Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hadag Nahash - I Believe

It's a bit sad that these are the things that are on the minds of so many people living here: the uncertain future of our country, and the even more uncertain possibilty of peace, the much too high gap between the higher and lower classes, the awful state of the educaton and the list goes on and on. A bit heavy, no? It isn't a surprise that so many people turn to light drugs and alcohol "to get high so they won't crash". The Dag Nachash have become the biggest mainstream act in Israel. Maybe because so many people identify with their ideas and those who don't just like to dance to the great music. Because when it comes down to it that's what we want to do most-dance to great funky music and sing out loud to the chorus of this song which everybody seems to believe in.

I believe that currently
Our part in not reaching peace
Is significant and just as big as that
Of all the neighboring countries
And I also believe that we’re running in circles
And there’s no chance that another war will help
And all the talks on fighting terror
Their purpose is just to impress the civilized world
I believe that it’s a must to invest in education
That the priorities have to be the other way around
That the salaries of the upper class are scandalous
That we have to shake and move the Kiryah
I believe that there’s no equality here
That the racism inside of us will lead to a disaster
That if we won’t wake up we won’t begin to understand
It’s a doubt if we’ll celebrate another 60

And nobody gives a shit
And I can’t carry this weight
Everywhere I go

I believe that it should be forbidden
For companies that lost piles of the public’s money
To buy air time on all of the channels
Until they’ll start seeing profits
I believe that we must devotedly
Constantly support cultural activities
And if there’s a problem to regulate the budget
Give me the money-I’ll steer the wheel
So full of insightful values
He collects himself and begins to do
Establishes associations participate in demonstrations
Recruits the resources guide the activities
Goes on interviews get photographed, explains and checks out
How it needs to be done and what should be done differently
How much the solution is right around the corner
And how easy it will be if we just try to change the picture

And nobody gives a shit
And I can’t
Carry this weight
Everywhere I go
I just can’t…

And I decay wither and fall
Get away from everybody don’t drink and don’t eat
See only the shitty things everywhere I look
And get high so I won’t crash

But nobody gives a shit…



  2. Shalom, Daydreamer! Awesome blog! Lots of different stuff to listen to and get acquainted with. Magniv!

    A few years ago, I had the pleasure of seeing Hadag Nahash and Mashina live in Toronto. That was right after Zman Lehit'orer came out. Great memories!

    Shana tova ve metoka leha! Keep it up.

    Asi Mon