Thursday, January 15, 2015


Just listening to this song makes me think of Southern Tel Aviv. My first thought was gritty Florentin so after reading on ISAIAH's facebook page that their last album was recorded above Levinsky Market it all makes perfect sense. ISAIAH is Tomer Yeshayahu (of Habsora, which I've written about here), his partner Mika Avni who besides back up also wrote all of the songs, and Yogev Glusman and Amir Zeevi on drums and bass guitar. It feels like a small family project and it's a delight to hear the relaxed intimacy in their songs.

Solitude may one day turn romantic
So you rather be alone now
Open dusty window, it's enough
You don't go out cause you don't know how

Burn the hours down
Burn every minute
Every fraction of a second
Lose the sense of time
Ignore the seasons
There's no need to know what happens

The days are slowly piling up
The view is different but
You're stuck and
You don't ever leave your nest

Solitude may one day be inspiring
So you rather not to miss it
Planning how you'll leave it all behind
Because you don't know how to fix it

Simple life among the greening tress
You think that maybe it can heal you
Haunted by the thought, what if you find out
That the solitude comes with you?

The days are slowly piling up
The scenes keep changing but
You're stuck in
You don't ever leave your nest

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