Friday, December 10, 2010

Idan Raichel and Aviv Geffen-Thorns

I always love it when two musicians meet and spontaneously decide to work together. Everything feels so much more...natural and this is no exception. Aviv Geffen wrote and produced while Idan Raichel did the singing and reminded me exactly why he's so successful. A very pretty and melancholic song. Thankfully the fire is behind us but the damage remains. This may be a song about a person realizing his failure to achieve his dream but it also seems to me to be a sort of in between song between devastation and recovery. I hope the 44 families who lost their loved ones in the fire, and the ones who lost their homes, are on their way to recovery.

Thorns, that's all what's left in me
The flowers you gave me withered meanwhile
Ways, in which I went
Now I'm retracing my footsteps
After I couldn't find what I was looking for
Everyone has the right to dream
Paper boats in the water
I only wanted to sail as far away as I could
I'm a man from nowhere
Looking for just a reason to breathe
Look, I built us a house
When he was born I gave what I didn't have
Thorns, forcefully reminding
Don't allow to forget
Stabbing us and not letting go

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