Friday, October 22, 2010

Ilay Botner & Cfir Ben Lish-Days of Summer

Summer may be officially over but after last weak's heat wave it's clear that it's not ready to say goodbye. So even though it's steaming people are trying not to complain (or at least the people around me) because we all know that soon summer will really be gone and make way for chilly days and cold nights and even (oh no!) closed shoes, layered clothes and umbrellas. So this is one last light summer song before I start to get melancholic and moody. Somehow I don't think the weather will let me but we'll see about that. Anyways, I really like this song and the video- and I guess we all should remember to enjoy summery days before we're old which will always seem to me like a very grey time.

And when everything ended I knew you’d come back
At the end of every war there’s a little illusion
And when the heart broke I knew you’d come
Even tonight to gather up my pain.

And when everything ended
I knew we’d go back to being
Like we were once good friends
And sometimes I’m strong and sometimes I’m not
Are you afraid my love?

I’ll leave long days of summer on the window
And the years that will pass and won’t leave memory
And it’s only me and you
Only me and you today.

And when everything ended
I dreamed a thousand dreams
About everything I accomplished and everything I didn’t
And if I deserve
And if I can be
The one who’ll put you to sleep today.

And years will pass and seasons will change
And we too will grow old you’ll see
By the face and by the white hairs
Inside all of these hide the years.

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