Saturday, May 16, 2015

Yaron Ben-Ami - Getting Worse

Sometimes a style of music only works in a certain type of weather and sometimes it only works at a certain period of time. The Blues have always been here in the background but it feels like now is really the genre's time to shine. Something in the political atmosphere, the yearning for something authentic and intimate, yet also refreshing and thought provoking just make it work. There are so many blues concerts popping up, mainly thanks to Nobody's Fault Productions, who are also behind this album by the talented singer/songwriter and History of Israel teacher Yaron Ben-Ami. Listen up!

Hey, people, listen to me!
(getting worse, getting worse, getting worse)
I don't have anything left here
Getting worse, getting worse
Where the green becomes gray,
Getting worse until darkness overcomes the light,
Getting worse until the night lasts a whole day-
Somebody in the end will pay!
Getting worse and there's no escape.
(getting worse, getting worse, getting worse)
Getting worse, just fill up the cup.
Getting worse, getting worse
Where they don't give any more instructions,
Getting worse until there's no more to see,
Getting worse, avoiding the word "must"-
If God doesn't want me,
So the demon will take!

It's clear to me what needs to be done:
(getting worse, getting worse, getting worse)
I have to finish this path.
Getting worse, getting worse,
Where there is freedom and liberty for all,
Getting worse until there is nowhere to fall.
Getting worse, avoiding the siege-
I don't even want to stop!

Seven maidens are singing for me:
(getting worse, getting worse, getting worse)
Six more hourse, and then I'm free.
(getting worse, getting worse)
It's already five, where are the kids?
Four directions, so where do we go?
Three steps and I'm already inside'
We're both finally face to face.
Let's go.

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