Friday, December 17, 2010

Karolina-Smile 2 Me

Today was such a beautiful day. And for a change it was nice to enjoy a warm spring day in the middle of December without feeling too bad. Or guilty. Because earlier in the week it rained so much that I'm actually able to appreciate clear sunny days again. I wish it was like that all the time-A few rainy days and then a few sunny days-preferably during the weekend. Another thing that I unfortunately don't really appreciate is the fact that the country is so small and that access to shining talents is so easy. Especially when the university invites them to stop by for a concert and interview for free (for us students at least). Which is exactly what they did with the amazing Karolina. There have been other free concerts, but I didn't really go partly because I had other plans or too much homework and partly because I just wasn't interested enough. But there was no chance I'd miss Karolina-I even passed on Beauty and the Geek. Karolina is just like you see her in this video and even better. She is so talented, down to earth and just plain funny. Among other things, she also talked about this video and how it took over a year to make. She would take out her "uniform" and She and Kutiman would walk in Tel Aviv looking for locations. But you can't ignore the fact that people change a bit over time and I think this only adds charm to the video. Kutiman is also a very talented guy and if you hadn't heard about him or his Thru you project yet you really should. The most impressive thing about him is that it's pretty obvious that he spends so much of his time doing what he likes and the results are pretty amazing.
It's also pretty cool to recognize some of the spots in this video :)

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