Saturday, September 4, 2010

Balkan Beat Box-Dancing With the Moon

Balkan Beat Box is probably one of the most internationally successful Israeli groups right now along with Asaf Avidan & the Mojos and the Apples. It seems like Balkan are first and foremost interested in making good music and making people happy. I really love this song and so far it's my favourite from their new album and I wouldn't mind having it played at my future wedding (so far my imaginary dream playlist has songs ranging from jazzy Nina Simone to mainstream oriental music along with a good dose of gypsyish Oy Division for late night dancing-I wonder what my future hubby will say about that) or any outdoors event for that matter especially one during this great time of year, late summer early fall when you can actually enjoy being outside (after 6 p.m). The video was shot at the newly renovated Jaffa Port-definitely worth a visit and an entirely different world from the quite touristy and commercial (but also worth a visit) Tel Aviv Port. It's also very romantic-most preferably in the middle of the week.

Don’t know where we’re going
But I know I saw in your eyes
My life growing
To unite with u
And the time is towing us to age
And tossing years
But we’re still glowing
Like we never knew
We took a decision
To have no definition
And our ammunition
Is to keep our love true

We chose to share a vision
More than we envisioned
While this song is playing
I want to dance with u

So put on that record that we used to listen to
When we found the truth
A golden soft memory in blue
To repaint it, in me and in u

I’m dancing in your garden
To ease up all that’s harden
Plant a seed this morning
To see a flower bloom

Words need not be spoken
Sleeping souls have woken
And this song is not more than
A blooming afternoon

For there is no other
For me u are the mother
A perfect sound of ever
In a perfect tune

As night slowly approaching
The sun is set for love
And when I see you smiling
I’m dancing with the moon

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