Saturday, October 31, 2015

TREE - Travel Light

Whoa. TREE just released the first clip from their second album and it's not at all how I expected it to be- which is a great compliment. I love how animators Glendon & Isabella have a signature style but make sure to adapt themselves to whoever they're working with (see Haya Miller and Radiotrip's colorful clip for comparison). TREE have certainly climbed up musically and also lyrically, but I think I'll always have a special place in my heart for their debut album which remains fresh and energetic after four years.

Travel light no weight to my baggage
Just arrived then I'll be moving on
On my way

Driving slow no reasons to hurry
Time moves on you catch just what you can
And think of what you didn't

Fading in the sunlight
Washed out to the sea
Always in the middle
Pouring down like raindrops
I can hardly see
Always seems to be that way with me

Changing fast we're not getting younger
That's the youngest we will ever be
You said to me

And that our lives are tied with a burden
That we're hoping
Someday we'll be free
But know, it makes no difference

Fading in the sunlight...

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