Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eviatar Banai-White Wedding

It's already yesterday's news but still- what a lovely wedding! At first I didn't quite get all the buzz around Will and Kate's wedding-okay, so he'll be king one day and a royal wedding like this doesn't happen often but still, why are people around the world so fascinated with it? I don't really have an answer but I was surprised by my emotional reaction to the wedding and I'm guessing I'm not the only one. I remember first seeing William on TV when I was a little girl. He was so cute and of course I wondered what it would be like to be him, and to be his girlfriend, although Harry was closer to me in age. When Princess Diana died I felt so sad for them and I was still just a kid. So maybe that's why I felt so happy for the new royal couple. They really look happy and madly in love and it's always fun to celebrate weddings. Of course, the whole show was pretty mesmerizing. When they walked outside and saw all the people cheering it really felt like a happily ever after fairy tale. I caught the kiss at the grocery shop and although we had nothing to do with the Royal family, we all smiled liked idiots and were happy to be a tiny part of history. I love this song, which is a cover to Shlom Hanoch's classic and in my opinion even more successful. Although it's a bit melancholic and I'm not sure I'd use it in my wedding, it still captures the strong emotions of weddings. And what a beautiful dress!

And danger signs
White wedding
And you're captivated
In strange hands
I run towards you
Along walls

There's no going
"Here sign in the corner"
Roasted goat
On the barbecue
And fruits of the season
And you're smiling
White teeth
The dance of death
By Candlelight

A new morning
Is walking towards me
My new morning
Bride, bride
In the middle of the night
A new morning has risen

We are
Look at the picture
White wedding
And putting them in a pot
I dreamt
A dream
Can't wake up

A new morning...

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