Saturday, July 2, 2011

Arik Sinai-Noblesse

Sometimes you don't need a creative and well-thought video that pulls all the stops to make you say "wow" and watch it until the song ends. Sometimes watching a singer smoke and sing while listening to his song is enough and you hardly feel the time pass by. I don't know that much about Arik Sinai-only that he was pretty successful in the 80's and now he's in a reality tv show which is a VIP big brother/singing competition. Actually I'm not really following the show so I don't know if he's still there, but I hope he is. He seems like a good guy and an interesting person to watch, and not just smoking a noblesse. All I know of noblesse is that it's considered an "old people's" Israeli cigarette, created in 1952 and that it has a very strong smell and high nicotine. I'm not sure if it's because of the cigarettes but Sinai has a really great voice and kind of reminds me of Amir Lev. I checked out one of his early songs, not sure if it's originally his or a cover (maybe of Arik Einstein's) but it's pretty breathtaking and it's a shame he isn't too well known today (or maybe that's just me) but maybe that's part of his charm.

Long before the dust around me sank
Long before the worn out prayer for the road
I promised not to let this happen
I promised not to let this happen

Look the night is peeling my shells
And is exposing everything that's happened to me
I promised not to let this happen
I promised not to let this happen

But the truth is after it was over
I woke up lying on the couch in yesterday's clothes
I stank of noblesse, and I didn't learn a real lesson
Maybe we never will be able to be anything
Except a heart pinched couple, drinking bitter wine
And Bruce Springsteen is in the background
And a pair of used words

A moment before another curtain falls on me
Come back to me only so we can say goodbye again
I promised not to let this happen
I swore not to let this happen

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