Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ben Artzi-Dreams 34

It's hard to believe that today marks 5 years since the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, the soldier who we've all come to know just like we've all come to know his family. As if we're family friends. 5 years in which Gilad's friends have finished the army, perhaps made "the big trip" to South America or Asia, enrolled in University and started their lives. And Gilad is still there, so close yet so far from his family. And in awful humanitarian conditions without being able to meet the Red Cross, all while terrorists in prisons here are living a very comfortable life in prison with everything they could possibly need: family visits, the ability to earn academic degrees, healthy food and in general a much better life than in their homes. And when Netanyahu wants to revoke privileges from Palestinian terrorists Hamas says it's against the law. I just don't understand it. It seems that wishing that he'll return is becoming more of a naive idea with every day that passes. I know that I'm naive but sometimes I try to hold on to it. I really like the lyrics in Ben Artzi's new song. You can tell that they were written by him from the heart. I'm not a huge fan of the music itself, and I've never really been interested in Ben's music-I only know it from the radio, but I do like the lyrics here. Something about how he says that most of the time life isn't perfect but you enjoy the little things, and the things you want aren't huge stuff like money, fame or peace but enjoying time with your family, enjoying good music in clubs and having a more human prime minister. That doesn't seem like too much to ask for. When Ben says how happy he is when his father suddenly strokes him, I can't help but think of Shalit who probably wishes for something as simple as that, and what he has right now is not even close to "nearby the thing itself".

Most of the time it's nearby
It's not the thing itself
You want it stronger, more exciting
And that's how the time passes
And you pretty much come to terms with what there is
Catch in the dark small moments

You want more joy with the family
More passionate sex with the one you love
Different music in the clubs
A prime minister that's more human
You want more truth on TV
And more depth in living room conversations
Less violence among this youth
And that it would be possible to swim in the Yarkon

Most of the time is alone
With alternating roles in a play
And you have one friend
And sometimes that's also a lot
And that's how time passes
You pretty much come to terms with what you have
Catch in the dark
And love and love

You thank God that all your relatives are here
That you do a living from what you love
On Friday dinners how you're happy
When your father suddenly strokes you
You get emotional when someone understands you
And when the girls still say that you're pretty
You still believe in the goodness of each person
Even though a million times you've been burnt by it

Most of the time it's nearby
It's not the thing itself
You want it stronger
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