Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Charlie Megira - Tomorrow's Gone

Goodbye 2016 and goodbye Charlie. Charlie Megira, also known as Gabi Abudraham, died in his Berlin apartment on November 9th at the age of 44. He wasn't very well-known before his death but many of those who knew him felt that the 50's style rocker from Beit Shaan was no less than a musical genius. A genius who insisted on staying true to himself throughout his career while working as a cook in Tel Aviv and later in Berlin. He left us beautiful music like this hazy lullaby, a fitting way to end a stormy year.

*And goodbye Carrie Fisher :(  As a young girl I was so inspired by Princess Leia's strength and independence and later grew to admire Carrie's own strength and grace while battling addiction and mental illness. What a devastating loss.

Don't say maybe
No, no, you shouldn't
Don't say maybe
Maybe today, maybe tomorrow
Tomorrow's gone

Tell me quickly
What do you love?
Tell me to the heart
But quickly
Tell me quickly
What do you love?
Tell me
Who is that?

What do you love?
What do you love?

Monday, December 19, 2016

Ahuva Ozeri - A Voice Calls to Me In the Desert

A voice calls to me in the desert and I am alone
My eyes I will turn to you in prayer
My tortured soul my tortured soul
I lift my voice to you in prayer
Go to Israel they are crying to you
And I am in the desert they want my soul
Merciful and compassionate maker of wonders
Please my God send me to my people

Ahuva Ozeri rose to fame thanks to her soulful voice but she will also be remembered as a talented composer, beloved vocal coach and captivating performer, who never ceased to smile and encourage young artists, even after she lost her vocal chords to cancer 16 years ago. Many considered her to be the mother of Mizrahi music and she is alreay greatly missed.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cafe Shahor Hazak - Another Day

Cafe Shahor Hazak have come a long way since they first started out (more info on them here) and have now become one of Israel's biggest hip-hop acts. It seems like they have a lot of weight on their shoulders as representatives of the Ethiopian community but they're also respected role models for kids and teens growing up here from all different backgrounds and they're doing an amazing job. Their sound just gets better and better and I love the use of Amharic in their music. Keep on smiling :)

Another day another day another day has begun
Nothing in this life is guaranteed
God gives and God takes
Between the victories and the defeats I'm looking for the gap

Nothing is free it's first you give and then you take
What's mine is mine and it stays that way
Everything is simple: it's art or we die, it's not that complicated
Every day I come home drained with my backpack I feel blessed

It's a privilege to make money from love and no
I don't feel that I'm going to work
It's a good time to emphasize and say thank you
To everyone who came to everyone who bought

And anyone who hated, keep hating
You're there I'm here
Fulfilling and creating dreams for me and for others
You'll slowly see my friend that everything works out

Today is a day to shine
To get outside of the box
To stretch the limits of imagination
To be conscious of the subconscious
When it feels like there's no more strength around the corner
I always find a place to bloom a light of comfort
This is another day that begins with hope
Give me good music to spread love

It's my life I want to win
From a young age I'm always running and making sure
To go head-on and enjoy the view
To take care of myself to be strong till the end

What was in difficult times I don't forget
Give me one chance and I'll take it
In front of small-minded people I don't open my heart
A square screen is mashing everyone's brain

To wake up to a good morning at my place
What I've lost will go to redemption
Dreams of an album without a penny
Music from the heart, black and pure

Everything with love slowly building the business
Conquering peaks not everything is a ceremony
Even If I'll have millions in my pocket
I promise that you'll find me in a t-shirt and jeans

Friday, December 2, 2016

Ella Shik Blum - I jumped head-first into the pool

While this video was shot on a warmer day (Yom Kippur, to be exact), its melancholic tones go perfectly with this weekend's rainy weather. Ella Shik Blum has been chosen as Tsuzamen's artist of the month, meaning you can catch her perform with her band and with other artists she admires every Wednesday night.

I jumped head-first into the pool
It takes a few seconds and it felt to me like a long minute
Without air

I jumped head-first
The heart is pounding and not exactly in the spot
It should

I sat down on the concrete
You were reading some trashy newspaper
A plastic girl is looking at me
With a smile she communicates

Nothing bad ever happens to her
A balanced character
The parents are still together
A gifted child

I jumped head-first into the pool
You shouted something at me but it was already too late
I jumped head-first into the pool
And I landed on my stomach

I sat down on the concrete
You were reading some trashy newspaper
A plastic girl is looking at me
With a smile she communicates

Nothing bad ever happens to her
A balanced character
The parents are still together
A gifted child