Friday, May 1, 2015

Noa Shemer - Noa

There is no relation between Noa Shemer and the late singer and songwriter Naomi Shemer but I can understand how you can feel a special connection with someone who shares your last name, especially if that person wrote a sing with your first name. I wasn't familiar with Noami Shemer's "Noa" and I'm very glad that I discovered it. The semi-autobiographical song was first performed in 1957 by Nehama Hendel and the band Batzal Yarok, though the version most people are familiar with is the one by Arik Lavie. I personally really like Hagevatron's version of it though none are as gentle and personal as this one, taken from Noa Shemer's stunning album "Osey HaSicumim", (The Makers of Summaries).

Noa was born in a field between grass and stones
Noa was like a drop of dew
A daisy she picked in the field and from the flower
She plucked petal by petal

Yes or no, yes or no,
A thousand songs and the song of Noa
Yes or no my petals
Yes or no or maybe

Noa led him between the grass and stones
Noa kissed him with the descent of dew
And he in her eyes peered softly
And without a word asked:

Yes or no...

Noa wandered far from the grass and stones
From her curls the dew vanished
And a hundred daisies of the field are watching her
And every petal will ask:

Yes or no...

Noa is there in the field between grass and stone
A last song the dew sings for her
And all the daisies of the field with pretty crowns
Are weeping petals over her

Yes or no, yes or no
A thousand songs and the song of Noa
Yes or no alas
Noa has returned to me

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