Saturday, October 24, 2015

David Beinart - I Returned to the Beginning

What a sweet and uplifting song, like a warm bowl of homemade chicken soup. David Beinart is the chef and owner of the South Tel Aviv restaurant and cultural home Ala Rampa (where this video was shot) who always wanted to be a singer. He notes the irony that a song about giving up on his dreams is the one he chose for his first single as "it is another expression of the combination of contradictions in the melody and text: complexity and simplicity, despair and optimism" (press release). I could watch a whole movie about Beinart and wish him the best of luck in his culinary and musical careers!

I don't have anything to fear anymore
Of what will be tomorrow
I'm already old and ready to retire
There are many insights, on how time is precious
When the rope is on the neck
Hanging all hopes

I went far, far away
I got closer and closer
I looked deep, deep inside
And I returned to the beginning

I was on a rainy day
I swam naked in the sea
And in the hot summer sun I searched for shade for comfort
I made myself a family
So joy will not be missed
And so not to miss anything
I stopped being a singer

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