Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tiras Sexual-Put Corn in the Ballot Box

Elections are in a month and a half and with the finalized lists campaigns are well underway. I personally wouldn't mind if the elections were held tomorrow-it already feels that my feed is overflowing with endless political debate. I'm not ready to discuss politics just yet but in the meantime here's Tiras Sexual's impressive campaign video. Is it sad that I kind of want them to be a real party?

It's election time and choosing is complicated
All the options stink and you're feeling a bit low
You don't know what to choose and who to believe
Bibi Buji Tzipi Flipper it all sounds like just sounds
Not real names of serious people
Not like Tal and Yaron those are names of kings
They'll bring to this country calm and security
They'll bring the peace they have the recipe
Take a few Arabs and put them in a pot
And add some Jews and increase the heat
Close the lid and wait in the corner
After 5 minutes return again
Ask the friends: has the hatred ended already?
And if someone doesn't agree go back to the corner
After 20 minutes open the lid
Look into the pot and there peace will be

Put corn in the ballot box
Put corn in the ballot box
Not a note! Put a real corn in the ballot boxes
If you choose in corn you won't be disappointed
We'll fix and change the laws
First thing marijuana boom it's already legal
Secondly apartments now cost as whistles
The gays can get married we'll also instill in them a uterus
Every homeless in the street will get a slice of bread
Everyone will be equal, irrespective of gender and color
We'll destroy the homes and live together in nature.

Put corn in the ballot box
Put corn in the ballot box
Not a note! Put a real corn in the ballot box

I don't think that if you put a real corn in the ballot box
We'll really get no
I don't think we should put people inside a pot
It's not such a good idea to me
I have to say I don't really feel like
Living in nature with's another not so great idea
Maybe it's better for you to choose someone else
Someone who understands something about politics

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