Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eyal Golan- I Just Miss You

When most Israelis think of Mizrahi music the first name that pops to their head is Eyal Golan. Or Zohar Argov-It depends on the generation. I'm pretty sure that Eyal Golan is one of the first Mizrahi singers to really cross the line into mainstream, and in the end his music became mainstream. I'm not a huge fan of Mizrahi music-well, it depends on my mood and the occasion, but I really like this song and I think that it really suits Golan's voice. And then there's the whole gossip talk around it. Eyal Golan recently broke up with his wife of quite a few years and an Israeli beauty queen, Ilanit Levi-to whom he dedicated the cheesy yet sweet song "My beauty queen". Even though he didn't write the lyrics it makes a lot of sense to sing a song like this considering his personal situation. It'll probably not end up on my Mizrahi music wedding playlist, but it's quite an emotional song that I still haven't gotten tired of-but I'm pretty sure it'll happen soon.

For the past few months I’ve been going through hard days
In search of excitement that will only ease the pain
And apparently there are people who are weak like me
Fools, emptied from all happiness in the heart.

How did I get to this

I am no longer afraid or hesitant
I want to make up
Come back I’m no longer angry, I just miss you

And I don’t want to be caught
As small, and tiring
Over you
Convergent for a moment
And just, just miss you.

Yes I’ve had expectations living how I’d like to live
Not to leave any more questions if you’ll come back again
And apparently there are illusions, which give refuge and rises
When depths come in the end, I realize how they fooled me.

I don’t have strength in me to change

I am no longer afraid or hesitant…

Until you’ll suddenly come back to me
I want you in front of me today
I’ll look at you and hug you with warmth
Now I know

I only miss your eyes
What am I, poor without you
I’ve tied my life with yours
Now I’m starving

And I just, just miss you

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