Saturday, April 16, 2011

Electra-Dawn of Summer

I remember catching this video on TV a while ago and being pretty blown away by it but I passed on posting because I wasn't really in a summery mood. But today couldn't be any more summerish with a heat wave just in time for Passover. I must say it makes spring cleaning quite a drag. I'm in a pretty lazy mood and have decided to start my cleaning by going through my music and organizing it. I'll eventually get to my clothes... Passover brings with it a very much needed vacation. I still have plenty of work to do, but at least I can do everything in a normal pace at least that's what it seems like for now. it might change in the last few days of vacation. It really does feel the dawn of summer right now especially with the lazy vacation air. Apparently Electra are getting pretty successful- they just returned from a tour in the States and performed in SXSW. They really deserve their success because they're great and it seems that they always give 150%. Even in the heat. Happy Passover and here's a cute video that's been quickly spreading through facebook:
and for more Electra:

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