Friday, September 28, 2012

Polar Pair - Cry x3

Well, I'm back after a pretty long break. I'm well rested and ready to open the new year with a fresh start. And what better way than with this great song by the always fresh Polar Pair. The quality is superb and the video is wonderful.
A few days ago it was Yom Cippur or as kids and some grown ups call it "the bicycle holiday" because there are no cars in the streets. It's such a unique feeling to walk on the highway and just breathe the clean air and complete silence-well, except for the loud groups of kids on bikes always arguing how to valuably spend the day and where to go before the sun sets and the cars return. But even so there's really a feeling that the whole world has come to a halt and it's just you with your thoughts, and your bike.
I discovered pretty late the really funny cult comedy Parliament based on a skit from the satire "A wonderful country"-it captures perfectly the so typical group of guy friends in their 50's who sit together at the coffee house every Friday. It's a shame that there aren't subtitles but I think you can pretty much understand without them. It's Yom Cippur and Shauli (the very talented Assi Cohen) swallows a piece of onion from the pre-fast meal, leading his younger brother to "disqualify" him from fasting. It's pretty brilliant:

More Polar Pair here: they've just made a disc of collaborations with artists from the country and abroad, not all of them are my cup of tea but they're well worth checking out.

Here is the creator of the video, Masha Diamond's site:

Happy Sukkot!