Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ramle - Alternative Energy

I remember first hearing Ramle's "The Factory" as part of the excellent "Ohalim Adirim" mixtape which served as a musical soundtrack to the 2011 tent protest. Ramle certainly stood out with their sharp lyrics together with pure rock and roll. I love how in their second album their sound matured a bit, and so did they, but the honest and thought provoking lyrics still take center stage.

A critical person
What does he have in his life?
Even to himself
He tends not to believe
Honking to cars
Doesn't talk to people
Even with himself
He forgot how to be innocent

But there was a plan
Not to see every night the same menu
To continue sliding as if there is no bottom
To start using alternative energy

Over the years
He learned how to get smashed
And not be interested
In what there is behind curtain number three
Hugging the bridges
So he can go and come back
Even with himself
He doesn't remember how to stop

And he hasn't found another island
To take his last belongings
To stop reacting to what they're saying
To start using alternative energy

When I was young, I loved the winter, because I thought it was easy to find warmth.

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