Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yoni Bloch - Not Easy, Not Simple

Yoni Bloch. It seems like there's so much to write about him. I feel like I've really grown up with his music and then eventually outgrew him. His first CD came out when I was just starting high school. I liked his songs and he seemed to me like a sensitive, honest singer/songwriter. And quite talented too. I liked his music but not enough to want to see him in concert. But enough to want to meet him in person and have him as a friend. Okay, I might have had a bit of a crush on him and wondered what it would be like to have him as a boyfriend. Considering I was 15 that's not too surprising. His second CD came out right before I started the army. I think it's the last album that reminds me of my high school life and not my army life. Yoni matured, along with his songs, and I still managed to enjoy his songs but not enough to want to see him in concert. Maybe it's because he's an artist best heard in the car, or at home, not in a live concert. His third CD came out when I was deep in the army. I didn't bother to hear the whole CD-It seemed to me that the heavy rotation of his singles on the radio was enough. I must say that his songs are annoyingly catchy and I even remember having his song "you're more beautiful when you're unfaithful to me" with the chorus "the jealousy hurts between my legs, you've been done before me" stuck in my head a whole week. From what I've heard from his songs, he sounded a bit depressed-like after a bad break-up. Now he has a new CD out soon and this song is the first single. I have no doubt that it'll receive heavy airplay. The video is one of the cutest and most original I've seen in a while. It's nice to hear that he sounds happier, sort of. There's still an air of melancholy to him-but it goes well with this pop song. Anyways, I don't think I'll get the CD-it depends on his other songs, and I still don't want to see him in concert. But I wouldn't mind meeting him in person.

I do not want to sound soft
But whenever your hand wanders up my thigh
I feel the passion trying desperately
To flow life into the rest of my exhausted body

All the night pam pam pam
I may seem like an animal, but I’m only a person

I don’t know how about you. Ach.
For me it hurts. Hurts so much. You
Know, loving you.

It’s not easy, it’s not simple
It’s not simple, It’s not easy

There’s no need to pressure it’s very clear to me
I fought, I didn’t give up, I developed a heart and lung
Endurance. Without a word, like a bleeding lion.
Only when you left did I let myself fall asleep

Suddenly at the door tuk-tuk-tuk
Tell me: How screwed up do you think I am?

Here exactly the line is drawn.
I already have contributed in the kitchen. You
Know, loving you

It’s not easy, it’s not simple.
It’s not simple, It’s not easy

And how much I want
I don’t know what to do to stop this

In my dream I see
A little boat in the rising sea
And in the boat sits a man
And his fishing rod is sent to the sea
And in the rod a sudden movement
I just want to sleep.


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