Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Yonatan Galila-The Lowest Place in the World

I'm not sure what I like so much about this song by Yonatan Galila but it's very calming and perfectly captures the post-elections atmosphere. I actually have a lot to say about the elections, and Israeli society, and international relations, but after a week (well, more like months) of non-stop debates which just got uglier and uglier it's good to take a deep breath and focus on the little things.

In Israel there is the lowest place in the world
Tonight I'm not there

Today was a good day
I love you
The little ones played outside
They made us run

In Israel there is the lowest place in the world
Tonight I'm not there

Out of all the presents
They played with the wrapping
The cake came out good
Even without all of the candles

In Israel there is the lowest place in the world
Tonight I'm not there

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Meretz-Awakening Song

The truth is, I really didn't think I'd end up voting for Meretz. It's always been an option, of course, but more out of strategic thinking-if Hertzog indeed gets more votes than Netanyahu, he will need a strong coalition in order to be able to build a government, and that won't be possible without Meretz who are at risk of not passing the 3.25% threshold. At first I said it hesitantly-that I'm debating between Meretz and the Zionist Union, that who knows, I might even vote for Kahlon, the joker of this race, but in the end I realized how disappointed I'll be if I wake up on Wednesday to see that Meretz haven't passed the threshold. Even if they do get a favorable number of seats they won't be able to do everything they want, but at least I can trust them to stop some of the extreme right wing madness, at least they can balance things out, even if just a bit.
For me, this song is nothing less than a stroke of genius. For a while, I found it impossible to identify with the left, which is getting more extreme (972, Amira Hess, Gideon Levy, Israeli academics identifying with BDS and the list goes on) just as the right is becoming more extreme. But this song, written by Yammi Wisler from HaBiluyim, is a desired return to what I think the Left used to be and what it could be in the future.

And one day you realize it
As if waking up it suddenly pecks you
That if there is someone who isn't keeping up
That we should go towards the one who is strong

That everyone here is also dependent on the rest
And when will it already be better if not now
And many different opinions is also okay
After all we are all just guests on the planet

And there are those who have difficulty with the way
And there are those who think only of themselves
That the Conflict is a very complex problem
But in the end after all we will live here nation by naton

That the land is just a kind of symbol
And that we all are Abraham's daughters
That it's a mitzvah to compromise in any way possible
If it can save us lives

That there comes a time to say everything without softening the edges:
The solutions will be difficult and strange
But it's better to pursue peace than to refine a cage-
And discover that it's us who are inside

And when we'll stop dealing with paranoia
Suddenly there seems to be enough for all the rest
Such as education and welfare, or medicine for the family
And again it will be possible to breathe like people

Because it can be a place of laughter and samba
Of tourism and green tea and carnival
But instead of this we're still stuck in arguments about God
And that's not what he would have wanted at all

And when the darkness around you only grows
You feel a bloc rising there in the throat
And it's already clear without asking-this bloc is the Left bloc
And it's calling you to one last battle-

Because what is Left-if not to be honest?
Not to beautify the face in the mirror
It's understanding that each person was created in his own image
And there are also others here besides you

Because Left-is doing things differently
Stopping the exploitation and the blood
And if you haven't become wild yet
There's already no other choice
It means that you're Meretz, man.

Vocals: Daphna Keenan, Alon Eder, Yaheli Sobol, Rivka Michaeli, Roei Freilich, Ruth Dolores Weiss, Itamar Ziegler, Nissim Tzadok, Liora Rivlin, Yammi Wisler

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dana Ivgy - On The Bus

It's International Women's Day-and I'm thrilled that I came across this freshly released video because every year I'm reminded of the shamefully low number of female musicians in Israeli mainstream culture but also on its edges. Dana Ivgy is a talented singer but she's also a magnetizing performer, and a very talented actress as she showed the world in the already cult movie "Zero Motivation" (if there's one movie to see on International Women's Day it's this one) and basically anywhere else where she appeared. This clip was filmed by Vania Heymann when Ivgy was in New York performing with the fringe theater Tziporaleh. Here's a taste of their charming kookiness-which is a bit similar to this clip in that it takes a seemingly mundane situation, flips it around and creates something quite magical out of it. I used to refrain from posting videos that were shot overseas but there's so much amazing Israeli talent here (take note of some of the other passengers, like the brilliant Daniel Koren). It reminded me of a recent article I read about the thriving Israeli literary scene taking place outside of Israel's borders. What's more Israeli than acquiring new experiences abroad, or even just dreaming about it?

*Yeah, I know that I've mentioned Dana Ivgy before but that was just a taste, and she can totally get away with it :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cain & Abel 90210- It Took Time

It took time but I've completely fallen for this song. I think that part of what makes it so special isn't just the immense talent but also the lack of cynicism, something that's quite rare to find these days. Cain & Abel 90210 mix social criticism with distortions and look at their listeners straight in the eye. Dive into their surreal world with their new EP VIDEODROME.

It took time for little Ahuva to realize that she isn't so loved.
It took time for little Ahuva to realize that she isn't loved.
It took time for little D'Artagnan to be accepted by the rest of the Musketeers.
It took time for little Ahuva to realize that she isn't loved.

Because it takes time to understand things,
You need time yo understand things.

It took time to kill Saddam, it took time to bring down the Wall.
It takes time to make peace when in seconds a war breaks out.
It took time to bring back Gilad, it took time to negotiate.
It took time to invent the wheel-it will take time to find a cure for cancer.

It takes time to understand things.
You need time to understand things.

A waste of time I wasted so much time, it's no wonder you hated me so.
It took time until I grew the balls to begin to say the truth.
There's no time, but we both know that time isn't important and only life is important.
It took me time and my time I wasted; maybe you have a bit of time left to give?

It takes time to understand things,
You need time to understand things.

People don't change, it's true. Only time changes.