Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hatikva 6-Every new day

Wow, what a happy song! It took me a few listens but now I'm completely in love with this song. It just makes me want to dance barefoot or something like that! I love that it's romantic without being too cheesy- not a simple task!

I’ll open every door and I’ll play play play play you a song
I’ll bring you a bouquet of flowers and I’ll let let let let you lead
I’ll walk you home and amen amen amen amen I’ll stay
I’ll stay with you for the night

I’ll paint you a good life and will be stuck on your image
In all the pretty glowing colors, I’ll paint your hair
In the painting, it will be pleasant and easy to listen to your voice
And I’ll be there too wooing after your heart
And every morning I’ll serve you tea and fruit in bed
I’ll buy you a beautiful songbird to sing to you in your room
And even if I’ll make you laugh and win to see your smile
I’ll keep keep trying to impress your heart.

I’ll open every door for you…

I’ll always thank you politely and I’ll bring in your chair
To the table nicely set with your favorite dishes
And even if you’ll reveal to me how much you love me
I’ll keep keep trying to please your heart
And while we’ll sit hugging in your garden
I’ll point to the clouds and sign your name
And even if you’ll tell me that you’re safe with me
I’ll keep keep trying to sell you my heart

I’ll open every door for you…

Your world will be my world and my world will be your world
I’ve never fallen like this-never-you should know
And even if we’ll live together for years and if in some more years we’ll go
I’ll keep keep trying to conquer your heart
Every new day

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