Friday, October 15, 2010

Idan Amdi-Fighters Pain

I haven't seen that much of A Star is Born (our American Idol) this year. I only vaguely know who the final contestants were and saw a bit of the finale and I know who won. That's about it. But I do remember seeing a bit of the audition episodes (mainly just because they were so entertaining) and seeing this guy-Idan, the soulful former warrior who apparently really knows how to sing. He eventually reached second place, losing to the talented Diana but definitely remaining a winner. It's no surprise that sometimes the runner ups sometimes achieve success just like the winners and sometimes even more- just look at Harel Skaat and Shiri Maimon (I'm not saying they're more successful than Harel Moyal and Ninet but they did get to represent us in the Eurovision-and quite respectfully too). Anyways when I heard this song on the radio I instantly knew it was him and that he wrote it. And for the whole song I stopped what I was doing (not that much-I was cleaning my room) and just listened. And even got a bit teary-eyed. This is one of those songs that will be played at high school memorial day ceremonies and will receive heavy airplay on "those days"-when the only music that seems right is sad music which I hope won't happen too much but it's also a really good song with a chorus that's meant for a crowd to sing along with at a concert and I'm sure it'll get heavy airplay even on normal days (tfu tfu tfu).

My first evening alone,
Sitting and writing you a letter
About all the things that were
What happened exactly.

Signs appear on the wall
I’m the fear it’s nice to meet
The characters like to play
Moving here in the empty house, the emptiness

And you, you don’t know how much
From you I’ve tried to hide
All of the nightmares in the night
Screams and blood on the uniforms
You don’t understand why
For a long time I haven’t been myself
Pictures flashing from that night
Tears, fighter’s pain

It’s the first night that you’re there
Lying and thinking, not falling asleep
The quietness is slowly playing
Dedicating you now a song without a name
A song without a name

And you, you don’t know how much…

It’s my first evening alone,
Sitting and writing you a letter.

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