Saturday, August 27, 2016

Deaf Chonky - Shirley

Get ready because Deaf Chonky are about to take the world by storm. Adi Bronicki and Tami Kaminsky met in Rehovot (my hometown!) and the name of their band comes from the Russian meaning of "girls" (devochki), which is how Tami's dad would call them. Their sound is an eclectic mix of music they love and you can take a peek into their minds with this mixtape they made.

Can't get enough of them? Neither can I. Here's another clip of them doing their thing:

Plus, check out their fresh new album over on bandcamp

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Nahal Band - Shores

In memory of the great songwriter and composer Nachum Heyman who passed away this week. He composed so many Israeli classics but this is one of my favorites. Lyrics by Nathan Yonathan. There is also a famous version of this song sung by Chava Albertstein but there is something very special about this version, sung by the Nahal Band featuring Yardena Arazi and Efraim Shamir.

Shores sometimes yearn the river.
I once saw a shore
That the river abandoned
With a broken heart of sand and stone.
And a man, and sometimes a man can also
Remain abandoned without any strength
Just like a shore.

Also shells
Like shores, like the wind
Shells too sometimes yearn
The home we always loved
Which was and just the sea
Sings by itself its songs

So between the shells of a man's heart they sing songs of his youth

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Niv Demirel - Normal

"I love you all. This medal belongs to you all. I'm glad to have brought pride to Israel. I can't imagine living anywhere else. Whenever I fly, I only want to get home." Those are the words of Or Sasson, after winning the bronze medal in the men's over-100kg judo competition at Rio. It was a happy ending to an emotional day, highlighted by the Egyptian judoka's refusal to shake hands with Or after being defeated. I don't know where I'll be in four years during the next Olympics but there really is something special about watching on TV together with your family these rare moments when an Israeli olympian takes his or her place on the podium and watching the flag go up. Niv Demirel does a beautiful job at capturing the feeling of returning home and knowing that you're exactly where you're supposed to be.

Again I stood helplessly
Under the old Maariv bridge
Above me are advertisements
For TV shows
Which sell us a life

I don't have a peace of mind just a collection of facts
Mad at you but sending hearts
You are always left in the end
Just with yourself, walking by foot
Saving yourself the ride

Who will listen to you?
Who will see you?
With last bursts of energy
I wash my face
I'm home, I'm home

Fighting again to search for a bit of certainty
There are those who crash from every mistake
The quiet night
Doesn't organize the head
The advertisements tell me, soon

Who will listen to you?
Who will see you?
With last bursts of energy
And a soldier's duffel
I'm home, I'm home

And asking what will I do
When I grow up
I hoped it would be easier to choose
God just please make sure
That I will be normal
One chance against the lack of alternatives

Who will listen to you?
Who will see you?
With last bursts of energy
I'm going back to the parents
I'm home, I'm home

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Agam Buhbut - Like in Rio

It's not easy to grow up in front of the spotlight but 12-year-old Agam Buhbut seems to be doing an amazing job. She captured everyone's hearts as a sweet and very talented 8-year-old singer on the reality competition for kids, "School of Music" and she just released a summer hit written by her mentor Moshe Peretz. In a recent interview, she talked about being a role model for younger kids, staying modest and how it would be silly to sing heavy songs about experiences she's not familiar with like love and heartbreaks. Though not very new, this song fits perfectly with the Olympic fever sweeping us and is all about enjoying the moment, dancing to the beat and having a great time. Let the games begin!

How everyone here is swaying from side to side
The sounds of a tambourine batucada
Nobody's sleeping tonight, how nice it is
And the beat is going to my head right and left
And move the butt a bit
Left, right and another quick turn

Popa Popapa
How everyone is dancing like in Rio
Popa Popapa

We won't stop moving for hours while it goes on
They already called an ambulance
This isn't like another symphony on a Bach record
Here the beat goes to my head
Right and left and move the butt a bit
Left, right and another quick turn

Popa Popapa
How everyone here is dancing like in Rio
Popa Popapa

Right and left and move the butt a bit
Left right another quick turn
Right and left and move the butt a bit
Left and right another quick turn

Popa Popapa