Saturday, April 9, 2011

Acollective - A Better Man

You know that things are getting a bit crazy when this is the weather report: "Next week the weather will be typical for an Israeli spring. A wintery system from the north and a weak torrid disruption from the south will battle between them for control on the Mediterranean region. On Sunday and Monday the heat system will get stronger, a warmness will be felt and the clouds will be pushed northwards. On Tuesday and Wednesday however it seems that the northern powers will send reinforcement and determine the act with a significant coolness and local rain. There may be significant changes to here or here, but what is sure is that the weather will be unstable like the situation in Gaza". Roughly translated from Since Hamas fired an anti-tank missile directly to a school bus critically injuring a 16 yr old (thankfully the rest of the kids got off a few minutes earlier)on Thursday as a result of the IDF bombing a car with senior Hamas operatives planning attacks against Israelis visiting Sinai a few days before, things have quickly escalated. The only really good thing about my day was discovering Acollective. I've heard about them here and there but haven't gotten around to listening to them until I came across this wonderful clip. Acollective is a sort of supergroup led by Idan Rabinovici and Roy Rieck (amazing performers by the way) and 5 other childhood friends of them. I really hope I'll be able to catch their performance next month because they really seem to be a great live band. I'll finish here because as they say in their facebook page: "Acollective is Acollective. Words are nice. Music is better."

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