Saturday, September 5, 2015

ZOHARA - New Village

Falafel usually takes minutes to order and just a few more minutes to eat but in those precious minutes it's just you and your falafel-no extra hand for checking your phone and no point in polite small talk. This colorful video captures the Israeli falafel experience with Zohara's "New Village" in the background, giving everything a cool and bright touch.

She didn't call the Meds again
She's stuck with the disease
The world it stops and then begins
We're down here on our knees
We add the minutes passing by
To know what we are worth
We chase our dreams we're running fast
Against the turning of the earth
The songs are playing in our heads
But they can't reach our hearts
The government's a piece of shit
You've given up on art
I asked the clouds sailing up above
To stop smothering the light
I called you for the last time again
I wonder if you might...

*I'll be kicking off the new Hebrew year abroad so see you sometime after the 15th and Shana Tova!

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