Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Geva Alon - I Wonder If She's Fine

I must admit that I take some pride in knowing that I belong to the group that's part of Geva Alon's fanbase from before he became mainstream. I first discovered him at the 2007 Jacob's Ladder Folk Festival when he performed after he released his first album "Days of Hunger". A friend of mine was really into him and she said that we had to catch his performance- no excuses. He performed on the small stage for new artists, but the place was packed and he really was great. I think it was one of the only performances I've seen when it felt like time just stopped and we were all mesmerized by his voice and amazing guitar skills. He really blew me away with his cover of "Ohio" which I have to admit I hadn't heard before. He performed many original songs, but one of the most remembered was his cover of "Modern Love", completely different from the original. So I wasn't too surprised when Modern Love became a huge hit on the radio. I caught another concert of his at the Barby after the release of his second album "The Wall of Sound", an album that I became addicted to and will always remind me of that wonderful period after high school and before the army. Between his 2nd and 3rd albums, he travelled in the U.S and you could hear the American influence in his album "Get Closer". "Get Closer" reminds me of the army, specifically the song "Fade away with you" which I'd hear a lot when trying to catch some sleep before a night shift. Now he's already a household name performing on student days and a regular on the radio. Every time he releases something new he sounds better and more mature and this single is no exception. It sounds quite positive but in a realistic way and it's perfect for today- a warm and sunny day after a few days of thunderstorms and showers.



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