Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hashlichim-A New Person

Hashlichim (translated as the messengers) are a relatively unknown band, but I'm pretty sure I'll soon hear a lot more about them. Their whole "you can do anything!" attitude is a bit too sugary for me, but it's cool that they're using their music to spread their positive message. And it's a pretty good song, too.

It's happening, it's growing tendons
In front of your open eyes
You find yourself
Seeing the world differently
You exist, a new person

Marking the steps
Tuning the sounds
Your new reality
Until the end of your life
You will feel
What it's like to live with hope

It starts now
A new person
Wake up, it's time
And in your eyes they'll see everything
Your deeds will change because only you can
Only you can

It's happening and continuing
And your open eyes
Only make sure
That it's real
And it's only yours
You've found your place


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