Sunday, September 19, 2010

Roni Dalumi-A Bit Different

It's tradition to end the fast of Yom Cippur with something sweet to symbolize a sweet year and to raise the sugar in the blood. So I've decided to post something sweet. Actually Israeli pop music doesn't get much sweeter than this but after 25 hours of silence (well, most of the time, when not walking in the street and being surrounded by kids on bikes/rollerblades/mini tractors/etc.), meditation and reflecting upon sins (or watching DVDs) this sweet song is actually quite welcoming. Roni Delumi is definitely Israel's current sweetheart. She's only the second girl to win the Star is Born singing contest after Israel's national Mami (or sweetheart) Ninet-and about 8 seasons. Anyways, there's no denying that she has talent and I really think that she'll stick around for a while. I don't even care too much that her songs are so sugary because that's the style that suits her (for now) so why not?

Collecting the things that are mine
And don’t stop because of me
It may be the wind
That will take me wherever it will go
Maybe it wants me to smile
And who knows how much I walked around

In a world that didn’t give me strength
Between walls that didn’t let me breathe

So much to walk
And the world that I’m drawn to
Reminds me that I’ll always be a bit different
So much to walk
And the place I’m drawn to
Will be a place where the sun will rise up just for me

To search for only the right taste
To roll on the tongue
And that sweetness
Is everything that seems
Weird and unclear
Like fixing the broken
And knowing I almost made it

My truth will also come
With time, I’ll understand everything

So much to walk…

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