
Of all the neighboring countries
And I also believe that we’re running in circles
And there’s no chance that another war will help
And all the talks on fighting terror
Their purpose is just to impress the civilized world
I believe that it’s a must to invest in education
That the priorities have to be the other way around
That the salaries of the upper class are scandalous
That we have to shake and move the Kiryah
I believe that there’s no equality here
That the racism inside of us will lead to a disaster
That if we won’t wake up we won’t begin to understand
It’s a doubt if we’ll celebrate another 60

And nobody gives a shit
And I can’t carry this weight
Everywhere I go

I believe that it should be forbidden
For companies that lost piles of the public’s money
To buy air time on all of the channels
Until they’ll start seeing profits
I believe that we must devotedly
Constantly support cultural activities
And if there’s a problem to regulate the budget
Give me the money-I’ll steer the wheel
So full of insightful values
He collects himself and begins to do
Establishes associations participate in demonstrations
Recruits the resources guide the activities
Goes on interviews get photographed, explains and checks out
How it needs to be done and what should be done differently
How much the solution is right around the corner
And how easy it will be if we just try to change the picture

And nobody gives a shit
And I can’t
Carry this weight
Everywhere I go
I just can’t…

And I decay wither and fall
Get away from everybody don’t drink and don’t eat
See only the shitty things everywhere I look
And get high so I won’t crash

But nobody gives a shit…

Monday, June 14, 2010

Alma Zohar-I got excited towards your arrival

This is a beautiful simple love song. It reminds me of Saturday afternoons when you try to enjoy that last breath of weekend bliss before the hectic week starting on Sunday. It's about that feeling of butterflies in your stomach or rushed heartbeats when you know you're soon meeting someone you love and not being embarrassed by it.

I got excited towards your arrival
A shiver went through me
One clear thought

Like dogs know by the smell
Like dogs run towards a guest
I got excited towards your arrival

I threw out two arms in the air
For when you’d come
I wanted you to come without explaining
Without announcing before
Without a reason

Like how the sun rises without a breath
Like plants rising to light from the earth
I got excited towards your arrival.

I left footsteps marked in the sand
With a bare foot
I came like the dogs come
For a caress
Without apologizing

Like butterflies blinded by the moonlight
Like the whisper of the flaming match
I got excited towards your arrival

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

J.Viewz - This City Means No Love (Audio)

I can't believe it's been only a week since May 31st. It feels more like a month. Or a year. I still check out Jerusalem Post frequently and then skim over to BBC or CNN to see how they're portraying the same story. It's quite addictive because the comments are quite interesting to read, especially on the international sites. From thoughtful to stupid, from fact-filled to meaningless slogans, I've never seen a debate so polarized. It seems that there's no in-between. Over here it's not like everybody has the same thoughts. There are left-wingers and right-wingers, and there are people who oppose to the IDF's actions. However everybody, and I mean everybody, seems to agree that the media is misleading the world and it feels like everybody hates us. Of course, that's not entirely true and the pro-Israel demonstrations and facebook groups are proof. But it still seems that the majority is against us and that those who usually have a neutral opinion- non-jews and non-Arabs are against us. Saturday evening was supposed to be an amazing night for music lovers, especially alternative music-lovers. The Klaxons were to warm up a Placebo concert followed by a party by the Gorillaz Sound System. On Friday afternoon, I found out that the Klaxons and G.S.S cancelled their performances. What's most pathetic is that they didn't even mention why. I think one of them even mentioned "technical problems" which is pretty lame. They could have at least expressed their opinions like Elvis Costello. Or maybe they don't really have an opinion and are run by coward money-worried managers. Instead of them we got the successful Israeli group J.Viewz who's base is in New York and just happened to be on an Israeli tour and the super-successful Israeli singer Portis who joked that he happened to be jogging in the Park. Placebo gave a great performance, they simply gave us much needed love and comforted us that not everybody hates us. Brian's best line was when he began the concert by stating "We're Placebo and we had the courage to come here. And I fucking hate flying." immediately winning the crowd over. It seemed like the current events were on everyone's minds especially during songs like Breathe Underwater and Trigger Happy with lyrics like "So we're living in a culture made with death and fear/Doesn't seem the human race will make it through the year." It all reached a climax when he sang the last few lines "Put your hands in the air, and wave them like you give a fuck." At this point, we were completely won over. I was kind of hoping that I'd be able to forget about everything for a few hours and just enjoy a good concert, but this was so much better. The next morning we were all disappointed to discover that the Pixies, the real money bringers to the two-day festival, cancelled their gig saying that "it was beyond their control". Which makes one wonder if they were being threatened and exactly how much pressure was put on them not to perform here. I was so happy to find out that the Editors who were supposed to warm up the Pixies are coming anyways and will be giving a full concert. Personally I love them so much more than the Pixies and am thrilled that I'll get to see them live. Oh, and J.Viewz are an amazing band.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Elisha Banai & the 40 Thieves-Barcelona

This is my first blog post. Ever. It all started when I was still in the army and realized how much I miss writing in English-and saying to myself that this is one of the things I'll do when I'll go back to civilian life, mainly because I'll finally have the time and energy to do this. It's been a couple of months and only now have I finally gotten around to doing it. At first I told myself that this will be an absolutely political-free blog. Who wants to read and write about issues that have been repeated again and again? Who really cares? However, when I checked ynet after I came home from work to check out if a war has broken or something like that I changed my mind. You can't talk about living in this country without ever bringing up current events and "the situation". So I might as well do it now. Of course the leading story was about the Gaza flotilla. After reading a pretty believable and reasonable account on what happened I checked out what CNN had to say. And I was quite appalled. It was like Oferet Yetzuka a.k.a Operation Cast Lead all over again. The sentence that angered me the most was "At about 4:30 am, Israeli commandos dropped from a helicopter onto deck of Turkish ship, immediately opened fire on unarmed civilians," said a post on the group's Twitter page." There may have been errors on behalf of the IDF-I'm not exactly a military expert so I can't say what should have been done but this makes the story sound completely different. Not that surprising but it still manages to shock me. From the side this looks bad. very bad, but I'm not even sure if most people know or are willing to believe that this "peace" ship was backed up by a terrorist group. I think that's enough grown-up talk for now. I just want to not think about this too much-preferably not watch the news (not even CNN, as curious as I am to how the world sees us). I just want to forget about all this and enjoy the summer. Preferably somewhere like Barcelona-but Tel Aviv isn't that bad of an option too. Which brings me to this wonderful song that I just know will become one of the songs that will remind me of the summer of 2010. I hope it will be a good (and calm) one.
Oh, and I'm not that great of a translator but here's a loose translation of the song:

The sun has already set
We laid down to catch the stars
I wrote another chord.

Simply almost like love
Sweet smoke inside the mouth
Because I can’t be bitter
Just 3 chords
Simply almost like love.

I want to fly to Barcelona
Not to Paris or to Roma
Because you’re not there
When I love you
You’re not there

Yesterday I found an end
When the sky will already fall
I want to burn so badly
Hard almost like love.

On a night like this
When only the quiet speaks
This is what you want
Simply almost like love

I want to fly to Barcelona…,7340,L-3896796,00.html