Saturday, February 25, 2017

Noémie Dahan - 22/12/2012

On December 22nd, 2012 the world was supposed to end (remember those simple times?) and Noémie Dahan wrote this text for a writing class, noting that on that day, December 22nd, 2012, there was a storm and the sky blended with her heart. For Noémie it was a time for new beginnings as she was new to the country and had just started to live, write and sing in Hebrew. The result is original, playful and mesmerizing.

A bit more about Noémie's music, translated from her site:

The musical and textual style corresponds with the Jewish and secular culture which Noémie was exposed to at home and which she met in Israel and together with her Ashkenazi, Morrocan, and Algerian roots. As a reflection of the multiple influences, the melodies range between the French chanson and Israeli folk-rock, with touches of folklore and klezmer. The lyrics combine Hebrew-the language of inspiration, and French-the native language, and between the two games of sound and meaning are woven together. The music is a surreal soundtrack, with a touch of strangeness and a subtle accent which gives a slightly rough color and allows you to feel all of the pleasure in this first creation with a foreign tone.

On a cold and gray Friday
Of skeleton and meat
We waited for the flood in vain, it didn't pass by
The spider in the warm sea is weaving the webs
I'll quench my thirst in red, a citrus cocktail
And the morning dew will comfort me, the morning dew will comfort me

- Excusez moi le chef des Mayas vient de m'informer que la fin du monde c'est pour aujourd'hui? Le 22 decembre 2012?
Est ce que vous l'avez vu passer?
Y'a un point de rendez vous pour se séparer de l'horizon? Ça va sonner? Vous avez prévu des sandwichs? On s'habille en noir? Il paraît que les cafards ont 9 coeurs et qu'ils vont survivre? Jurassic Park y'a un 3e épisode de prévu?
Ça va sentir mauvais? Godot est prévenu?
Le décompte est en... Pardon j'ai pas compris? ...en marche...ah bon..ok..
5 elle envahit le paysage et les corps, 4 ça circule dans ma chair et dans vos os 3 tu fais une danse moderne ou payenne, 2 elle se dilue dans un liquide rouge, 1on boit et ça tourne... 0 vous sentez quelque chose? Non...toujours pas?
La rosée du matin me consolera
La rosée du matin me consolera

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Afro Po - Africa

So heartwarming, especially after such a cold and dreary week. From their facebook: Afro Po is an African-Israeli band with musicians from different backgrounds that got together in South Tel Aviv to create original music with messages of peace, equality and love.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Neta Elkayam - Khoti Khoti

When I first heard about Trump's Muslim ban my thoughts went to the small Syrian supermarket in the States where I'd go with my dad to buy olives and stuffed grape leaves whenever he was homesick for Middle Eastern food. I wondered if the old man at the store still had family in Syria and if he will ever see them again. I thought of him again when I saw the video for this beautiful song by Neta Alkayam. The video is an ode to nostalgia featuring Maorice Kabilyo, who was born in Oujda, Morroco and now lives in Jerusalem. The song 'Khoti Khoti' is inspired by the biblical story of Joseph and his brothers and was originally performed by Jacob Abotbol, a respected violinist and vocalist who released a number of 45s in Morroco during the 1950's. Jacob Abotbol was the father of acclaimed singer Haim Botbol and more details of him can be found here.
Neta Elkayam's soulful songs are based on traditional ethnic music while each band member adds his or her own musical language together creating music that's loyal to its roots but with a contemporary touch. Her music is also "an attempt to bring together Maghreb communities, Jews and Muslims, and open up the hearts of listeners whoever they may be".