Friday, June 22, 2012

Kutiman feat. Elran Dekel-Dover. D

Kutiman, the inventor of the amazing Thru-You project, is always outdoing himself with creative videos and great music, and this one is no exception. I remember walking by the city hall a few months ago and seeing the painted escalators-it's such a simple idea but so genius and creative and it definitely adds a burst of colour to the day. Perfect music and clip to open (officially) the summer with, which I've always associated with imagination working over time.
Elran is the lead singer of the awesome Funk'n'stein band
and he also released a great solo album a few years ago

Friday, June 15, 2012

Einav Jackson Cohen-Kiss Me

I really like Sivan Shavit's song Kiss Me. I think I've written how it really gives the atmosphere of riding fastly in the car on the way from the north with someone special. It has that great tension and really manages to capture the intimacy of a car ride. Einav Jackson Cohen slows the ride down putting more focus on the lyrics. It feels less like a car ride on the highway and more like a slow ride into space. Einav has a beautiful voice and manages to turn what could have just been a regular cover into something much more unique and emotional. I still have goosebumps.

The original as shown in the excellent film Walk on Water. Amazing scene:

You can get the song for free here:

We're both riding in the car
I don't know where we'll go
When the wheel is in your hands
You always have to surprise
I can't stop
Looking at your face in the mirror
And you feel every movement
Send a caress to my lips

We're both riding in the car
You tell me that the ride will be long
And that I can fall asleep
And afterwards you'll tell me everything that happened
I don't sleep
Counting stars through holes in a blanket
And you with a cigarette in your mouth
Sing with the radio a love song

Kiss me hard
Kiss me till it hurts
And the sun won't set
You are the one and only
My wonderful love
And I love you

We're both riding in the car
I wish we could ride forever
You think that I
Long ago fell asleep and am not listening
How you with a cigarette in your mouth
Sing to me with the radio a love song

Kiss me hard...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Amit Erez & The Secret Sea - Not About Us

Wow, this track really blew me away. I like Amit Erez's work, but I've always associated it with wintery days and this song is so...alive and perfect for early summer. You can almost hear the bees buzzing. A very refreshing and pleasant surprise, especially considering the fact that I wasn't too into the first single Whenever the Sun Comes. This song refuses to leave my head and I'm not at all complaining. There's a whiff of Belle & Sebastian, but Erez and his talented group manage to create a unique sound of their own. There are so many instruments and styles here but they all blend together perfectly and I love the sharp lyrics which are so easy to identify with.

I'm calling you over every day
When I'm alone
For nothing has strayed you
From dirty lanes back to your home
Our god in his crown
Is judging us down

In pity and purchased heavenly sins
Buzzing around
I'm picking a frequency from within
Hammering on
My god is a sound
A pusher in town

I see you slipping away
I hold you anyway
I know it's not about us today

And I was tearing it up
In a new confusion
Sealing it off from inside
And as the barrier rose
It was quickly moving away
And back and behind
No one ever treats you right

I see you slipping away
I hold you anyway
I know it's not about us today
I see you slipping away
I hold you anyway
I know it's not about us
I know it's not about us

And you get to stay full time
And you get to be your kind
And you get to fit just fine
Enough for everyone to see you
When you're walking blind

I see you slipping away...
I see you slipping away

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ido Shoam-XL Nightlife Anthem 2012

So at first I thought I'd post this as a link together with another song but then I realized that Ido Shoam's song is so great that it deserves a post of its own. I don't really write about the Israeli techno scene (or live it for that matter) but it's a pretty huge part of Israeli culture, especially in Tel Aviv. I remember seeing a documentary a while ago about America in the 70's and how it was really a low point economically with the Arab Oil Embargo so it was only natural to dance the night away in disco clubs to help forget about depressing problems, even if only temporarily. I really get that and it could help explain why Israel has such a great nightlife. Tel Aviv especially has become a nightlife capital attracting clubbers from all over the country. Along with that, it's also become the gay capital and there's a sense that if you're gay and want to live the gay lifestyle, you have to live in Tel Aviv. On one hand, it's great that there's a city in Israel where Gays can feel free to be themselves and live their lives peacefully but outside of Tel Aviv it's a completely different universe. I'm not talking about Orthodox cities but secular smaller cities where it's just not that acceptable to live an open gay life. I personally know that in Beer Sheva there's a growing gay scene made up of students from the center but not just, yet because of the conservative atmosphere it's rare to see open gay affection. I'm not saying that they should flaunt and make out in public because that would be unrespectable, but it shouldn't be such a big deal to just hold hands in the street and teens shouldn't feel so ashamed about their sexual orientations because of the negative vibe from their community. I have a lesbian friend in Beer Sheva who's very open and keeps on complaining how she can't find a girlfriend and that eventually she too will move to Tel Aviv. She told me "it's planning to become the gayest city in the WORLD" so why would Israeli gays want to live outside it? This year's gay pride parade has the slogan "all of the country flags, flags" with the intention of bringing the gay parade out of Tel Aviv to places where raising awareness is really needed. Yet there's a huge protest against the gay parade in Petah Tikvah, just 15 minutes from Tel Aviv and all of the protesters are saying the same thing: "you have Tel Aviv, isn't it enough?". In addition, many city councils don't want to budget the parades. It's important to remember that the first gay pride parade took place in New York in 1970 (back to the 70's...) marking a year after the police raid on the Stonewall Inn and the riots that followed, which "was the first time in modern history that a significant body of LGBT people resisted arrest"(Wikipedia). Naturally over the years gay rights have become more accepted so the parades have become much more festive and less political. Now it seems that it's just a good excuse to have a great party and meet cute tourists but it's not like that everywhere-I don't think the gay pride parades in the cities outside Tel Aviv should feel the need to compete with the provocative and glamour of Tel Aviv-just raising flags and saying "this is my city and I want to live here so please accept me as an equal" feels so much more powerful and also meaningful in making a real change. Of course that doesn't mean you can't party in Tel Aviv (it's not like they're on the same date)-next week's parade is planning on being the biggest ever with events all week:
I love this video not only because of the great music (so catchy!) but also because it really shows how accepting Israelis (in Tel Aviv) are to somebody so different who just wants to put a smile on our faces. Who can resist and not join the party? Actually one of the few guys in the video who isn't joining the party is none other than Erez Tal at 2:09, a huge celebrity and the host of the Israeli Big Brother whom I'm pretty sure was caught on film by chance (it is a small country) making this just really funny to share.
Oh, and the song is available for free download here: