Friday, June 26, 2015

Kerach Tesha-With Him Forever

Mazal Tov America! I was very happy to wake up from my Friday nap to discover that the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage throughout the U.S-and of course this gay anthem by Kerach Tesha is the first song that came to my head. What a burst of optimism!

I wanted him to show
I wanted him to show
His love to me with a kiss
Maybe I had a feeling
Of course I had a feeling
That when he smiled at me I felt that
It happened

I want to live with him forever
So certainly I'll take him to be my husband
We'll live like husband and wife

I asked if you're interested
You said yes but not here
A friend brings a friend every night to the garden
I wanted him to say
I was hoping that he would say
Come with me to my place forever

I want to live with him forever...

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