Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dana Ivgy - On The Bus

It's International Women's Day-and I'm thrilled that I came across this freshly released video because every year I'm reminded of the shamefully low number of female musicians in Israeli mainstream culture but also on its edges. Dana Ivgy is a talented singer but she's also a magnetizing performer, and a very talented actress as she showed the world in the already cult movie "Zero Motivation" (if there's one movie to see on International Women's Day it's this one) and basically anywhere else where she appeared. This clip was filmed by Vania Heymann when Ivgy was in New York performing with the fringe theater Tziporaleh. Here's a taste of their charming kookiness-which is a bit similar to this clip in that it takes a seemingly mundane situation, flips it around and creates something quite magical out of it. I used to refrain from posting videos that were shot overseas but there's so much amazing Israeli talent here (take note of some of the other passengers, like the brilliant Daniel Koren). It reminded me of a recent article I read about the thriving Israeli literary scene taking place outside of Israel's borders. What's more Israeli than acquiring new experiences abroad, or even just dreaming about it?

*Yeah, I know that I've mentioned Dana Ivgy before but that was just a taste, and she can totally get away with it :)

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