Friday, July 17, 2015

J’ali Ensemble - Jali

Hearing this song again is like meeting an old friend. I first came across J'ali Ensemble when they performed at the 2011 InDnegev-their music blended so beautifully with the warm desert air and sense of freedom. J'ali means "people of music" in local Senegalese dialect, which is how Eran Katz, the leader of J'ali Ensemble, was called when he walked around in Senegal with his kora, immersing himself in African music and culture. But J'ali Ensemble isn't just African music-what makes it so special is the fusion with other instruments like the drums and of course the saxaphone, together with the lyrics in Hebrew, English, and Mandinka (West African). This is the first single from the ensemble's soon to be realeased album titled "Feeling of Life". In the meantime you can catch a glimpse of their amazing stage presence over here. Shabbat Shalom!

Ilale jali musolo le
Aleu wille donkililake
Ilale natali kontone
Dunia mulwo
Baraco bije

All the people they need your warm hand
They need your love
All your children they wait for your hand
They need your love
Baraco bije
Broken people come loosen your hand
Where did it go?
Baraco bije

Mother pick up your son and hold him
Give all you know
Then let him go
All your children they wait for that hand
Now they can grow
Baraco bije (let the blessings come)
Cambion bije (let the brotherhood come)
Kairo bije (let the peace come)

She said she wouldn't arrive yet she will arrive anyways
She said she wouldn't arrive yet she will appear anyways

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