Saturday, May 28, 2016

OSOG - Wanted

Great song, great video, amazing band!

"Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc" the clock goes,
Tim is up
Time to carry on
Like shadows we move
I whisper to you
That you're my rock and you're my treat
One more time and that is it
And I'll make up for such the life
I put you through

Spoiled in riches, we'll be sporting an affair
No matter where they look, they'll never find us
'Cause we're not here nor there

You gotta
Love me once
Gotta kiss me twice
And just dance to the rhythm
(Dance, dance to the rhythm)
All night long
You've got to get up now
I'm telling you right now
The deed is done
And you're wanted baby

Veiled in black you walsed into the room
I skipped a beat, you fell too soon
Our eyes filled with color, ringing in our ears
I tasted sadness, worst of fears
In the saltiness of your tears
And I made up for a such the life
I put you through

Before the curtain's down,
I'll take your hand in mine
Start with a sudden move, won't you approve?
So honey one last time

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Great Machine - Make Me Feel Good

Yesss. This is even better than how I felt when the suffocating heat wave ended.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Efrat Kolberg - Heartache and Tears

Heartache and tears but also love, laughter, family, independence, creativity and optimism. Happy birthday Israel!

Dad, just don't ask me
What my plans are
Mom, don't look at me
With that scrutinizing eye

Maybe it's not what you thought
That I'd grow up to be
You gave a lot and I returned
Heartache and tears

I went out to the road,
To discover the country
I met the people
Whose lives are worth less

I discovered that injustice
Doesn't bother those who have rights
And it made me want to change
Heartache and tears
I chased after love
I gave her everything
I agreed even to forget
Who I was yesterday

I learned to be patient
And what it means to give unconditionally
And what did I get out of it?
Heartache and tears

I came back home and mom
Asked what I brought with me
If I learned and moved forward
Speak and I will listen to you, my daughter

I don't have a degree
Also no property or finances
But I would be rich if they sold in stores

Heartache and tears